Dodgers Finally Set 40-Man Roster After Latest Trade Flurry

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For a few quick moments, it looked like the 40-man roster of the Dodgers was stuck at the magical number of 42, despite MLB rules not allowing such a scenario.

After adding Mookie Betts, David Price, Brusdar Graterol and Luke Raley to the 40-man mix early Monday evening, Los Angeles ended up with 42 players on the 40-man, even after the departures of Kenta Maeda and Alex Verdugo.

To create room and level the official count to 40 players, the club designated both outfielder Kyle Garlick and utility man Tyler White for assignment.

The 28-year-old Garlick put up fantastic numbers in the confines of the Pacific Coast League last year, slashing .314/.382/.675 with 25 doubles and 23 long balls over 81 games. At the big league level, he performed admirably, hitting .250/.321/.521 with three homers in 30 games. However, he was not recalled when rosters expanded in September, nor was he considered for the NLDS roster against the Nationals.

The Dodgers acquired White in a trade from the Astros days before last summer’s deadline, sending right-handed pitching prospect Andre Scrubb back to Houston to complete the deal. After arriving in Los Angeles, White mustered just 26 PA at the major league level, slashing just .192/.045/.238. If White has any upside, it’s the fact that he can handle up to six or seven different positions on the field defensively.

White will turn 30 in October.

Our friend Connor Byrne at MLBTR noted that Garlick still has two minor league options remaining on his contract, so perhaps another team will take a chance on him through a trade or waivers. White has no options, so he’d have to stick on an acquiring club’s 26-man roster or head to the waiver wire.

As far as the Dodgers are concerned, it would be outstanding if the organization could score at least one lower-level prospect for either of the two players.

Although pitchers and catchers will officially be reporting to Camelback Ranch on Feb. 13, there are still a few clouds surrounding the club’s prospective 26-man roster. The biggest questions lingering revolve around Joc Pederson and Ross Stripling. Both players still remain part of the Los Angeles 40-man after a trade that sent the pair to the Angels was squashed on Sunday.

According to some beliefs, the Dodgers continue to shop Pederson, although his left-handed bat could potentially play large in the Los Angeles lineup mix, especially since MLB expanded active rosters to 26 players.

It may be interesting to keep a close eye on the chatter surrounding Pederson, as the outfielder’s status might be somewhat of an indicator as to whether the team intends to stay below the Luxury Tax Threshold for the upcoming season.


107 thoughts on “Dodgers Finally Set 40-Man Roster After Latest Trade Flurry

  1. I say to hell with the luxury tax threshold. I still have concerns with Pollock after his non performance last post season as well as his injury history. Having Joc Pederson ready to step in is huge, especially considering that the majority of starting pitchers are RH. What a bench with Pederson, Taylor, Hernandez, Beaty and Barnes

    1. We could lose Pollock and nobody would miss him. Might take some creative maneuvering but that’s what Friedman does. As for the cap, Kasten has already said they are willing to go over it. And why wouldn’t they? This organization is loaded. If Pollock is the lineup for 500 at bats somewhere, big if, he could easily put up 1.5 WAR. Send him somewhere for nobody of significance and pay the difference..I figure that’s about $5 million a year. We got Luke Raley now! He can take over.

      Joc will be leaving soon. And why do I get the feeling Kiké is about to be put on a banana boat and shipped to parts unknown?

  2. I think both moves were also motivated by the age of both players. White is 30 and Garlick is 29. Not exactly spring chickens there. According to everything I have been reading Pederson is still on the trading block although the urgency is not there. A couple of reason’s might be that there is going to be some anger there about the arbitration and the fact that they basically traded the guy. Someone from the front office, probably AF himself is going to have to sit down with him and smooth some ruffled feathers when he gets to AZ. Of course it is still a week before the regulars report so he could be gone before that. I think you guys are under estimating Pollock’s desire to atone for a injury plagued season. If healthy he is an asset. I know it is a big if, but he is a pro. Raley has about as much chance of making an impact at the major league level as me and that other old guy, Scoop. Kike is in a walk year, so he might be on his way somewhere else. By the way, I called both White and Garlick getting the pink slip a couple of days ago…

  3. Well yesterday I got my Topps Heritage 1958 style Mookie Betts card. Cost me a buck. He is in a Red Sox uni no doubt, but will find a place in my collection. FOCO, who make some of the coolest, and priciest bobbleheads out there are pre selling their Welcome to LA billboard Mookie bobbles. They look pretty cool. I like the Bellinger MVP one better. Dodgers so far have about 15 bobbles lined up as giveaways this year. First 3 are Belli’s MVP, then a Muncy, and the 3rd is Drysdale. Still think it is a travesty that they have never given away a Jr. Gilliam. Even Manny Mota had one. Legends of Dodger baseball honoree this year is Maury Wills.

