Dodgers Offense Continues to Click


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After losing the opening two games of a four-game series to the Padres early last week, the Dodgers have turned their offense around to win seven straight, including an 11-9 victory on Monday night against the Mariners. Despite a shaky start by Ross Stripling in which he allowed seven runs, the offense picked up the bad start and had two different five-run innings. Brothers Corey Seager and Kyle Seager both hit home runs in a feel-good moment. The game was a slugfest with seven homers hit, and Los Angeles prevailed late off former Dodger Matt Magill, who had not allowed a run this year.

With the win, the Dodgers remain undefeated in six games against American League teams this year. Early last week, the Dodgers shared first place in the National League West division with the Rockies and the Padres not too far behind. Since then, the Rockies have cooled off and Los Angeles has continued their winning ways. The Boys in Blue are now three games up on the Rockies and will see them soon in a crucial series coming up at the end of the week.

Currently, the Dodgers are one of the top teams in baseball and have the best record in the National League, sitting in second in winning percentage to the Yankees. In the seventh inning or later this season, the Dodgers have outscored opponents 45-12. Los Angeles also has the best run differential in baseball by far with +62, with the next closest being +38.

To many Dodger fans, the team still hasn’t hit their full potential, and once they do, it will be quite fun to watch. Seager has looked like the team MVP so far, despite missing a couple of games due to injury. Cody Bellinger has been improving at the plate but still is only batting .181, while Mookie Betts has looked like Mookie Betts.

Dodgers also rank first in home runs as a team this season with 46 and in RBI with 135. We’ve seen how deep the lineup is and how they can hit the long ball, as last season they set the NL record and franchise-high, hitting 279 long balls throughout the full season. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see how many this team could hit throughout a full season in 2020, but my bet would be they give that record a good run.

It is quite astonishing for the Dodgers to rank first in home runs, RBIs, and pitching wins. For a team to rank first in three major categories is quite extraordinary, and in pitching and hitting shows how well rounded the team actually is. The Dodgers also rank in the Top 5 in hits as well.

Another top-ranking the Dodgers find themselves in at third overall is fielding percentage. This much into the season it is starting to feel more like real baseball, despite the craziness surrounding it and the uncertainty that was at the beginning.

If the Rockies and Padres who were hot at the beginning can’t find that magic again, the Dodgers might run off with the West. Once the team hits on all cylinders, a deep postseason run could be inevitable.

In some roster moves Monday, Edwin Rios was placed on the 10-day injured list with Adam Kolarek being recalled. Rios was dealing with a hamstring strain after he injured it sliding into second base Sunday afternoon against the Angels. He briefly stayed in that game, but after the injury kept him from scoring a run, he was replaced.

Manager Dave Roberts will continue to go with a six-man rotation giving Tony Gonsolin his third start of the season on Tuesday. Gonsolin, who still hasn’t allowed an earned run this season, struck out a career-high eight batters last time out against the Padres.

The Dodgers look to finish their brief homestand undefeated before going up to Seattle for two games. Tuesday’s game starts a bit earlier, with the first pitch set for 4:10 p.m. Pacific.

The probable matchup is Gonsolin against left-hander Marco Gonzales.

16 thoughts on “Dodgers Offense Continues to Click

  1. You mention you like Seager for MVP of the team so far Jose. If I get a vote, it’s Mookie for me. I think the team is already leaning on him for offense, defense, and just his overall presence. That said, if the vote were held today and Corey got it, I would have no problem with that. He looks great and the results are excellent.

    I don’t believe Kike is an every day player, certainly not on this team, but whenever he connects on one of his homers, I think to myself, there just isn’t a sweeter right handed swing in the game. Everyone tends to comment on how beautiful some certain batter’s swing is, but 99% of the time it’s a lefty hitter. When Kike connects, that swing is gorgeous.


    1. Mookie is certainly up there I think he has a future gig as a hitting coach after helping Barnes reinvent himself at the plate, I went with Corey due to people kind of forgetting about him due to his injuries and yeah Kike’s best night was Opening Day, he looks to be more in games for his defensive versatility now.


      1. Let’s face it Jose, neither one of us knows what we’re talking about.
        The Dodger MVP is obviously Austin Barnes. Now hitting over .300. Scored both runs tonight and stole a base to set up the winning run.


  2. Nice win after a slug fest. Barnes is playing well. Another RH pitcher tomorrow. Then a lefty. We will probably see Ruiz sometime in the next couple of days. They are only carrying 12 position players right now. 16 pitchers. They are at a disadvantage and I cannot understand why they have not brought up McKinstry


  3. Man, Gonsolin looked solid today! Love it when the starter doesn’t issue a base on balls. Mookie has positive influence everywhere, but I’m biased … always been a Seager fan!


    1. i don’t remember exactly what you predicted Alex but I’m assuming it was something good. Congrats.
      I very much hope AB continues this way for the entire year but we need to remember that we are only 25 games through a 60 game schedule. He can regress as quickly as he improved.

      He had a very good 2017 so we know what he’s capable of. I hope whatever Mookie put into his head stays there.


    1. Well, as of tonight, you have a decent chance of being correct.
      Barnes always plays his ass off, no matter how badly he might be going. I’m really happy for his success, however long it lasts.


      1. The way he plays is hard not to like. Even if he isn’t hitting he’s doing the little things right and always calls a good game behind the plate. The pitching staff trusts him. Always busting his ass.


  4. Those are the kinds of games you have to win. Dodgers suck big time against LHP this year. But they are hammering the righty’s. Greinke pitched a great game against the Rockies yesterday. 8 shutout innings. Maeda had a no hitter into the 9th and lost it on a bloop single. Dodgers need on more GOOD starter.


      1. I think Bauer makes the most sense. Since he is just a one month rental, he will most likely not cost a lot, and certainly the Reds would be willing to deal since it looks like they are not going to be in the playoff picture. I would trade no more than 2 second level prospects unless they wanted someone like Joc who looks like a flounder out of water this season. They would not get anyone in MLB’s top 100 list and I doubt anyone of the Dodgers top 30. Someone like Clevenger is going to cost a lot more. If the Rangers are willing to part with Lance Lynn, He would be a nice option. A pitcher with playoff experience and a former NLer. One year left on his deal at a little over 9 million. The kind of pitcher that would bring not only experience in high pressure games, but some serious chops. He would be more expensive in terms of prospects, but with the extra year of control, and the fact that AF has dealt with the Rangers before at the deadline, I think they could part with someone like White and a couple lower tier players for Lynn.


      2. I’m a big Bauer fan. Others hate him because of his “interesting” personality. I guess I just like pitchers with odd outlooks who really study the game in depth. Greinke is another one of my favorites. Not sure AF would want him because he might not mix well with the others in the clubhouse. Actually I have no clue what his teammates think of him. Maybe they like him.
        Lynn has pitched well for awhile now but I don’t think I’d ever trust him to continue to do that. My problem, not his, so AF might definitely be interested.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Lynn is 3-0 with a 1.11 ERA right now, so if he is not at least intrigued, he should be. Bauer is 2-0 with a 0.93 ERA. Either would be preferable to Stripling, Wood or even Buehler at this juncture.


      4. We know that Friedman has had interest in Clevinger but his stupidity with the Covid protocols may have eliminated that interest.
        I have no clue what the front office thinks of Lux these days. I’m surprised he hasn’t been called up yet, so maybe that means they aren’t happy with him (either his progress or his attitude or both).
        Maybe a Clevinger for Lux deal is a possibility if AF has soured on Gavin.


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