Spectrum Announces Agreement with AT&T to End Dodgers Blackout


In surprising news, Spectrum Networks announced a carriage agreement to launch the Los Angeles Dodgers award-winning regional sports network—Spectrum SportsNet LA—to AT&T video subscribers beginning on Wednesday. With the agreement, AT&T TV, DIRECTV, U-verse TV and AT&T TV NOW customers in Southern California, Las Vegas and Hawaii will finally gain access to SportsNet LA’s live game coverage once the new MLB season is cleared to begin.

Before the resolution, the impasse between Spectrum and AT&T lasted nearly seven years.

SportsNet LA’s current programming includes a full slate of exclusive original shows and studio programming, as well as marquee games from recent years.

“This agreement underscores our commitment to provide all Dodgers fans the opportunity to enjoy our award-winning programming and live game coverage,” said Dan Finnerty, Senior Vice President, Spectrum Networks. “Working together with AT&T, we were able to reach an agreement to offer the region’s most popular teams to local fans across AT&T’s video platforms.”

Once the MLB and NBA seasons resume, customers will be able to enjoy the full slate of live Dodgers and Lakers’ games across all AT&T’s video platforms.

“Our city has the best sports fans in the world, and they want to enjoy all of the excitement and tradition that Dodger games bring to Los Angeles,” said Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti. “I’m very pleased that Spectrum Sports and AT&T have reached this agreement, which will bring Dodger games into the homes of AT&T TV, DIRECTV, U-verse TV and AT&T TV NOW customers when the season begins and give more Angelenos the chance to cheer for our favorite team all the way to the World Series.”

Added Stan Kasten, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers, “As anxious as we all are for the ongoing pandemic to end and for the 2020 season to begin, we now have even more reason to be excited because this agreement will make Dodger baseball games and programming available for our fans on Spectrum, AT&T TV, DIRECTV, U-verse TV, and AT&T TV NOW. I want to thank AT&T and Spectrum Networks for coming together on this agreement.  We are eager to get this season started once it is deemed safe to do so everywhere.”

With the MLB season on hold, fans of the Dodgers can stay connected to their team and relive some of the great Dodgers moments—both recent and historic—with the network’s extensive lineup of classic games and original programming.   

Dodgers games on SportsNet LA will be called by Joe Davis and Dodgers legend Orel Hershiser, with Nomar Garciaparra filling in as analyst, and veteran broadcaster Tim Neverett filling in for Joe Davis when needed. Dodgers reporter Alanna Rizzo will serve as field reporter for SportsNet LA, while also contributing to the network’s live and original programming.

The network’s pregame studio programming begins with “Leadoff LA,” airing one-hour prior to every game, followed by the Emmy Award-winning show, “Access SportsNet: Dodgers.” Both programs feature player interviews, team highlights and in-depth analysis. “Access SportsNet: Dodgers” postgame coverage offers complete highlights of that night’s game, postgame interviews from the Dodgers clubhouse, and in-depth analysis from SportsNet LA’s expert studio team.

(Jon Chapper furnished the information provided in this report)


22 thoughts on “Spectrum Announces Agreement with AT&T to End Dodgers Blackout

  1. Great timing. Season on hold. of course fans will be happy when the games finally do start again. Does not affect us out of state fans who have to use MLB.TV to get the games anyway.

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  2. I wonder how many extra viewers will be helped by this new agreement. I’m assuming quite a few but it would be interesting to know by how much this increases the viewing audience. Also, how many local fans still won’t be able to access Dodger games because they don’t have access to Spectrum or any part of the ATT network.
    I wonder if we’ll ever find out who caved more, Spectrum or ATT or if they met right in the middle?
    Anyway, any good news is welcomed during these not-so-good times.


      1. Glad to hear you’ll get the games now Scoop. I was feeling very guilty for the past few years.


      2. As you should. Tell you what, send me a hundred dollars and I’ll forget all about it.

        I just read it’s gonna start raining again on Monday. Dang it.