  4. Does AF have one more big move in him? Crazy thought. JOC, Strip, Gonsolin, Busch, Baez and Graterol for Clevinger and Hand. Who says no?

    1. Interesting, although the Indians’ pitching is fairly strong and outfield is their weak spot. You’re giving them 4 pitchers and only one outfielder and they only have Joc for a year. Also, you’ve managed to strip four guys from the Dodger bullpen while only adding back one. All of that said, I really don’t know who would say no. Maybe both, maybe neither. Maybe you need to remove a pitcher and insert Peters. This is very thought provoking Rich. I’ll be interested to see how everyone else responds.

      1. I am not trading Graterol after they went through so much just to get him…and I want to see what he can do this spring. He may just turn out to be the closer in waiting. And that is too much to give for those two….MLB rates the Dodger pen as only 3rd best in the NL West. # 1 is the Padres, 2 the D-Backs. Cubs still talking Bryant trade.

    2. I was thinking Clevinger when I mentioned Cleveland yesterday. White Sox might be interested and I’m thinking Bummer. We got Stripling and Pederson who we’ve already traded, (why Arte said no is still a mystery) so yeah, a big trade is out there waiting.

      I think someone should sit down with Joc and explain to him just how freakin lucky he is. He made $5 million last year and just got a $2.75 million raise. You’re a free agent soon so stfu and do what you do and teams will be lining up to bid on you. As for hitting against left handed pitching, sorry dude but you’ve hade 375 chances against them and have OPS’d .572. Not gonna happen here. We won 106 with our blueprint and the plan remains the same. You’re gonna get 500 plate appearances again. Have some fun thumping right handers and your next contract will get you $50 million.

      Bear I’m still waiting for the splanation of why Raley. We had Garlick, 29 or not he looks better to me than Raley. Friedman could have have asked for an A leaguer with spin rate but no, he went shopping at Raleys. He must have a reason.

      1. Yeah, I am still trying to figure that one out. Raley really has not shown those kinds of skills in the minors. As for Moreno, the Angels GM actually took one for the team by saying there were elements of the trade that just did not work out…double talk for what every one already knows, Moreno was incensed by the delay. Me, I am glad it fell through because I see no way Rengifo makes the Dodgers better.

      2. Actually baseball people are pretty high on Rengifo and thought he might have been rushed to Anaheim a little early last year which caused his somewhat mediocre numbers.
        If not traded, I think the odds of Kike being here next year are about 1%. He’s not happy with the playing time he’s going to get this year and I think he would be happier if he was moved before the season started. Rengifo would have been a good replacement, especially since he’s a switch hitter, even if we would have had to send him to OKC for a little more seasoning.

      3. I have never read that Kike was unhappy. But if you say so. As for Rengifo, I watched a couple of Angel games and I was not that impressed. I believe in what I see on the field. So if they do not pass my eye test I do not believe. You can read scouting reports and charts and all the metric BS you want, and I still say if they do not pass the eye test….I don’t care……..the mad bear is back.

      4. I admit the first indication I had of Kike’s unhappiness was when I heard him interviewed at FanFest. Someone asked him what he thought his role would be and he kind of verbally shrugged his shoulders and said something like “I have no clue”. He just didn’t seem very pleased. So I may have totally mis-read him but let’s face it, I don’t think he’ll play as much this year and he and CT3 are more redundant than ever. I really don’t think we need both of them. Would rather they choose one and give him more playing time, since neither of them is going to be an everyday starter. Glad to see the Mad Bear back. I kind of missed him.

      5. I repeat: you must have a good bench. Yes when everyone is healthy they are somewhat redundant. But they have both proved their worth. Both have been professional and both deserve WS rings when we win. Also, they are not the type of players to bring top prospects in return.

