Dodgers Recall DJ Peters, Send Zach McKinstry to Injured List


The Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday afternoon recalled outfielder DJ Peters from the alternate site after placing utility man Zach McKinstry on the 10-day injured list with a right oblique strain.

McKinstry’s move to the injured list is retroactive to April 22.

If he logs time, Peters’ current MLB stint will mark his big-league debut.

Over the course of his four-year minor league career, Peters was named Player of the Week six times across three levels. He garnered multiple All-Star nods during that stretch, and he was named the Cal League Player of the Year in 2017, when he slashed .276/.372/.514 with 27 homers, 29 doubles and 82 RBI for High-A Rancho. In 2018, he led Double-A Tulsa with 29 bombs in 132 games.

Splitting the 2019 season with Tulsa and Triple-A OKC, Peters appeared in 68 games for the Drillers, hitting .241 with 10 doubles, 11 homers and 42 RBI while batting .260 (54-for-208) with 10 doubles, 12 homers and 39 RBI in 57 games for Oklahoma City.

Last year, he was a member of the team’s 60-man player pool.

The former Glendora High School alum made 25 appearances during 2021 Cactus League play in spring training, batting .243 (9-for-37) with two homers and five RBI.

The 6-foot-6, 225-pounder is probably best known for his power, but he has deceptive speed and athleticism for his size. Defensively, he can handle all three outfield spots, and his arm strength is one of his best assets.

MLB Pipeline currently ranks the 25-year-old Peters as the Dodgers’ 21st best prospect.

McKinstry, 26, will make his first trip to the injured list after appearing in 17 games for the Dodgers this season. In 17 contests, he slashed .296/.328/.556 with three homers and 14 RBI. He recorded his first career homer on April 3 at Coors Field—an inside-the-park variety—becoming the first Dodger to accomplish the feat since Duke Snider on May 2, 1948.

In five minor league seasons in the Dodgers organization, McKinstry has hit a combined .270 (331-for-1226) with 30 homers and 149 RBI across five different levels.

Peters will wear uniform No. 70.

(Juan Dorado furnished some information provided in this report)

21 thoughts on “Dodgers Recall DJ Peters, Send Zach McKinstry to Injured List

  1. On Jose’s previous post I commented that with Raley, we were at #6 on the outfield depth chart. Peters gets us to #7 unless you want to count Beaty which would make it #8. And we haven’t played 20 games yet.

    Any of you ready to trade a couple of good prospects for Brian Reynolds (Pirates) or Mitch Haniger (Mariners)?

  2. Dodgers have a gap with outfield prospects. Pages and Rodriguez are well thought of but are 2-4 years out. The Dodgers have young pitchers that are blocked why not trade them for a good young right-handed outfielder as Jeff D suggests? Reynolds is a switch-hitter so could fit in easily. Haniger has had some back injury surgeries so he is a little scary. But either one could help. Rios is in a bad place we had all hoped he could supply some power. DJ Peters will get a shot hopefully. Raley has not been outstanding. Raley has been average at best, not good when you are trying to impress.
    I still think 2022 is a dead year with a very long bitter strike. I hope I am wrong but do not see how MLB and the Baseball Players Union can reach a deal. In order to have a deal, there needs to be some trust on each side. I do not see it happening quickly.

    1. I tend to agree with you about 2022 Tmax, but money generally rules over everything else. Not sure either the players or the owners are willing to give up a year’s revenue in order to keep butting heads.

      As I’ve said before, I think one way to help solve the impasse would be for both Manfred and Clark to step back (or be removed) from the negotiations. Get Theo Epstein involved.

      1. I agree that they will get a deal done eventually. I like your idea of getting new people involved as Manfred and Clark appear to have developed personal animosity. Many of the players feel some of the caps and draft punishments allowed in the last agreement have not worked out. I agree…
        The goal was parity but what has happened is many of the teams have decided not to truly compete and collect their money while fielding a team that is not competitive and has no chance to be. They agreed in the last contract to allow financial caps and taken away draft picks against teams attempting to compete at a high level. Kershaw and others have said they will not vote for that again. Not sure how they are going to get around it. I have no trust in Manfred and neither does the Union. Perhaps some type of punishment for teams that are terrible?
        If you hire smart baseball people you can turn around a team in 3-5 years. Look what Farhan has done with the Giants already! He has found some gems…

      2. The giants are a wealthy club with a strong fan base. Padres, Rockies and dbacks not so much. I find it amazing Tampa, Oakland and Cleveland can even compete. Miami is a baseball ghost town. In fact both Florida teams play in empty stadiums.

        I think they will figure it out. Everyone on both sides makes bank and as gullible as the fan base is, pushing them away is a dangerous thing to do. Especially during these times. A lot of people are hurting financially and to watch as millionaires and billionaires fight over the money that comes from us is, in my opinion, reckless.

