Mookie Betts Deal Reportedly Finalized

(Boston Globe photo)

“In the history of the Dodgers, nothing ever comes easy” ~Vin Scully

After almost an entire week of controversy, the Dodgers and Red Sox have reportedly agreed to a trade that will see both outfielder Mookie Betts and lefty starting pitcher David Price end up in Los Angeles. In return, the Red Sox will receive outfielder Alex Verdugo, catching prospect Connor Wong and infield prospect Jeter Downs.

Jeff Passan of ESPN was among the first to reveal the details of the trade.

At the time the news broke, there is still no report on how much money the Dodgers will receive to cover Price’s three-year, $96 million salary.

In an entirely separate deal, the Dodgers sent righty swing man Kenta Maeda to the Twins straight up in exchange for hard-throwing, right-hander Brusdar Graterol.

Initially, the three-team scenario showed Betts and Price shipped to the Dodgers from Boston, Verdugo sent to the Red Sox from Los Angeles, Maeda sent to the Twins from Los Angeles, and Graterol sent to the Red Sox from Minnesota. Additionally, the Red Sox were to believed to have agreed to send enough money to the Dodgers to cover half of Price’s contract.

However, after viewing the medicals of Graterol, the Red Sox saw something that led them to believe that the 21-year-old native of Venezuela projected more as a reliever than a starter. Conversely, other teams that reviewed those same records did not see any red flags, according to reports.

In recent days, the proposed three-team blockbuster was under scrutiny by fans, players and members of the MLB players’ union.

From Justin Turner of the Dodgers:

From Tony Clark, executive director of the MLB Players Association:


Regardless, the end result saw the Dodgers score a very large haul in all three of Betts, Price and Graterol.

According to some scouts, Graterol’s ceiling is unlimited. Here’s an excerpt from MLB Pipeline’s scouting report from 2019:

“Graterol’s stuff continues to get better the more he matures and the further removed from surgery he gets. His fastball touches triple digits and will often sit in the 96-98 mph range, with an ability to maintain velocity deep into starts. Throwing with plenty of sink, Graterol misses bats and gets a ton of ground-ball outs off of his fastball. When he committed to throw the harder version of his slider, in the 87-89 mph range, it trended toward plus, but he would back off of it at times. Continued separation between that and his slower curve will help, as will further refinement of his changeup.”

Consequently, the subsequent deal that would have seen Joc Pederson, Ross Stripling and Andy Pages sent to the Angels appears to be squashed.

Stay tuned for more information as it continues to develop.


54 thoughts on “Mookie Betts Deal Reportedly Finalized

  1. This is the best trade the Dodgers have made in days.

    Pending physicals I assume?

    So Graterol will be groomed as a starter? Innings limit for another year?

    Joc? He’s going soon, right?


    1. Dodgers need to use Graterol in relief. We have plenty of starters but really need a shut down guy in the bullpen. For those who haven’t seen video on Graterol, google it. His stuff is really something.
      The Red Sox may have just done us a huge favor…………………………..if he can stay healthy.


  2. Glad it finally got done, better than sending jettisoned players back to the scene of the crime.

    You know AF is happy, he got to acquire a pitcher with injury history, fits AF’s MO perfectly, lol.

    Okay now everyone stay healthy and get your asses to spring training next week.


  3. It looks like Gaterol has a much better chance of impacting the Dodgers team in the near future than Wong, and Downs, not to discount either of them, but Gaterol will be playing this season, hopefully pitching in the bull pen in the playoffs.


  4. Don’t forget the “r” in Graterol Keith. 🙂 I’ve already done that a few times.
    The one that’s driving me crazy is Rengifo. I can’t ever remember if it’s Rengifo or Renfigo.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. IJDM, don’t forget about the injured kid recovering from Tommy John surgery that AF drafted a few years ago. Kid named Buehler. That hasn’t worked out too badly. Graterol has future closer stuff according to scouting reports. A huge need for us and maybe he can contribute this year. Something Downs wasn’t going to do. I’m taking Graterol over Downs all day long


      1. I understand that. My point was that another trade or cut will have to occur, as we are gaining three and losing two off the current full roster.


  6. Wonder who pulled the plug on the Angel deal? Hard to see JOC and Pollock platooning in left. Seems like one of them has to go. Could lead to some clubhouse issues with Pollock


      1. They need to move Joc in the next couple of days, before camp opens. This is really cruel and unusual punishment. Strip would probably like to go to a team where he can start, but he would probably be OK with coming back. Joc, not so much.


  7. I wonder why the angels pulled out of a deal they were ok with a few days ago?
    Nothing has changed on their side, and everyone knows they need pitching.


  8. It’s because Arte Moreno the Angels owner supposedly went ape shit mad bout the Joc deal getting held up. If I had to guess he killed it directly. Those type of guys do t like hits to their egos and he felt played.


  9. Here’s my question. After all this today and the Joc deal falling through plus us sending MN $10 million, are we currently over the luxury tax? I know we were very close without Joc’s salary. I secretly hope we keep Stripling and I’d love to somehow have Joc too but I know that’s not going to happen. Stripling deserves to be our 5th starter.


