Dodgers News and Notes: New Players in Camp, Cody Bellinger Working on Swing


T-minus 10 days until the Los Angeles Dodgers open up what is to be the 2020 season against the San Francisco Giants.

Most of the players have now reported to camp, with the exceptions of Scott Alexander, Pedro Báez, and A.J Pollock. While we don’t yet know what the delay is on these players making it to Summer Camp, one could hypothesize that especially in the cases of Alexander and Pollock, the health of their families and themselves could likely be playing a big role. Rumors around Twitter on Monday afternoon were that Báez has indeed reported to Dodger camp.

Kenley Jansen reported to camp on Sunday, where he announced that he and his family had all been diagnosed with coronavirus. He stated that he never thought about opting out, and that by day four of having the virus, he was already starting to feel better. There is legitimate concern for the Dodgers’ closer, as he has dealt with heart issues in the past that have precluded him from pitching, especially in the high altitudes of Denver and Coors Field. One can only hope that he, and the rest of the Dodgers players maintain their health throughout this season.

Monday is reigning NL MVP Cody Bellinger‘s 25th birthday. The young outfielder has had quite the career already in his three years in the big leagues. In 2017, he was Rookie of the Year, and in between that and his 2019 MVP trophy, he also was a two-time All-Star, a Gold Glove winner, a Silver Slugger, and NLCS MVP.

Cody has the most home runs before age 25 as a Dodger, with 111. The next closest was Adrian Beltre, who had 100. Beltre has the most before turning 26 with 147, a mark that Bellinger should also be able to surpass.

(Photo courtesy of MLB STATS)

This week, it became known that between Spring Training and Summer Training, Bellinger had started revamping his swing. Cody was unhappy with the second half of his season in 2019, where he couldn’t quite maintain the incredible first half he had.

“I’m not making any kind of big adjustment,” Belli told reporters. “But there’s always small things in your swing that you realize what makes you good and you just try to be as consistent with those as you can.”

 “I think that in talking to Cody, he won the MVP but I think that for him, in his words, he didn’t have a good second half,” manager Dave Roberts said when asked about Bellinger changing his swing. “As he finished the season, he didn’t feel comfortable and felt that he was open to a change, came up with a change.”

Bellinger added, “That’s the thing — figuring out why I was so good and then remembering the feeling but also not being too caught up in last year. I’m not going to try to be identical to where I was last year just because of that. You’re always growing and you’re always evolving.”

Stay tuned to see how effective it will be.

Also on Monday, the Dodgers added Devin Mann to their 60-man player pool. The infielder is the 18th ranked prospect in the Dodgers system. Roberts today also hinted that Terrance Gore could be added to the pool in the coming days. The speedster no doubt could help in extra inning situations where teams will start with a player on second base.


2 thoughts on “Dodgers News and Notes: New Players in Camp, Cody Bellinger Working on Swing

  1. Baez and Alexander were spotted yesterday doing PFP’s at Dodger Stadium. I honestly believe that Pollock will end up sitting out. Roberts said Gore will be added to the 60 man soon. They are at 59. Alexander has Type-1 Diabetes, so there was a good chance he was going to sit out. But since he is in camp, it looks like he is going to pitch. Hicks, the Cardinals closer is opting to sit it out. He also has Type-1 Diabetes.

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