      6. I guess I was actually thinking more about Kike than about the team. He’s in his last year of a contract and I’m sure he’d like to be somewhere that gives him lots of playing time so he can get himself a good contract next winter. I agree that both those guys have made major contributions and it would be great for them to both get rings.
        With regard to Rengifo, no way I was saying that he was worth Joc AND Strip AND Pages. I hope we keep Pages and don’t trade him somewhere else until we see what kind of year he has in 2020. I was thinking more of a Joc/Rengifo trade (just those two) and I’m sure Bear would have others who would agree with him that even that is a crazy trade.

      7. You watched a 22 year old for two games so there is that. I get it your first impressions weren’t great.

      8. He was the Angels #10 prospect prior to last season. He is about to turn 23. A switch hitter and considered a good glove and decent speed.
        Enough for Joc, Stripling and Pages? Absolutely not.

      9. Raley is still a prospect despite Bear’s opinion. We don’t have a lot of OF depth if Pederson and Hernandez are moved or gone after this year. I’m not saying he will be a star but possibly an OF bench piece in 2021. And our pitching depth is extraordinary.

      10. For those who get SportsNet LA there will be a press conference tomorrow here in LA to introduce Betts and Price. Time not yet announced. I’ll be tuning in to hear them both say that they really don’t want to be here and would much rather be in Boston. 🙂

      1. Raley is a big dude. Maybe Friedman thinks von Skyhack can teach him to lift the ball.

        Moreno should rethink that trade. Joc and Stripling make his team more competitive. He’s not a fool, so I have to believe he’s got a better reason than the fact the trade was delayed a few days. There’s got to more to the story.

      2. Not according to most sources in the know. He got really irritated at the delay. That is why the GM stepped up and took the brunt of the criticism. Big announcement from Dodger land…..Gavin Lux is changing his number from #48 to # 9.

    3. That might be a bit much. The Indians don’t have a LH starter until they get down to 7th or 8th option so they would likely want Urias in any trade for Clevinger.

      1. Well Gary, my eyes have rarely failed me. I saw a kid named Piazza play a couple of games and I knew he was a keeper. Depends my friend on how long you have been watching the game. I watched a guy named Billy Ashley, who had torn up AAA the previous year in spring and could tell there were some huge holes in his swing. I don’t see anything special in Rengifo. Maybe someone does, but he certainly was not a decent return for Strip, Joc and Pages. I saw Pete Rose his rookie year. Kid never quit running. A real ballplayer. Rengifo is no different than 100 other borderline weak hitting good field players who have come through the majors the last 10 years. Maybe he gets better, maybe he does not. But I care not for scouting reports or the metrics or any other piece of info they use. I watch them under pressure. I watch when they make mistakes to see how they respond. You watch the game your way, that’s fine with me.

      2. I’ve never seen Rengifo play, but did read the scouting reports by those that evaluate talent for a living. I also did not think it was a good trade for the Dodgers as I think middle infielders is currently a strength in our system and didn’t see the need for another one who may not be as good or any better than the ones we have. I have been watching baseball for over 60 years, so you only have me by a couple of years. I have always lived on the East Coast so have not had the benefit of living in LA as you have and seen as many up close.

      3. I get it Gary. I know those guys get paid to evaluate talent and I also know scouting reports are necessary for teams to evaluate their players. I am just not one to take what they say at face value. I want to see them play with the game on the line. One reason I always enjoyed watching a guy like Ethier. The did not call him Captain Clutch for nothing. He had some big hits. Joc was one of the teams best hitters in the 2017 series. So he has his moments. And I agree why trade for a middle infielder when that is where the farms strength is. And that was before they decided to include a SS in the Bosox trade. I am just not geared to be a flunky and like every move they make. And believe me, since he took over, I have disagreed pretty vocally with a lot of AF’s moves. Cubs signed Kipnis to a minor league deal, Carlos Gonzalez does the same with the Mariners, and Kevin Pillar is about to become a Red Sox.

  5. But boy those two would really complete this roster and I think makes us the WS favorite and a better team than the Yankees. Just spitballin! What would you offer for those two?

    1. Chicken Strip, Joc, Floro, and a couple of minor leaguers. Immediately helps there staff and gives them a couple of ready made MLB players. Does not really weaken the LA pen. I might throw Gonsolin in there. They really do not know what they have with Graterol. And Busch is just starting out. I think they are pretty high on that kid.

