Cody Bellinger Wins First Silver Slugger Award


As the snow starts to fly in part of the northeast, the awards part of the season is starting to hit its stride.

Earlier this month, the award for the Rawlings Gold Glove was given out, and Cody Bellinger won for right field.

Bellinger now added another award to his shelf on Thursday afternoon. The Silver Slugger award winners were announced, and Cody won for right field in the National League.

Bellinger is the first Dodger to win the award since Corey Seager won back-to-back Silver Sluggers at shortstop in 2016 and 2017, and the first Dodger outfielder to win it since Matt Kemp in 2011. Overall, Cody is the fifth Dodger ever to win a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger in the same season. Dusty Baker won both in 1981, Russell Martin won both in 2007, Matt Kemp won in both 2009 and 2011, and Adrian Gonzalez won them both in 2014.

The Silver Slugger Award is given to the best offensive player at each position in each league. Bellinger earned his first award batting .305/.406/.629 with 47 home runs, 121 runs scored and 115 RBI, posting career highs in each of those categories. He also had career-highs with 34 doubles and 95 walks, while striking out 108 times, a career-low.

After being the unanimous Rookie of the Year in 2017, Bellinger had a down year in 2018 but worked hard over the winter to come out swinging in 2019. He tied the Major League record for most home runs in March and April with 14 and had a 1.124 OPS with 30 home runs in the first half of the year. He added another 17 home runs in the second half of the season. He led all National League outfielders in homers and RBI. He also lead all National League defenders in WAR, and was tied for the highest fWAR at 7.8.

In addition to Giancarlo Stanton in 2017, Bellinger is the only player this decade to hit at least 45 home runs, 115 RBI, 120 runs and at least a 1.000 OPS in a single season. Cody also stole 15 bases this season, the first player to do so in addition to the other stats.

Bellinger has now hit at least 25 home runs and has amassed an OPS of .800 or higher in each of his first three seasons in the majors.

Bellinger has a chance to win two more awards during the offseason. The Platinum Glove Award is decided by fan voting for the best defensive player in each league. He is also one of three finalists for the National League MVP, which will be announced on November 14.


8 thoughts on “Cody Bellinger Wins First Silver Slugger Award

  1. Bellinger is in his prime. 25 next year. How long can we expect this type of production? Harper had his best year at 22. Mike Trout 20. Alex Rodríguez 24. Most, guys like Pujols, Betts, Stanton, Cabrera, Griffey, Mantle, Babe Ruth, have their best years between 23-28. There are outliers of course. Ruth had 12 WAR year at age 32. Bonds… screw Bonds, he doesn’t count, Ripken 30, Honus Wagner 34, Ty Cobb 30, Willie Mays had his best year, 11.2 WAR at age 34. But the bell curve is changing. Fangraphs shows wOBA and wRC averages from ‘95-‘05 peaked at 25. ‘06-‘18 it’s much younger. Some say these curve changes can be attributed to defensive schemes being altered and players just flat out not adjusting to it. I buy that. As I have said before, Mickey Mantle would hit .600 against the shift. And in today’s game he would’ve bunted for a single then stole second on the first pitch.

    Anyway, the point is, we blew Kershaw’s prime years. Some of that was actually on him of course. We don’t know how long Cody, and Corey for that matter, will continue to produce. This team needs to get it done.


  2. Talk about throwing a wet blanket on a good thing scoop, thanks for all those warm fuzzy feelings.
    So are you saying we should trade Cody before he starts regressing?


    1. Is that what you read into it Keith?

      No. I am not saying trade our young studs. I’m saying build around them. Lindor might be had with prospects. Pitching. We need stronger pitching. We are fine in the summer. We need to be finer in October. 6 man rotation?

      I think short is too hard on Corey. I would definitely consider moving him. Third base is easier on the body. Like I mentioned earlier, if we don’t get a young, athletic shortstop, just move everybody to the left. Muncy to second, Lux to short, Seager to third and Turner to first. Pollock/Pederson, Bellinger, Verdugo. Then grab pitching. Start the season with that and by the deadline we will know what we need. Just don’t have cold feet in July.


  3. I was just being a little facetious, scoop. I get it, you don’t want to see the team waste Cody’s best years.
    Your idea of everyone take one step to the left sounds funny, but we would probably be better defensively.
    This is the first time in my life I have used the word “ facetious” but I know if I’m going to carry on a dialog with “scoopadamus the wordologist” I need to bring my A game.😀


    1. Got it. The wet blanket comment threw a damper (get it) on my mellifluidy. I’ll keep your facetious disposition in mind.

      Yep, it would be a shame to see all this in-house talent get shut out. 7 straight years. Kershaw has been to the post season 9 times.

      Let’s go bold here.


  4. Atlanta getting the jump on everyone bringing back some of their own free agents, Markakis, Flowers and today, O’Day resigned with the Braves……electronic strike zone coming to a minor league town close to you next year. Experiment moves to the minor leagues in 2020.


  5. The e-zone has some work to do. I mentioned the problem earlier. Front knee curveball strikes will bounce. Be prepared for that. We’ve all seen front knee strikes called balls for years. That will change with this technology unless the strike zone definition changes. I don’t believe it will. The strike zone is and always has been directly over the plate. The catcher sits well behind it. Those curveballs coming from a 6’4” overhand pitcher standing on a mound are going to bounce after passing through the the strike zone at the knee. Be ready for it.


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