MLBPA Working to Facilitate Obstacles Around Regular Season Delay


While there’s not much current news to report coming out of the Dodgers‘ camp, the biggest activity surrounding Major League Baseball at the moment has been the discussions between the Players Association regarding safeguard of its players.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic was among the first to detail these developments on Monday morning.

In the first order of business, Rosenthal highlighted that there’s a “transaction freeze” under discussion as far as player rosters go, which could be agreed upon in “very near future.” The freeze would be lifted when camps re-open. The Players Association wants to protect players with opt-out clauses in the month of March that have been effectively nullified.

Secondly, Rosenthal indicated that to cover spring training living allowances, players who return home or to their club’s home city can get up to $1,100 per week through the Players Association until April 9 or until such a time clubs provide a similar package. This benefit would apply to players on a team’s 40-man roster as of March 13 and certain non-roster invitees.

Finally, Rosenthal concluded that talks with MLB continue on host of issues, including: “conditions for resumption of play; amended scheduling; player salaries; service time; contracts and transactions; core economics; amateur signings and potential adjustments for collectively bargained dates and deadlines.”

With regards to the Dodgers, Doug Padilla of the OC Register wrote on Friday that the team the team is not only trying to figure out who on the roster is going where, but it is trying to figure out which coaches should be placed at which location.

However, Rosenthal reported on Sunday afternoon a potential end to all organized workouts.

According to The Athletic, Major League Baseball and the Players Association agree that spring training facilities are to remain open to players on a limited basis, with organized group workouts prohibited. MLB issued a memo clarifying the league’s new protocols on Sunday, following two days of in-person meetings between league and union officials.

“The strong recommendation from our infectious disease and public health experts is that Clubs should avoid all activities in which players congregate in significant numbers or are otherwise unable to practice the ‘social distancing’ protocols recommended by the CDC,” deputy commissioner Dan Halem wrote in his memo.

Stay tuned for more news as it develops.



8 thoughts on “MLBPA Working to Facilitate Obstacles Around Regular Season Delay

  1. A couple of things. First, we all feel this really is ill timed since this team is looking like a juggernaut. Not only are we possibly losing a large part of the season, but we are being robbed of seeing how our new outfielder performs over an entire season. The All Star game is in jeopardy too. One thing we do know, all the work on the new construction should be done. I have a question, that I know cannot really be answered here, but do all of those people who signed up paying close to 120.00 for the season and who now are going to be shortchanged quite a bit get some sort of discount or refund because a portion of the season is not going to be happening. I did not renew mine, so I have no clue how that is going to work.


      1. Yes Dennis, that is what I was referring to. I know those who get the Dodger channel on their TV’s are stuck paying for it anyway. But, to those like me who use a streaming device to watch the games since the Dodgers are not in this area, I was wondering if they are going to give some sort of rebate or discount. They charge for the season around the 27th of February, so those who are renewing see it come out of their accounts then. Right at 120.00. Since there is no way they are getting a full years subscription, there should be some sort of compensation.


      2. I use to watch all the out-of-market games as well. I always cancel my memebership at the end of the postseason, or else it will kick back in automatically (at a higher price if they increase it). Just so happens that I did not resubscribe yet for 2020, so I guess i got lucky. I have no idea how they will handle potential reimbursements. I was also pretty close to grabbing tickets for the late-April series in Pittsburgh and the May series in Phila, but I never went through with it. Sorta glad I don’t have to deal with the headaches of refunds.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I totally understand. Last year, I knew I was going to LA to help my sis for a while, so I did not renew my subscription because I was not coming home until June at the earliest, and my sis has FOX Sports west on her cable so I did not miss a game, and we went to 2, both Dodger wins, Pollock hit a 3 run jack to beat the Reds 3-1 and then when we went to see them play the Phillies, Smith hit his first walk off homer. When I got home in the middle of June I checked to see how much they were going to charge for the rest of the season. I must have gotten home at exactly the right time because they had a sale going and I got the rest of the year for 40.00. I am like you, after the playoffs I cancelled and I got to watch spring games up until the 28th. Dodgers are paying their minor leaguers.


    1. Probably all depends upon how the agreement was posted Bear. If it just says “The 2020 MLB season” they could probably get away with not giving refunds. If it says “The 162 game season” they probably would need to do a prorated refund. I’m guessing that even if they aren’t required to by law they would probably offer some sort of rebate, or if their sales department is on its toes, they will offer a discount on the 2021 season so they don’t have to give back any money. Disclaimer: I have absolutely no background in contract law nor any other type of law, although I did like Vernon Law when he pitched for the Bucs.

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      1. Boy there is a blast from the past. He used to give the Dodgers fits. The Pirates actually had some pretty good pitchers back in the day. I saw his kid play. He was an infielder.


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