        Got a good ride in today. Well, good for me. 55 minutes. That’s the most I’ve done in quite a while. Being lazy comes easy after 70.


  3. I think the smaller cable companies will follow suit. The small cable companies had all agreed to let direct tv be the lead in the negotiations, so we should see more agreements over the next few weeks, I would think, at least I hope.

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  4. I am so glad you Dodger fans out in LA and So Cal in general can finally see your Dodgers…..wait, there are no games happening. Oh well, I know you all will be glad when they do. Treasury dept said this morning that all seniors on SSI and SSA will get their stimulus checks without having to file a 2019 tax return. A huge uproar in congress after the IRS stuck their ugly face in by saying that seniors had to file to get the check. Good for the treasury dept. If I want the games, somewhere along the way I will have to purchase the MLB.TV package again.


    1. Just want you to know Bear that, as a taxpayer, I have no problem if you take some of your stimulus check and use it toward buying the MLB.TV package. I know that you were waiting for my permission.

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      1. I second that. Let Uncle Don pay for the MLB package. You’ll still have $1,000 left to buy bobble heads and old baseball cards.

        Me, I’m taking that $1,200, and the $100 Jefe’s sending me and investing in toilet paper futures.

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      2. Have you gotten my check yet? Hopefully the post office didn’t destroy the toilet paper I wrote it on.
        You really want to call him Uncle Don? I consider that an endearing term. But that’s probably a topic for another time and another website.


      3. Only if they give me a senior discount….LOL…..It depends on when the season picks up, if it does at all. I really want to see what Mookie and Belli can do in the same lineup.


      4. Valid point.

        So your check is worth the paper it’s printed on. Good to know.

        Been watching some Dodger re-runs on DirectTV. Gets kinda old after a while.


  5. Having our lives totally disrupted by this pandemic is putting a lot of pressure on everyone. But our country has faced this kind of thing before. We came out of it then, and we will do so again. Finding way’s to keep busy has been a challenge for all of us. I have some hobbies which allow me to do that and not have contact with anyone. I go out only if totally necessary, and I have plenty in the pantry and freezer. I am of the belief that there are a lot of talented medical professionals working their tails off to find a way to stem this thing. If there ends up being no baseball this year, well, we have gone without baseball before. After the strike started in 94 and into the 95 season. Of course then basketball and football and hockey were all still going. Only if we do as we are asked, there are plenty who won’t, will we be able to get this thing under control. There are those who believe it will abate then start up again. I do not read the projections. I just do what has been asked. I can do little more than that. IJDM, people are sucking it up. They do not need attitude from someone to tell them to do so. Maybe you need to suck that negative vibe you always are putting out and say something positive for a change.


  6. Just a thought. Who is your favorite all time player who is not a Dodger? I did not have to think about this very hard. # 24 in Giant Black and Orange,…..Willie Mays. I loved watching Willie play. When he made a basket catch it was just something to see. He did not do it all the time, just when he knew he could do it without dropping the ball. I remember when Derrell Thomas played for the Dodgers and he did that a couple of times. Looked like Tommy was going to explode. Second would have to be Hank Aaron. The HR king, and to me the true HR king because he did it the right way. Solid and steady. That was Hammerin Hank.


      1. Just think Badger, how much better Mantle would have been had he not messed up his knee, and taken a little better care of himself. He was one gifted athlete. And in my book, the model for Roy Hobbs.


      2. I know. When he first came up he was the consummate 5 tool player. It came so easily for him he took it for granted and developed some really bad habits. But even when he was hungover he could hit. A shame what happened to him.


  7. Got a 1960 Fleer baseball greats card of Ducky Medwick as a Dodger. Still the last NL player to win a triple crown, He did it with the Cardinals in 1937. Kershaw is the last NL pitcher to win the pitching triple crown…W 21-5 ERA 2.28, and 248 K’s.


    1. I wouldn’t have known the answer to that trivia question. I looked it up. The year he won – 50 strike outs in 677 plate appearances. 7.38%. You sure don’t see that anymore.


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