Today in 1976, Rick Monday Saves American Flag at Dodger Stadium


For those of you old enough to remember, April 25, 1976 was the day that Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs saved an American Flag from being burned on the outfield at Dodger Stadium.

For those not old enough, perhaps you were fortunate to recall one of Monday’s historical recollections during one of his broadcasts on AM 570 radio.

Monday’s big league accolades were many. He played 19 seasons in the majors, was named to two All-Star squads, appeared in the World Series two times and was a member of the Dodgers’ 1981 World Series championship team. What’s more, he was the first player selected in the MLB draft in June of 1965.

However, when asked, Monday says without hesitation that saving the flag in Los Angeles was one of the most important moments of his entire career.

“What happened in my playing career will take care of itself,” said Monday, during the 40th anniversary of the event back in 2016. “The flag represents the rights and freedoms we all enjoy in this country.”

On that day, two protesters ran into left-center field and tried to set fire to the flag after the start of the bottom of the fourth inning. Monday, the Cubs center fielder, had been tossing a practice ball with left fielder Jose Cardenal just before the incident happened.

After Ken Crosby of the Cubs threw a pitch that induced a Ted Sizemore pop out, Monday dashed over and grabbed the flag to thunderous cheers.

The legendary Vin Scully was handling the broadcast duties.

Monday subsequently ran through the infield with the flag. While walking towards the Dodgers dugout, he met and handed the flag over to Dodgers pitcher Doug Rau.

Consequently, the ballpark police officers arrested and escorted the two intruders, William Thomas and his 11-year-old son, off the field. Afterwards, Thomas was fined, charged with trespassing and put on probation. When Monday came to bat in the top half of the fifth inning, he got a standing ovation from the crowd. The big message board behind the left-field bleachers in the stadium flashed the message, “Rick Monday… You Made A Great Play…”

Monday later told reporters, “If you’re going to burn the flag, don’t do it around me. I’ve been to too many veterans’ hospitals and seen too many broken bodies of guys who tried to protect it.”

While playing in the majors, Monday had served a six-year commitment with the United States Marine Corps Reserve as part of his ROTC obligation after leaving Arizona State.

On August 25, 2008, Monday was given an American flag flown over Valley Forge National Historical Park in honor of his 1976 bicentennial flag rescue.

For his valor, Monday was presented with a Peace On Earth Medallion and a lapel pin by Patricia Kennedy—founder of the non-profit organization Step Up 4 Vets—during a game at Dodger Stadium on September 2, 2008.

During the winter after the incident, Monday and pitcher Mike Garman were traded by the Cubs to the Dodgers in exchange for left fielder Bill Buckner, shortstop Ivan de Jesus and minor league pitcher Jeff Albert.

Monday ended up playing eight years in Los Angeles before retiring in 1984.


58 thoughts on “Today in 1976, Rick Monday Saves American Flag at Dodger Stadium

  1. 44 years ago! Wow.
    Ironic that Monday would then be traded to the Dodgers.
    That incident will always be included among Dodger all-time plays and it also answers the question “Who was the only non-pitcher to get a save while not on the mound.”

  2. A great play, indeed! So glad Monday finished his career with the Dodgers. Always a class guy!

  3. Got his autograph a few years ago at Camelback after a spring game with the White Sox. Classy guy, and I like him as a color man, much more than Orel.

  4. Rick was a good ball player, but saving the flag that day wouldn’t be the worst way to have your name remembered, I could live with that.
    Although I think it is totally wrong to burn the flag, I am thankful we have the freedom in this country to express ourselves.

    Speaking of free speech and all that, Jeff if you talk to scoop tell him I wish I hadn’t got after him, I was a little frustrated, but never thought what I said to him would make him mad enough not to post here any more.

  5. I like Orel he is one of my top four or five all time dodger favorites, I also like his stories and his pitchers view of the game. I’m curious of what it is about him that rubs you the wrong way, bear.

    I do like Nomar as an announcer a lot also love to here his view of the game, and I think he is very under utilized.
    I think the Dodgers should try using him in a three man booth, like ESPN does, or have him in the studio more. I definitely think they are wasting his talents, by just going to him a few times a game, while he is in the stands.

    1. I agree Keith, I like Orel in the booth although sometimes he goes on a bit too long and in too much detail. I’d still rather listen to him than Monday. I’m sure Rick is an extremely nice guy but I find him boring. To each his own. I really enjoyed when they had Joe/Orel/Nomar doing the 3-man but it was probably over the top for most fans (except maybe the two of us).
      I’ll see what I can do to get Scoop back here. I think it’ll be a lot easier once we have games again.

