Dodgers Named Finalist for ESPN’S Sports Humanitarian Team of Year


The Dodgers on Wednesday were named a finalist for the Sports Humanitarian Team of the Year, as announced by ESPN. The honor comes in recognition of the club’s official charity, the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation (LADF).

The Sports Humanitarian Awards are a celebration of the impact made by athletes, teams and sports industry professionals who are using sports to make a difference in their communities and throughout the world. 2020 is the sixth consecutive year the awards will be presented.

LADF is tackling the most pressing problems facing Los Angeles with a mission to improve education, health care, homelessness, and social justice for all Angelenos.

This year, the Sports Humanitarian Awards will combine with the 2020 ESPY awards for an inspirational evening that showcases the true power of sports. All nominees will be featured in ESPN studio shows the week of June 15th and the winner will be announced during the award show on air on June 21 on ESPN at 9 p.m. ET.

“For Angelenos with limited access to education, sports, and healthcare, we strive to be a champion that increases the quality of life and confidence of the people we serve,” said Nichol Whiteman, Chief Executive Officer for the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation. “We are honored by this recognition and the ability to use the historic Dodger brand and the power of sport to run and fund proven programs that impact the lives of those who need it most.”

LADF is bigger than baseball, envisioning a city where every Angeleno, regardless of zip code, has the opportunity to thrive. To date, LADF has invested over $30 million in the community and has grown to impact over 2.3 million youth through direct programs and grants to local nonprofit organizations.

The foundation serves over 10,000 youth annually through its sports-based youth development program, Dodgers RBI. What’s more, it assists 10,000 youth through its LA Reads literacy initiative that inspires children to build a lifelong love of reading.

Additionally, the LADF helps over 9,000 students through the use of baseball as a STEM textbook in its Science of Baseball curriculum, while also providing 368,000 youth access to safe, playable fields in their neighborhoods with 51 completed Dodgers Dreamfields, including two universally-accessible adaptive fields.

In addition to the Dodgers, the other finalists for Sports Humanitarian Team of the Year are the Denver Broncos of the National Football League, the New York City FC of Major League Soccer and the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association.

(Jon Chapper provided the information furnished in this report)



3 thoughts on “Dodgers Named Finalist for ESPN’S Sports Humanitarian Team of Year

  1. Was reading about how Darryl Strawberry was blaming the LA fans for his demise in LA. Says the NY fans held him “accountable”. Well I personally want to offer my sincere apology to Darryl that it was my fault that he partied too much and was a drug addict and his career was ruined!


    1. Now Rich, you’re not sounding too sincere there. I don’t think Darryl is going to accept your apology. On the other hand if you offer him free dental services for life, that might make a difference.


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