      1. Is that for Clevinger Bear?

        Joc for Bummer would be fair. Joc is a free agent in ‘21 so, there’s that. Strip for Bummer would be fair. I think. I’d need to hear from Jesus on that. It doesn’t look like Steamer believes his ‘19 numbers. They project Bummer at 3.48 ERA and a 1.32 WHIP. Stripling projects 129 innings of 1.26 WHIP. That sounds valuable to me. Clevinger projects 197 innings of 1.17 WHIP. We won’t get that for Joc and Strip. Clevinger is the Indians #1 and team controlled until ‘23. I don’t know why I brought him up. I must have seen his name again. Indians aren’t likely to trade him until after next year.

      2. That was for Clevinger and Hand…what the hell do I know? I always thought the Steamer was Bud Furillo

      3. Indians need a lefty in their rotation so would want Urias and maybe Ferguson.

        Trying to catch up with you all as I’ve been bowling.

  6. NO Clevinger and Hand from Cleveland. To get Mookie, Clevinger, Price andHand and not give up Lux or May would be quite a coup in my hook!

    1. I understand Bear’s reluctance to give up Graterol before we see what we have in him but I would do it if necessary to get Clevinger and Hand.
      So Joc, Gonsolin, Busch, Graterol. Peters. That’s a lot, I realize, but we’re getting one of the best starters and one of the best relievers in the AL. It gives the Indians a very good outfielder if only for a year, two pitchers with lots of upside, a second base prospect and an outfield prospect. They would have Joc, Gonso and Graterol available for this year so not all prospects and then 4 of the 5 to build for the future.

      1. Since our pen is ranked #3 I’d like to see what Graterol and Gonsolin do to help. Come to think of it, if Treinen and Nelson are ready to go that pen looks pretty darn ok to me.

        We got plebiscite. I don’t even know what that means but autocorrect thought it fit there so I’m gonna leave it. Play ball!

        By the way, I watched a short video of Graterol yesterday and what I saw was great stuff but it was up in the zone. His slider was killer. Keep that at the knees and the 98 cheese at the letters and he could be unhittable.

  7. I guess we’d better not trade Brusdar. He just tweeted this:

    I want to thank my new family, the Los Angeles Dodgers, for this opportunity so I can continue doing what I love!
    For the Dodgers fans, I am super excited to greet many of you in Arizona this spring training ! I am going to wear my Dodgers jersey with pride and give my all.2020

  8. He could be a difference maker. Good article in the Athletic on Price. Gives us some hope that he could be a factor for us this year if he can stay healthy

  9. I do not care what anyone says, I do not see Raley as anything special. He has not shown that at any stop in the minors. He showed some pop at the lower levels. And admittedly he was injured last year and did not really get a chance to show much. He is 25 years old, back in the organization after a couple years away. But I seriously think this guy is all that. Let him prove me wrong, I hope he does.

  10. Ron Roneike hired by the cheaters as manager……really funny. 2 exe Dodgers brought in to manage teams accused of cheating during world series that the Dodgers were involved in.

  11. I noticed that no one is in a hurry to sign Puig. What goes around, comes around, apparently. Latest rumor was the Gnats were showing some interest, but that has also hit the shitter from what I’m reading.

      1. Donnie Baseball was such a good player, now since he has been managing I can only think of him as Donnie Softball or Donnie T-Ball.

  12. When talking about Puig, I think Crash Davis said it the best “ million dollar arm, and a ten cent head” fits Puig to a tee.

    1. Can’t ignore how talented he is. I think his upbringing has a lot to do with the way he plays. Not schooled in the way it is done here, and he was reluctant to accept coaching. I think maybe that starting the way he did may have spoiled the guy. Had he struggled in his first exposure to the majors, he might have been easier to coach. But coming out and absolutely tearing the league up with all those fans going nuts over every move you make, had to be a little head spinning for a kid from Cuba. He would be perfect for Miami, but you are right, Mattingly really dislikes the guy. Which shows you how selfish that it because Puig would bring excitement and some genuine crowd pleasing baseball to a very boring franchise. Put up with it for a year and at least make people want to come to the ballpark which is a morgue during the season.

