Dodgers News and Notes from Early Days of Spring Training


It’s the first full day of all position players reporting to camp at Camelback Ranch. It’s also day 12,472 of the Houston Astros cheating scandal.

Of course, it’s not, but it’s starting to feel that way. Thursday, I wrote about how it was time to put 2017 behind us and move on to this season. But, this particular saga just doesn’t seem like it’s going to go away.

As both the Houston players and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred continue to say asinine things about the investigation, Dodgers players continually find themselves having to speak out about it.

Yesterday, Manfred held a press conference in which he ultimately referred to the World Series trophy as “a piece of metal.” That very much bothered Justin Turner, who talked to reporters in the locker room on Monday morning.

“The only thing devaluing it now is the fact it’s that it says ‘Commissioner’s Trophy on it. It’s just unbelievable. Is he really that out of touch with the game, that those are his comments? does he not know what we put into these seasons? Does he not know how much work we put in to getting that piece of metal?”

Turner is correct in being upset at how Commissioner Manfred is seemingly relegating a whole season’s work to just acquiring a shiny piece of metal. The lack of accountability also upset Mike Trout, who is normally a continuously unflappable person. The perennial AL MVP stated that he didn’t know what the repercussions should be, but it should certainly be more than what has happened, and that he’s lost respect for some players on the Astros. Baseball has a problem, and it starts at the top.

In actual baseball news, one of the newest members of the Dodgers threw his first bullpen session for his new team. Brusdar Graterol threw 25 pitches. Afterwards, he talked to’s Ken Gurnick and said that his goal is to be a big leaguer, regardless of his role on the team. The Dodgers currently view him as a bullpen piece.

Two other pitchers did not throw their scheduled bullpens today. Dustin May is dealing with a side-muscle issue and will be slow to start ramping up for the season. Newly acquired Jimmy Nelson is nursing a groin injury—his next bullpen has been indefinitely pushed back.

In healthy pitcher news, Walker Buehler, Clayton Kershaw, and Kenley Jansen all reported to spring training having thrown during the winter to keep their arms from tightening up. All three say they are feeling fresh, and most importantly, healthy. Buehler along with Tony Gonsolin threw to live batters today during practice.

Tyler White, a member of the 2017 Astros, cleared waivers and is back in camp with the Dodgers. However, he is no longer a member of the 40-man roster.

Left-handed pitcher Tyler Gilbert, whom the Dodgers acquired in a trade that sent Kyle Garlick to the Philadelphia Phillies, also reported to Camelback Ranch today.

The Dodgers on Monday signed free agent outfielder Terrance Gore to a minor league contract with an invitation to big league spring training. Gore has spent parts of the last six seasons with the Chicago Cubs and Kansas City Royals. He has only hit a cumulative .224 over his career, but he’s a speedster on the base paths. He has stolen 40 bases and been caught nine times. Gore has no options remaining on his contract.


14 thoughts on “Dodgers News and Notes from Early Days of Spring Training

  1. Manfred is slowly but surely losing all credibility. The owners will need a new puppet before the season starts. The players association also needs a new, louder voice. As I see it this entire setup is a boys club that very few are invited into but is financially supported by millions of non members. Fans hold the keys to this limo but fans remain disorganized. Fans, as a collective, are woefully acquiescent. They are like a herd of Holsteins. What MLB needs to do is simply this: tell them what they want to hear then lead them the direction they want them to go. You will see that maneuver soon.

    Gore huh? Why? Analytics doesn’t value speed unless it comes with a high OBP. Maybe he showed enough in 58 PAs last year to justify a minor league assignment. Whatever. I don’t expect anything out of that signing.

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    This shirt is $180. They could make it long sleeve. They could make long underwear out of this, or similar material, that could be worn under uniforms. They already have helmets, elbow pads, wrist pads and leg guards. You want to throw at me, be my guest. I’ll take the base and put you in the stretch. You want to throw behind me, Ball 1.

    Throwing at people is not the answer. Humiliate them. Suspend them. Strip the title. Cheating must not be rewarded. Deal with this. Then it is done and everyone can move forward.

  3. Manfred has done nothing more than make it much worse. I was totally surprised at Trout’s response to it. Here is a fun idea, lets see your all food team. Trout, Salmon, Strawberry, Pie Traynor. Zack Wheat…just a few off of the top of my head.

  4. Are the Dodgers considering using Gore, primarily a pinch runner during his MLB career for 26th man? Just wondering, but wouldn’t think so, as cannot imagine them keeping him ahead of any of Pederson, Taylor, Hernandez or Beaty, with Barnes ac backup C.

    1. Gore is nothing more than an insurance policy. He has zip chance of making the 26 man roster. Now if someone gets injured he might get a call up but he is not even on the 40 man. Dodgers are not all that stocked with MLB ready outfielders in the minors. Peters, and a couple of the guys they signed to minor league deals, but that is about it. Gore is simply a depth move.

    1. Depth. No big deal. Who knows, maybe he learns how to hit with the Dodgers.

      People talking about how scary this Dodger lineup is.

      Watching some videos of pitchers throwing and it seems to me they are throwing pretty hard for first day out. I would think the first week would be mostly running and basic conditioning (push-ups, pull ups, sit ups…. hundreds of them). Probably old school. But looking at the numbers, old school players played a lot more innings than the new age candypants players do.

  5. I’ll play bear. Coco Crisp, OJ Mayo, Catfish Hunter, Chili Davis, Marty Fish! This is fun while Im sitting in an airport!

  6. Rich, Im currently writing a review for a book all about great baseball names! It’ll be out soon, I think you all would love this book

  7. Astros may be getting a new corporate sponsor and be changing their name and mascot to “The Houston Cheatos”!!!!

  8. Not food related, but you don’t get many names better than Skye Bolt, an outfielder in the A’s system.
    He probably should have been a quarterback for the Chargers.

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