  6. Keith, we all got tired of hearing all the political bs. If you want to blame anyone blame China. They lied to the world and allowed the virus to spread unabated throughout the world. They should have shut down their borders and didn’t. And the rest of the world payed a terrible price.

  7. Rich, you are definitely right about China and their lies, my guess is some of this comes back on them, as the whole world starts to lash back, and look to take their frustrations out on somebody. I think a lot of countries are going to start looking for other options for their business.

    Nice to hear from you rich, I’ve been reading, but not posting as often, my guess is it’s the same with a lot of the guys. I started to write something the other day after the Red Sox report, but was so disgusted with Mlb I just deleted the whole thing, because I doubt anybody wanted to read what I thought about Mlb that day, it was more a rant, than a post.

  8. I do have one baseball thing to write, since we’re talking about broadcasts, it seems like if a ball game starts to get a little out of hand, Rick and Charlie decide to turn into The Laurel, and Hardy comedy show, makes for some tough listening sometimes. Am I the only one who feels this way.

    1. Charlie doesn’t wait for the game to get out of hand to do his routine. Again, it’s a matter of taste. I’m sure he’s some folks’ favorite broadcaster. Just not mine. I have nothing against him, just would rather listen to other guys do the game.

  9. Good, thanks guys I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me. I know he’s one of the ESPNs greats from their early days, but a few times a year he gets to silly ( silly is a good word for it Rich ) and I have to shut off the radio.

  10. Charlie is Charlie. He is the same guy he was when he did Yankee games, and when he was on ESPN. He is a poor mans Jerry Doggett with more of a sense of humor. Doggett was about as boring as any announcer ever has been, but you only heard him for 2 innings a game. Charlie and Rick, or even Neverett are on all 9 innings, so something like that would tend to grate on people who do not like Charlie’s sense of humor. He keeps it light, and sometimes when he makes a mistake, he keeps on going. I do not like Orel because Orel tends to just go on and on and on. I like Nomar’s analysis better than Orel’s because he makes his point and then shuts up. I actually believe Orel’s patter distracts from Davis’s play by play. I do not need an analyst telling me what is going on during the game because I have been watching the game long enough to know what is what. Vinny painted pictures. In vivid color, Orel does nothing to add to my enjoyment of the game. As a player, I liked him, liked Monday too. They were a part of the team for enough years to be part of history and both played on teams that were champions. My fondest memory of Nomar is the game winning homer he hit against the Padres after they hit 4 homers in the 9th to tie the game. But I also think he adds more by saying less. It is just personal preference. I do not care all that much for Davis either. I told him so on Twitter. But I also told him he has an impossible job because no one can replace Vin. But there are a lot of teams who have announcers who are much worse than what we have. Being here, I have to listen to the Rockies team. They are terrible. Even when Alana was part of their team, I could not stand those guys. When I lived in Arizona, it was the same thing. At least Davis is as objective as Vin was. Vin was never a homer. If the Dodgers were not playing well, he had no trouble telling it like it was. Drew Goodman, the Rocks TV announcer is the biggest homer in the league, with a penchant for stating the obvious. He has 2 former players who are his color guys, Ryan Spilbourghs, and Jeff Huson, and they are not much better. I also did not like Ross Porter. Just personal choice, probably because Vinny was not traveling much in those days, and Ross was on all the time. I just never liked his style. I liked Big D better. I do think they did Porter wrong. He was unceremoniously dumped. I get email’s from Scoop. He is just not into baseball right now. He will be fine when they start playing again. He is working on staying healthy.

  11. As in life, sports has its “moments” … mileposts, if you will. They impact the game forever. Vince Scully was one of those “moments” (which lasted almost 70 years). His words pulled us in, magically, like no other ever has. Even his silence, when he so effectively let the roar of the crowd tell the story … was awesome! We have been blessed, to have shared the “moment”.

    1. We’ve been very lucky here in L.A. to have experienced some of the very best announcers ever at their sport. Vinnie and Dick Enberg for baseball (Enberg also did the Rams), Chick for basketball, Bob Miller for hockey and (back in the day) Bob Kelly for football. Some of you are too young to remember Kelly. I thought he was among the best football announcers I’ve ever heard. Just googled him and realized he died in 1966, 54 years ago. Yikes!!!!