    1. Now that’s just mean Rich. How much money would you have paid to see Puig play? I saw him play a lot, and even when he was having a bad night at the plate I could count on some sort of defensive play that was titillating if nothing else. I was at a game at Coors when he crashed into that right field fence making a circus catch, and he hit a monster homer that game. For all his foibles, he was one of the most exciting players to don a Dodger uni in many years. Only other player I have seen generate that kind of excitement was Manny any time he came to the plate.

  13. Just read the first comments from Dave Roberts since the trades. Dave says he is over the moon……..I say, don’t screw this up Dave. He as much named the first four in the rotation, Buehler, Kersh, Price and Urias. Everyone else is fighting for the 5 spot including Wood, Gonsolin, Nelson, May, and surprisingly, Strip. He also said that Pederson has taken the trade stuff surprisingly well, which to me means that they have been talking. Pederson/Pollock in LF for now if Joc is not traded before the season starts. It is official because it is listed on the roster, Lux is #9. I would not have retired it for Granny or Pierre. But if they said it was for Wally Moon I would have been ok with that.

      1. Surely you jest. Wally invented the Moon shot over the screen at the coliseum. Was part of 3, count em, 3 World Championship teams..59, 63, 65…..The Bulls biggest contribution was an appearance on Gilligan’s Island. I am surprised you did not try to slip Andy Kosco in there.

      2. I agree Moon deserves number 9 but I loved Ferrara because he was such a character.
        I’m hoping Lux will make us forget all previous number 9’s. Correction, I hope he will surpass them all.

      3. The Bull was colorful. Never quite reached the heights I think they expected. Over 5 seasons he only played in 249 games and had 23 homers. Best year was 1967 when he hit 16 and hit .277. Went to the Padres in 69 and played 3 seasons there. Hit 27 dingers in 3 years with the Pads and finished up with the Reds in 71. Actually had a decent .256 average over 8 seasons. Kosco on the other hand his hit 27 homers in 2 years with LA and actually led the team in homers with 19 in 1969. Ferrara was joined in that Gilligan’s Island episode by team mate Jim Lefevbre. I used to have a picture of them dressed as the natives of those Islands.

    1. He just needs some Latin love. Miami is the place for him. After all his many mistakes and poor behaviors, I’m sure he’s learned his lessons and won’t make those mistakes again.

  14. Although he hit .297 with Cleveland, he did not show any power there. Only had 2 homers in 40 games. Might be one of the reason’s the tribe did not bring him back. Since he had hit 22 at Cincy before the trade…

  15. True Scoop, but Vaughn also wore # 5 with the Dodgers. That was during his first stint with Brooklyn in 42-43. Lots of players have worn multiple numbers with the team. I remember Roseboro wearing # 44 in 59 and 60 and then switching back to 8 which he wore his 1957 season in Brooklyn. He wore # 10 and 13 with the Twins, and 13 when he went to the Senators. Mike Piazza was originally assigned # 25. He got #31 the next season. He wore 31 all of his career except his time in SD> he was # 33 while there.

    1. By the way, most of that info is on baseball reference. And I also get it from my media guides when it pertains to the Dodgers.

  16. Baez’s arbitration hearing was today. Should get the results sometime tomorrow. Around the time the introductory presser is going on for Price and Better. A’s are considering signing Russell Martin to mentor their young catcher. Sounds like a perfect job for Martin. Giant’s signed Trevor Cahill.

  17. In case you were wondering, and I know this is keeping you in suspense. The picture on my profile was sent to me by my cousin who lives in Texas. I do not have a copy of it. It was taken in Front of the White House in 1968. I was TDY with my unit, TEACOM testing our new missile equipment’s ease of loading capability at Ft. Lee in Virginia. A friend of mine and I took a bus to DC and spent 2 days there. Did the White House thing, climbed the Washington Monument, went to Fords Theater, and to me the best part was the Smithsonian. If you have never been there, you should go. We also went to Ft.Story, which is right on the water in Virginia Beach. Went to the famous Peppermint Lounge there. And our last stop was Ft. Bragg in N.C. Ft. Lee was cool because there is a Civil War battlefield right next to the post. Petersberg. We loaded on trains at Lee, Navy ships from Norfolk at Story, and then we loaded the equipment on planes at Bragg which is right next to Pope AFB. You haven’t lived until you have done touch and go’s on a MAC transport.