        Anybody seen the Dodgers? I don’t recognize this bunch.

  3. Ya can’t win if you don’t score runs. The entire team is in a slump which is rare. But they did hit some rockets that the Pads made great plays on. Solo HR’s continue to plague Kershaw and all 3 of those shots were tattooed.

  4. Played some really bad teams early in the season. Playing against major league pitchers is a whole new ball game. Fortunately we play a liot of really bad teams this year as always. Never a believer in the pads but good pitching can cary a average team a long way as we are seeing. Our bullpen looks pretty mediocre and is disappointing so far.

    1. I’ve been wrong about the pen so far. I saw a lot of great arms down there, but the numbers are bad. I just checked the team stats, we are way down the list in every important stat.

      Beaty, Nuese, Raley and Peters are not going to help much. This team needs to be carried by the starters and they’ve for the most part looked awful during this slump. I figure they will snap out of it soon.

      1. I agree that we probably aren’t going to get much help from those four but they aren’t playing any worse than our regulars at this point.

        I’m not really worried. I don’t think we’ll have any problem finishing in the top three of our division, just behind the Pads and the first place Giants.

        Right now, I’m just going to wait it out. If we’re still playing this poorly in September…………………..I mean July……………..I mean next month, I’ll start to get concerned.

  5. It’s a 162 game dress rehearsal. The Dodgers need to make the playoffs that is all. MLB should work it like the NFL and give byes to the Division winners. The Division winners should get something for winning. IMHO. Making them play a short series negates winning.
    As you only get home-field it isn’t that important to worry about the season. It’s a great time to find out what you have on the roster. Lux, Rios, Raley, Peters all need to step up. If they cannot perform they are not worth carrying. Great time to have May and others gain experience. I agree with Jeff on his comment earlier I think the Dodgers should trade for a young highly rated outfielder. Someone that can make consistent contact. You need guys on the base paths.
    MLB appears to be planning to change the game to get more offense and hits. If so you need contact hitters and speed.
    I think the Bullpen will work itself out. There is too much talent to not excel eventually. Plus we have Kelly and possibly Morrow available eventually.

    1. We complain about Kenley’s inconsistency. Kelly is twice as bad and on top of that he’s usually injured. I wouldn’t count on him at all this season. Hopefully Morrow can work his way back. After the way Knebel walked off the mound last night, I’m not sure we’ll see him back this year. Supposedly a triceps issue.

      1. Yes injuries are always the joker in the deck. Dodgers are seeing more than their share so far. Hopefully nothing long lasting with Knebel. That has to be a worry for him after the surgery. Daughter works as PT with professional athletes and the mental aspect is sometimes more difficult to overcome.

      2. I have mental aspects too and you’re right.

        All teams go through droughts like this. I think it feels worse than it is. We’re 6-4 in our last 10.

      3. Kelly broke out his kitchen window when he was tinkering with a change up over the winter, for goodness sake. He even had an eight-foot wide pitching net right in front of him.

      4. I think it was the upstairs bedroom window. The kitchen window wouldn’t have been as bad as the kitchen window would have been letter high.

        Seager looks turble. Have a clue dude.

        P.S. – the Dodgers are not a good defensive team.

      5. HA! Which one Gordon? I think rather than think about an early trade they might want to bring in some young guys not deemed ready yet and see how they do.
        Peters continues to strike out so he does not appear to have figured it out. Raley appears to be average Beaty too, unfortunately. Why not bring up Pages, Rodriguez, or one of the young guys at AA that might play well given a chance at the very least you might have a plus outfield defender until Belli returns. Many players cannot meet the challenge but every once in a while you find one that just explodes. Same with pitching give White, Jackson, Pepiot, Knack, etc a shot. Pepiot has a plus-rated change. Remember a Padre reliever that had one? Gonsolin would work well with his out pitch. White has a curve etc. An effective reliever has to have a swing and miss pitch. It’s a very long season and the Dodgers have to make decisions in the next year or so on some of these young pitchers. Why not have a dress rehearsal while we have guys on the IL? When it’s raining Lemons make lemonade…

  6. Report today Knebel out. He has a bad Lat strain he may be out the rest of the year. Very sad for someone that had fought his way back from TJ Surgery.
    If you are on a team that believes in coaching and growing your Farm Team I think they should bring up some young guys to throw the ball in the bullpen. Give some of the young guys White, Gray, Uceta, Grove, Pepiot a shot. You learn a lot about a person when they are put under pressure. Maybe try Amaya or Estevez at second. It’s a dress rehearsal all you gotta do is make the playoffs.
    Find some young guys that shine under pressure. Beaty, Rios, Raley so far have not been impressive.

    1. Maybe they’d be a little more productive if they’d worry about barreling up the ball instead of calculating the exact, precise launch angle every time they make contact. 😉

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