  12. Great grab by Monday.

    I remember Tommy being interviewed and said the protesters were lucky that Monday got to them first. He would have kicked their ass (paraphrased).

  13. Thanks bear for the “Orel” explanation, I loved him so much as a player, I could listen to him go on and on, but I get where your coming from now.

    As far as homers go, I’ve never listened spilbourghs do a Rockies game, but have listened to him on serius radio, I find him informative, but I can tell he is definitely a homer. I think he respects the dodgers but, he likes to take jabs at them when he gets a chance.
    A couple days after the Astros scandal came out he tried to throw the Dodgers under the bus by pointing out they had a lop sided home and away split, and he thought other teams would be implicated. I thought it was rather petty of him to use his Nationally broadcast radio show to cast aspersions on to his life long baseball rival.

    1. I remember when I was living in Arizona, and I think it was Bob Brenley who was doing color for them. He was worse than Goodman and Spilly combined. Of course, being an exe Giant, when ever they played the Dodgers he would jump all up and down at every borderline strike that was not called and obvious umpire bias towards the Dodgers. I could not stand that guy. When I was driving long haul, I had Sirrius radio in my truck so I could listen to the games. And once in a while I would listen to Miller do the Giants games. Much as I dislike the Giants, Miller was a very good announcer. But his color guys, Krukow, and Kuiper, were about the most annoying pair in a booth ever. Especially when they were playing LA. I get it that most of the league hates the Dodgers. Success breeds contempt. Like the entire AL cannot stand the Yankees. Of course neither can I, but I respect them a lot. The Dodgers do not get that kind of respect, and they have been far less successful over all than NY. I think most Dodger fans are still highly annoyed that the Giants won 3 Series since we won our last one. I like Scoop give AF some credit for keeping them as competitive as they are and not totally screwing the pooch. But fans are fickle, they slip for a year or two and the hounds will be at the door no matter what moves he makes. Right now, and I listened to this on a video chat last night, MLB is exploring all options, including playing in multiple states with no fans in attendance at first, and maybe playing into November. And these were connected people who were saying this. Obviously the Arizona-Florida plan is not going to fly with some players, including Kershaw, so they are exploring many options. Some southern states are starting to open up, including Georgia. Ya missed a couple of announcers there Jefe. Tom Harmon used to do the Rams games..yeah, his kid is the actor, Mark Harmon, and one of my all time favorites, Dick “Oh Nelly ” Lane. Dick Lane was an actor before he started announcing Wednesday night wrestling from the Olympic Auditorium. I loved watching those shows from that old beat up building. I went a couple of times with my aunt and uncle. Mr. Moto, Jon Leo Donathan, Freddie Blassie, Cowboy Dick Hutton, Gorgeous George, The Destroyer, all of those guys. It was a hoot. And Lane was never intimidated when interviewing these monsters. Even when the Destroyer pulled his glasses off and crushed them right in front of the TV audience. Lane usually was in B movies, but occasionally he got a good part. Probably his most remembered role is the manager of the Wolves in the Gene Kelly-Sinatra baseball flick, Take Me Out to the Ballgame. He was billed as Richard Lane.

      1. That should have said, Don Leo Jonathan……he was like 6’9, 300 pounds. I saw him in the ring against a Japanese guy they called Big Baba. 6’8, 320. What a fight that was. But there were lots of colorful wrestlers back then, and it was not like it is today, all flash and bang, and choreographed like it is. Haystacks Calhoun. All 700 pounds of him, climbing the ropes and literally falling on his opponent from 6 feet in the air, well, ouch. And they did not use chairs, or tables and never threw opponents out of the ring. And there was a guy named Ricky Starr, about 190-200 soaking wet, but he used to be a ballet dancer, and he would use ballet moves against his opponents. Was a lot of fun to watch.

      2. Ah, thanks for the wrestling blast from the past Bear, although I thought we were talking about real sports, but I will say those guys have to be good athletes. Haven’t watched wrestling in years but my grandfather was a huge fan and we spent many a Friday evening in front of his tv watching those guys. The names you mentioned brought back great memories, especially Freddie Blassie. Dick Lane was great at what he did, I agree. As long as we’re tossing out kudos, how about ring announcer Jimmy Lennon, one of the best ever.
        Although Tom Harmon had a very good reputation I always found him a little dry and monotone, and I think he passed that on to Mark, although maybe that’s just what the role of Jethro Gibbs calls for.