      1. I will believe Wood is healthy and effective when I see it. Plus Urias is still building arm strength. He only threw 80 innings last year so expecting more than 130 from him is not reasonable. You will always have injuries too and who really knows what Jimmy Nelson has. You know what you’re getting in Stripling and quietly it’s always been very good. That’s why I couldn’t believe they just threw him in as skate parts in a trade.


      2. 4 lefty’s? Not sure I like that. I think May slides in there ahead of Urias who liked coming out of the pen. If he goes down there then they do not need Alexander. I also think Price coming over makes guys like Ferguson expendable in the near future, I was surprised that Boston did not get a pitcher back in the deal.


      3. Wong is way down on the list of catchers, behind Ruiz and Cartaya. So no big surprise there. They are both younger than he is. I am surprised that no pitcher was in the deal. I thought that was what Boston wanted most.


      1. Stripling only makes $2.1 million. Not exactly a big financial relief. They should have just saved their money on Jimmy Nelson.


      2. I really hope Friedman has been dishing out apologies to both Joc and Stripling. Been a roller coaster of a week for those guys, that’s for sure. Now, there’s even more uncertainly lingering for them.


      1. Crossing my fingers he stays. Joc is gone though unless they find a deal for Pollock which they won’t with his contract.


      2. White Sox or Cleveland might be interested in Joc. He will generate interest.

        I don’t feel for any of them. It’s a business and they make a lot of money playing baseball.

        As I’ve said many times, we’ve got enough starters to spread the innings among all of them. We don’t need a second and third ace with this club. I think with who we have we will lead the league in pitching again. It’s good to be a Dodger fan.


      3. I thought a Dodgers were getting short end of the trade with Angels and couldn’t find many worthy prospects in their top 30 to balance it. Still surprised Angels backed out.


  10. 1. Betts RF
    2. Seager SS
    3. Bellinger CF
    4. Turner 3B
    5. Muncy 1B
    6. Pollock LF
    7. Lux 2B
    8. Smith C
    9. Pitcher
    There’s not many teams that can compete with that lineup 1-5 besides maybe Houston. What we get out of 6-8 might be the difference in making the playoffs again and winning it all this time. We need Pollock to be the all around solid baseball player he is when he’s healthy in the field and at the plate. A lot will also be on the shoulders of Will Smith and Gavin Lux to take another step forward in their development and be everyday players. I’m excited about what a truly elite leadoff hitter will provide this offense.


    1. Just one problem, Roberts rarely plays the same line-up two days in a row. Yes that would be a good looking line-up, but if things stay as they have been you will only see that line-up once or twice a week.


      1. There will not be as much platooning. LF could be a platoon if Joc isn’t traded but looks like he will be. Barnes will get 1-2 starts at C per week. Other than that Turner and Pollock will get an occasional day off but everyone else will start 150+ games unless injured. Bench will PH, play some late in games for double switches and if Dodgers are blowing out the opposition.
        Just my opinion.


  11. you’re right Alex, very tough lineup there, and with all the pitchers On the roster, and in the minors, I’m sure they will be able to put together a respectable staff, and bullpen. It’s going to be good to be a dodger fan this year.


  12. This trade has not been posted on the Dodgers web site yet. They need to clear the roster space before anything is announced. I think Monday will be a busy day also. Pitchers and catchers report on Thursday. So something will happen prior to that.


  13. Roster space will need to be made…some are suggesting that Strip will not be dealt, but Joc will. One of the other pieces on the 40 man could be moved. Garlick, White, even Rios are possibilities. At least we know AF won’t trade Joc to the Giants…….???


  14. Well, they put Pederson back on the trading block. Best thing for him actually. Not sure who else gets moved. Me, I keep Strip. He is a valuable piece of the team. And one of the few I trust in the long man’s role.


  15. I hope we can survive not getting the switch-hitting superstar infielder from the Angels, lol. Seriously what a ridiculous deal that looked like on paper.


    1. I guess the Angels showed the Dodgers by backing out! The idiots were going win that lopsided deal for sure. More of a salary dump by Dodgers which is why they are still shopping Joc.


  16. Depth:

    Even AAA looks stacked with pitching. I see 9 starters capable of 20 starts, 6 capable of 25 starts, and that’s giving all those at the top of our rotation time off in late summer. We have Kershaw, Buehler, Price, Wood, Urias, May, Gonsolin, Stripling, White, Gonzalez, Santana, Gray all lined up for 2020. We also have Ferguson. Our pen looks great too, 8 deep without Graterol listed there. Both he and Alexander are currently listed at AAA.

    This team, this organization, is loaded. There is enough depth here to cruise to October. We are now scheduled to win the West by the second week in September. O/U win projection is 100.5. Nobody in the NL is higher. Only Yankees in the AL are projected to win more at 101.5.

    This is gonna be fun.


  17. Yankee Dodger WS! Does it get any better than that! Betts vs Cole. Which superstar puts their team over the finish line? Great to be a Dodger fan!


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