    1. Guess I haven’t lived. I flew in C-130’s and a few Marine Corps helicopters. Can’t say I enjoyed the experience all that much.

      Luke Raley gets #62. Is he actually going to be on the team? I don’t see it. Graterol I see. That guy has some serious cheese and it moves. I saw a 99 mph two seamer that looked like it dove arm side about 18”. You can’t hit that. I’m excited to see this guy in Blue. 62 innings, 72 Ks, 1.25 WHIP. Those are my projections. I wonder if he can develop into a starter? Might want to back that 100 mph fastball to 97 and spot it.

      1. That is just the number he gets for spring training. Doubt he will make the 26 man. They gave May 88 and he made the team….LOL…The plane I got to ride on when we did the test was a C-124 Globemaster. Big SOB. Cockpit was way up above where the doors opened up in front for loading. We did like 3 touch and go’s to make sure the tie downs worked holding the two radars that were on board. On the third pass as we were coming around, I do not know what happened but the plane dropped rapidly like it hit some sore of turbulence. My stomach went right up to the roof. I was just glad we landed in one piece. Rode in a Huey just once. Also had a couple of flights on C-130’s. Uncomfortable as hell. My unit during those tests was the Test and Evaluation Command. TEACOM. We were testing the newer versions of the HAWK missile system. I was on Self Propelled Hawk first. They mounted the Launchers on large versions of APC’s and used the engine as the power generator. Those old Detroit diesels were a bear to keep working right. Then later I was on the test of Improved HAWK. It went from being able to do 1.6 Mach, to 2.8. They were pretty accurate anyway. Had a 94 % kill ratio. In Korea when we went to Sea Range down on the western coast of Korea, in December no less, We fired that thing in what can only be described as a blizzard. I was 150 feet from the launcher and I could not see the missile. And brother, it was frippen cold.

      2. Getting a number doesn’t guarantee a spot on the 26. I think 34 of 40 on 40 man have numbers now, I would expect the others to be assigned numbers soon.

  18. Yep, I am looking forward to seeing Graterol’s stuff live. I think there might be a time when Boston regrets not getting that guy.

    1. Yes, the whole delay in the trade might have been a blessing if Graterol turns out to be a different maker. We could afford to give up Wong and if Seager is extended prior to free agency, Downs May have been excess also. It is what it is now and I’m excited to have Betts and Graterol and hopeful Price can return to Glory.

      1. I would like to see them be able to keep Betts for more than just one year. They will have plenty of room under the tax to pay him whatever he wants. I think Price will be better in a league with no DH< and bigger ballparks. And if Graterol's stuff is any indication, he could be the steal of the entire thing.

      2. Absolutely, sign Betts long term! If we don’t and this is also the last year with us for Pederson and Hernandez, we will be short in the OF after this year.

  19. They usually get the numbers before spring training. Usually they are posted by the time the team hits Arizona. 6 players on the 40 man not assigned numbers yet. Gonzalez, Nelson, Santana, McKinstry, White and Peters. None of the 19 non roster guys have numbers yet either.

  20. The Arenado thing is boiling over in Colorado. The owner and player are basically locked in a cold war of sorts. Neither really addressing the press about the matter. Bryant trade scenario’s being looked at by the Cubs. So there is a possibility of some more moves before the end of spring training.

    1. The other thing I saw recently is that the NL May go to the DH starting in 2021. This would certainly be good for JT going forward and remaining a Dodger after this year. Also, IMO good idea to extend Joc. Sign Betts long term and extend Joc and under a DH senario we would have Turner and Joc and Pollock as options.

      1. My understanding is that the DH issue will not be broached to the players assn until they have the new CBA in place. That is 2022. The thing they are trying to start in 2021 is the new playoff format. If that is approved by the players assn. Alex Wood made a statement the other day about that. He is dead set against it.

      2. Well, depending on how JT does this year, he could still be OK at 3B again next year, then go after Arenado when he opts out. But if Betts extends, then Arenado would probably be unaffordable. All on Management as they will also be paying big for Bellinger, Saeger, Buehler down the line. They might also say goodbye to Seager and go after Lindor in two years. Again he would be very expensive. And what about Kershaw, will he sign for a big discount when current contract is up if he is still effective! This year and the next several will be interesting.