      3. Gibbs has got to be one of my favorite TV characters ever. I have a T-shirt that reads, watch it, or I will have to Gibbs slap you. I find Joe Buck the same way you thought of Harmon. But I have seen Harmon in some roles where he is not the same character as Gibbs. In Kevin Costner’s Wyatt Earp, he plays John Behan, the Tombstone marshal and is pretty good in that role, he also did a comedy years ago where he played a high school teacher who is teaching a bunch of really needy kids during summer school. It was pretty good. Blassie was classic….You pencil necked geek! LOL…….Loved the guy. Hey, when I was that age, wrestling was real, at least it looked that way. Now, it is all smoke and mirrors. A guy like The Miz, would never beat Blassie.

  14. If the Dodgers went to a three man booth, like I suggested earlier, Orel couldn’t talk quite as much, but we would get To listen to more of Nomar, which I think would be a good thing.

    1. I prefer Nomar’s color commentating to Orel for all the reasons I stated before. Sometimes a break from the norm is good. That is why I like Neverett doing some games. His voice and tempo are pretty much in sync. And he also is not perfect. I caught him a couple of times this spring making wrong historical facts and called him on it on twitter and the next game he acknowledged he was wrong.

      1. I’ve just sent a sign to be used in the Dodger broadcast booth this year which reads “Get your facts straight. The Bear is watching!”
        Saw a rumor on Twitter (from a writer I’ve never heard of, so to be taken with a grain of salt) that Puig will sign with the Giants as soon as a starting date for play is determined. Whether or not this particular rumor is true, the signing would make lots of sense for both sides.

      2. I read that too, I also read that Kim Jung Un was take that with a grain of salt also..

  15. Oh yeah, I believe Harmon’s wife is Pam Dawber, who was Mindy on Mork and Mindy. Ricky Nelson was married to Harmon’s sister. Their sons were the rock duo, The Nelsons. Sure did not take after their dad with those long blonde locks.

  16. I remember growing up back east as a kid rooting for my wrestling hero, Bruno Samartino. Going up against Andre the Giant!

    1. I used to get all the wrestling magazines. Some wrestlers were big east coast guys like Buddy Rogers, and some others. Samartino was an east coast guy. He never came out to Cali to wrestle. One of Lane’s favorites was Lou Thesz. Thesz won the championship 15 times, and he held the NWA belt 10 years, 9 months and 3 days. Longer than any wrestler in history. I remember him wrestling Verne Gagne. Gagne was the guy who invented the figure 4 leg lock. I did that to my brother once and damn near broke his knee. Thesz was not a big guy either. 6;2″ 225. Samartino was only 5’10” . Thesz died in 2002 of complications during a bypass. Samartino in 2018. If you want to see something amusing, go to YouTube and type in Ricki Starr. He is the ballet guy I told you about. They have some of his matches on old video’s. Pretty funny stuff. And Jefe, you were right, i should have mentioned Jimmy Lemmon, maybe the best ring announcer ever, and he did not need the Lets get ready to rumble to be just that. He was also the uncle of The Lennon Sisters. Singing group heard regularly on the Lawrence Welk show. My good friend, Buddy Merrill was Welk’s guitar player for many years. When Welk went to 2 guitarists, you can tell who is Buddy because he was the short guy with black hair.

      1. I remember Buddy Merrill, not that I was a Lawrence Welk Show fan but in those days we had one tv and on the night Welk was on it was watch the show or find something else to do.
        Funny you should mention Ricki Starr because after your other post I remembered what a great act he put on and went to YouTube and watched some of his stuff. I never realized he actually was a ballet dancer and also did some boxing. It took real guts back in the 50’s to spell your name Ricki, come into the ring in ballet slippers and prance around while at the same time actually being a good wrestler and very athletic.

        Separate note to MLB – you can see what the lack of games is doing to us over here. The conversation has devolved into a discussion of 50’s wrestlers.

      2. In the 80’s, Buddy was playing steel in Lou Martin’s band. They were playing at a club in Lakewood called the Blue Bayou. I used to sit in with them a lot. They were all friends of mine, Al Brown was the drummer, he had played with Danny Michaels at George’s Round Up in Long Beach for 20 years, and the bass player was Gene Edwards, another local guy who played with many groups in So Cal. Buddy really hated the tune, Battle of New Orleans. I knew that, but one night I decided to do it anyway, and just see what would happen. We went into the intro, and Buddy picked up the cover for his steel, placed it over the steel and walked off stage. It was all i could do to keep from cracking up, but when we finished, he came back up and played the rest of the set. He was a really nice guy and a good friend. He had to quit playing because his second wife became incapacitated. She had alzheimers or something like that So he retired to take care of her. The last time I talked to him, he was still getting residual payments from the reruns of the Welk show. He did work with Myron Floren for a while. He was the accordion player from Welks Orchestra.

  17. The first wrestler I can remember, and relate to was Bobo Brasil, a very big man, I think he may have played some football, and bear, you’re right about Pam Dawber being married to Harmon.

    The possible Puig signing makes sense on paper, but I’m not sure if the fans will appreciate his act so much.

    Just read Vin got out of the hospital, that’s great news. When I heard about his fall the first thing I thought of was Chick Hearn, a fall seemed to start his health problems.

    1. Keith, Bobo Brazil, real name Houston Harris was indeed a large man. 6’6″ 275 pounds. He never played pro football, but he was inducted into the wrestling HOF by a former foot ball player, turned wrestler, Ernie Ladd. When Ladd was inducted into the NFL hall, Brazil introduced him. Brazil had a running feud with The Sheik. He also had memorable bouts with Dick the Bruiser, another east coast guy, and Killer Kowalski. He fought Buddy Rogers for the title, but after he hit Rogers in the groin, and he could not continue, he refused the title. Thus denying him being the first African American to wear the belt. He had another match with Rogers later and lost. Brazil wrestled for almost 40 years.

  18. You’re older than I thought you were, Rich, if you remember bobo.
    I was a big kid, so when me and my friends play wrastled, I was always bobo, even though I was blonde haired, and blue eyed. Isn’t it great that crap like that doesn’t matter to kids.

    1. I was always Cowboy Dick Hutton. I just liked the guy. I did not care for the mean ones like The Iron Sheik, and Mr Moto, who used Karate all the time. I never met a black kid until I was 10. I was in that home for kids in Highland Park, and there were 2 of them who lived there. Ok kids. One was tall and skinny, and a little bit of a bully until we got in a fight, then he respected me more because I did not back down from him. The other kid was a little guy. His name was Donnie Cross, and I remember him well. He loved the Dodgers, and he was really envious of my Dodger baseball cards. One night I woke up and he was in my room trying to steal them. As if I would not have noticed. I got them all back, and the house father made him give me his Dodgers too. But I gave them back to him, and he never tried stealing them again. After I left there, I never saw another black person until my foster father had a friend of his from work come over. It was kind of weird to me because he was a total racist. I will never forget one Easter the family came over for an Easter dinner, and his nieces kids came, and each one was dating someone other than their own race. An Egyptian, a oriental, and a black. I thought he was going to implode. Oh yeah, there was a Hispanic guy dating my foster sister. Too funny. I was more involved with them when I was in the Army. Most were pretty cool people. I have never had a problem with any other race. And kids are so beautiful that way, unless their parents teach them different.

      1. I remember that guy. He was nuts! I never liked Rick Flair, seemed to much like a Buddy Rogers clone, and had the same nickname, Nature Boy. My daughter loved the Ultimate Warrior. That guy was built. I liked Hogan until he turned into a bad guy, and his movies were pretty funny. That turn he did in Rocky 3 as Thunderlips was hilarious.

      2. I could be mistaken because this wasn’t exactly yesterday, but didn’t Mr. Moto turn from the big villain into the good guy?

      3. Not that I remember. But I quit watching all the time when I went in the Army in 65. So he might have.

  19. I use to watch that, when I was a kid, wasn’t it on Sunday nights? From what I can remember there was a red haired kinda chubby guy named rusty something or other. Maybe? Help me out there Jeff, or bear.

    We never pretended to be roller derby guys, none of us kids on my street could roller skate worth a hoot.

    1. Red Smart was the T-Birds coach. The big star for years was Ralphie Valladares. He was the captain and main jammer for years. They had some huge female stars too including Ann Calvello. True story, I took basic training at Ft Bliss in December of 1965, and one of the guys in our outfit was George Copeland. He was a T-Bird skater for many years. Johnny Crawford was in our battalion too. Dick Lane started doing T-Bird games in 1960. There were actually 2 different leagues and they did not get along at all. The T-Birds were part of the Roller Games league. The Roller Derby was an entirely different league. One of the main teams in hat league was the Bay City Bombers. Valladares was a T-Bird for 30 years and skated until 1993. All time scoring leader and most games. Another note, Sugar Ray Robinson’s son Ronnie Robinson, was a T-bird for a while.