      3. With Boras as his agent, you know he is going to want Belli to test free agency unless they get a huge extension contract. Of course Belli has to produce, and produce big over the next 4 years. He is a free agent in 2024. Same thing with Seager. I hope they lock up Buehler soon. 6 year deal at least before he becomes unaffordable. Imagine how much he will cost if he gets a Cy young or two under his belt. He is capable of that. Especially with this monster offense behind him. As for Kersh, he will be 33 when this contract is up. Depending on what he does over the next 2 years, he might get a 2 year deal. But it will not be for over 30 million again. He would have to have a second coming and morph back into what he was to command that kind of dough. I honesty believe Arenado is a pipe dream. As much as he might want to come here, he would want a 6 year deal at least, also depending on his production between now and when he can opt out. That is after the 2021 season. I also am of the mind that if JT decides to hang them up after this year, or play another couple, he will give LA a hometown discount. That also depends on his health and production. He is one of those guys I would expect they want to keep around after his playing days are over ala Chase Utley.

      4. I thin when Arenado can opt out, he will be at $30+M per year, so he will want that at least. Depends somewhat on desire to win, maybe, but he won’t give up any $. Yea, probably a pipe dream. Lindor might be more doable, if Seager would willingly move to third by then.

  21. has a article about the top 10 rotations in terms of velocity. Dodgers come in at # 10. Avg velocity a little over 92 MPH. Rays are # 1.

  22. If you have some time on your hands, and I do this every spring, I like to look on, and check out all of the teams non roster guys. I am usually looking for exe Dodgers or just to see how different some teams approach this. For instance, the Yankees have 5 catchers on the non roster invitee list. Including Josh Thole who spent a little time with the Dodgers. Yasiel Diaz, who went to Baltimore in the Machado trade will be in spring training with the O’s As will Downs and Wong with the Red Sox. Former Dodger Wilmer Font is now a team mate of Ryu on the Jays, and old friend Luis Avilan is a Yankee.

      1. I drink coffee and try to arrange a day using less mental acuity and physical endurance with each passing minute. Thinking of a Home Depot/Green Thumb run this morning. Gonna get some more plants in the ground. It’s 70 degrees here. Maybe some manure for my worm tube. Maybe Starbucks or Mexican when done. Anyone want to join me?

        I haven’t the time, nor interest really, to chase down information on other teams. I look at projections and data every few days. I’ve found it interesting how accurate some of these predictions have become. I don’t consider myself an analyst, but I’ve learned over the years it’s advantageous to listen to those smarter than me. And I’ve discovered those people are everywhere. You’re never too old to learn. You will find however if you live long enough it will become more difficult to retain information. Like a hole in the bucket, it just leaks out.

      2. I follow my Dodgers 365 days a year, even if in my own mind, which as you say has been started to leak like a sieve. Some like to do crosswords or Soduku to exercise the mind. I do it with Baseball Stats. When I was a teen, I could give you the full roster and their lifetime batting average within 5 percentage points. Not anymore! Of course there were only 16 teams back then.

      3. I did a lot of math with baseball cards. Even in Little League I learned the value of OBP. You get 18 outs. Don’t make any of them. Even against the toughest pitchers I could work the count. I knew my strike zone when I was 10, though I had to school an ump or two on it. I knew if I could get Warren Kuhn to 3 balls he would throw a fastball over the plate. Warren was about 6’4” when he was 12. Felt like it anyway. He got shorter as I got older. Threw hard though. Anyway, adding up stats is good for the brain. That’s one of the reasons I like analytics. It’s taken batting averages and on base percentage to a different level. The teams that are using those systems are improving. We’ve got one of the best analytics teams in the business. I’m grateful for that. I wasn’t at first, but I am now.

      4. Back in the day, I subscribed to The Sporting News because it was full of stats and great baseball coverage. I also bought Who’s Who in Baseball every year and wore it and my baseball cards out. Use to do whole seasons with Strat-O-Matic Baeball (I think that is what it was called). Kept me off the streets, well the country roads! Also made me a whiz with numbers.

      5. The Sporting News had the market on baseball back in the day. That paper was huge—in the physical sense. Being an East Coaster, do you remember APBA by any chance?