  20. My wife signed my son and I up for a Dodger Zoom session tonight at 6. First 1000 fans got in. Desperate for anything Dodgers! Keep you posted what they discuss.

  21. There were two times when we weren’t allowed to talk in the house. When my grandma was watching Perry Mason, or Roller Derby. Loved Speck Saunders and Joan Weston!

    1. Other RD names I remember – Billy Bogash, Punky Gardner, Julie Patrick, Bert Wall, Red Smartt, Toughie Bursuhn (not sure about the spelling on that one – she was the villain on the women’s side, skated for the Brooklyn Red Devils).

      Speaking of Perry Mason, HBO has come up with a prequel of sorts, Perry Mason, circa 1932, which will star Matthew Rhys (of the Americans) and John Lithgow. Starts in June I believe and looks interesting.

      1. The T-Birds had a guy who was the equivalent of Roddy Rowdy Piper in the WWF. Ronnie Rains. He was their resident bad boy. I had forgotten about Red Smart.

      2. There is actually a prequel of the Sopranos coming out in theaters supposedly this fall. The actor playing Tony Soprano is James Gandolfini’s son, Michael. I loved the show so I will have to see the movie. And there is a new Batman coming too. Plus Wonder Woman 2. They are bringing Chris Pine’s character back from the dead. But Gal Gadot is why everyone wants to see that movie. She is actually exe Israeli special forces….ahh to be in the Israeli army! Got some good news this morning. I checked at, and found out my stimulus check is going in the bank tomorrow. I had checked before and it always said we have no info at this time. So I can now afford to go buy some TP!!!

  22. ESPN close to an agreement to broadcast KBO games. There are some former big league guys in that league, so at least it would be baseball.

  23. Things getting a little warm out there in Cali. People taking to the streets protesting stay at home. Ya just knew it was going to start to explode somewhere. Sorry gang, you cannot lock people up at home with no entertainment to speak of for over a month and not expect some sort of demonstrations. People have been going to the beach despite the social distancing mandate. I do not blame them. From what I have heard from my friends out there, it has been very warm, and that ocean looks mighty inviting.

    1. See you at the beach. Take your suntan lotion.

      Bear, entertainment of not, you can’t imprison and rob innocent people without getting a fight.

      “Set my people free” *Moses

      1. Very true. We have a lot more freedom here than you do there. No mandatory mask rule, we can go for a drive in the country or up to the lake to fish. There are 4 lakes, all within 50 miles of where I live. And I totally understand where the folks are coming from. Considering how many documented cases there have been world wide, I do not see how this is any worse than the Asian flu that hit a few years ago. But it is what it is. Some states are opening up a little. But people are strained to the breaking point and there are not nearly enough law enforcement officers to keep people away.

      2. Just so you know Bear, I vehemently disagree with you regarding your statement that this is no worse than the flu, but rather than have this get into another one of those discussion/arguments that no one here wants, I’m going to leave it at that. I agree with you on lots of things, but not this.

      3. I would not argue with you over an opinion my friend. Everyone sees things in their own way. If you look at the number of cases and death’s world wide, it does not come close to the Asian flu epidemic which lasted from 57 to 58,, and killed anywhere between 1 to 4 million. So far Covid-19 has killed 213,000 world wide. Those are the facts. The common flu comes no where close to either. But a virulent strain can kill a whole lot of people. The last flu pandemic killed 284,000. Those are the stats, and so far it has not spiked. I understand the need for caution, especially people my age who have health problems that can make this disease deadly. But you cannot shut down a country for an unspecified period of time and not expect people to get fed up. I respect your opinion, and I disagree with it. But not everyone is going to see eye to eye on everything.

      4. I agree 100% with your last two sentences so we can still be friends. 🙂
        I don’t think any government has ever tried social distancing as a means to hold back a pandemic although I could be wrong. Once the folks in the states who are loosening up get out and about for 2-3 weeks, we should have a better read on how things stand. My theory is that isolation has held back the mortality figures by huge amounts.
        I totally understand those who are scared to death that they can’t feed their family. That’s a horrible situation to be in. I can’t understand people who feel they have to go to the beach and mingle with thousands of others. You said you were going fishing this weekend. You probably won’t be near anyone else, so go for it. That doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

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