      6. I think I had that at one time too. They both had player cards right? It’s been a long time.

  23. I used the Sporting news and baseball cards to improve my math. I too could quote numbers. Now, I use my Dodger media guides for most of my info. Especially the trivia stuff. They quit publishing Who’s Who in Baseball a couple of years ago. I used to get a new one every year. As players retired or were traded I would note that. They still make a few baseball magazines that come out just before spring training. Athlon, Sporting News, Lindy’s. But I stick to my favorite, Street and Smith’s. They have regional covers. Mine has Trevor Story on the cover because i am close to Denver. I think the west coast version has Trout and Belli. Maybin signs with the Tigers. Baez beats the Dodgers in arbitration and will make 4 mil. Dietrich re-signs with the Reds, and the Price-Betts presser starts in 9 minutes.

  24. I did not realize so many teams have new look uni’s this year. Padres going back to the brown-gold they used years ago, and bringing back their pinstripes.Reds have a new Red jersey, Brewers revamped theirs and brought the ball in the glove logo back. Twins brought back those ugly blue unis, Rangers pretty much overhauled everything since they are moving into their new stadium. Dodgers spring training cap is changed. Instead of the script D, they went back to LA, with a twist that there is the Dodger logo in the white of LA. It also has a logo patch on the right side.

  25. Well I just finished watching the press conference. Typical baseball stuff. All the right things were said as usual. I was impressed with Betts and Price’s dedication to baseball and winning. They said they are here to help the team meet it’s goals. Of course one reporter had to ask about Betts allowing the Dodgers to talk long term deal. Mookie danced away from that by saying he just got here. Was nice to see a face I used to watch all the time when I lived in LA. Jim Hill. Channel 2’s sports reporter. They leave for spring training tonight…and Andrew grew a beard! Not much of one, more stubble than beard. Can’t rock the whiskers like Bear that is for sure. Looks like a lot of gray in it too. Considering the last week, I was surprised it was not white!

  26. One other uni change of note. The D-Backs have made some subtle changes. That dark grey road uni has been replaced, and the dark colors on the shoulders are now gone. Road uni is a lighter more traditional grey. Brad Miller signs with the Cardinals. Teams already using the 60 day IL. And the rules changes are now official One twist, when a pitcher is placed on waivers now, it is a 15 day period instead of 10. IL is now 15 days also.

  27. A few things of note from the after-presser interviews:
    Doc indicated he planned to play Mookie in right field and have him lead off.
    AF said he actually started talking to the Sox about Mookie last summer around the deadline but they decided they didn’t want to trade him at that time.
    Friedman said he called Strip and Joc during the hold up and tried to let them know what was going on. Told them they could contact him any time until it was resolved. Strip texted him every couple of days. Joc called him about 8 times a day. AF didn’t give any indication as to whether either/both might still be traded any time soon.

  28. Was just listening to a Friedman radio interview, he sounds like he plans on keeping joc, and Strippling.

    1. I don’t see keeping Strip as a problem, but I just don’t see how they can keep both Joc and Pollock. Joc might be OK with the same role he had last year because he’ll get a lot more playing time than Pollock, but AJ will be very unhappy. Last year Belli started pretty much every day, but the other two outfield positions were like a game of musical chairs. This year Belli and Mookie will play almost every day. That leaves only one outfield position for AJ, Joc, Beaty, Kike and CT3 and not a whole lot of playing time for Pollock. He should be very healthy this year since he won’t spend much time on the field.

      1. I posted earlier. There will be 5 bench positions and it pays to have a strong bench. Because Joc swings lefty he will likely play more than AJ unless injured. There will be pinch hitting and double switches and some players like Turner will need days off. There will be much less platooning. If healthy and producing against all kinds of pitching Seager, Muncy, Lux as well as Betts and Bellinger will play nearly every day. There should be less need for Taylor and Kike in the OF. It will be a challenge to give all the playing time they desire. Maybe some late inning subbing will be employed with blowout scores. There will be injuries requiring the bench to be used. It will work out. If AJ wants more playing time hit better and play better and stay healthy. With the IL going back to 15 days teams will be more inclined to let a player with something minor sit for say a week on bench and the bench will be needed.

  29. When JT, or lux take days of Muncy can move o the open spot, with bellinger moving to firstwitch creates ABs for joc.
    It would also be insurance incase Lux starts of slow, or there are any major injuries in spring training.
    Keeping joc makes sense, as long as the dreadedLT isn’t an issue.

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