Cody Bellinger Snags First-Career Gold Glove Award

(Photo Credit: David Crane/Southern California News Group)

As many fans expected, Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfielder Cody Bellinger has been named the 2019 Rawlings National League Gold Glove award winner for right field.

The individual awards for every position in each league were announced Sunday evening on the MLB Network.

Bellinger is the first Dodger to win a Gold Glove since Zack Greinke in 2015 and the first Dodger outfielder to win the award since Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp both won in 2011. He joins Ethier (2011), Kemp (2011), Steve Finley (2004), Raul Mondesi (1995, 1997), Dusty Baker (1981), Willie Davis (1971-1973) and Wally Moon (1960) as the only Dodgers’ outfielders to receive the award since its inception in 1957.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty cool to me. I’ve always wanted the gold logo on my glove,” Bellinger told Bill Plunkett of the OC Register after being named winner. “I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was really happy about this.”

In his third season with the Dodgers, the 24-year-old Bellinger led all National League right fielders with a .990 fielding percentage, making just two errors in 210 chances. He was among the National League right field leaders in innings played (911.1, 7th), assists (10, 2nd), Ultimate Zone Rating (9.5, 2nd), range runs or RngR (5.6, 2nd), Ultimate Zone Rating per 150 games (15.3, 1st) and Defensive Runs Saved (19, 1st).

For the year, he was among all NL outfield leaders in assists (10, T-4th), fielding percentage (.988, 11th), RngR (6.2, 5th), UZR (10.3, 2nd), UZR/150 (13.7, 2nd) and innings played (1082.0, 16th). Among all NL outfielders, he finished tied for second in the majors with San Diego’s Hunter Renfroe in defensive runs saved by an outfielder (22), finishing just behind Washington’s Victor Robles (24).

Over the course of the entire 2019 season, Bellinger appeared in 115 games in right field, 25 games in center field and 36 games at first base.

To determine winners of the Gold Glove award, each manager and up to six coaches on his staff vote from a pool of qualified players in their league and cannot vote for players on their own team. In 2013, Rawlings added a sabermetric component to the award selection process, as part of its collaboration with the society for American Baseball Research (SABR). The SABR Defensive Index comprises approximately 25 percent of the overall selection total, with the managers and coaches; vote to carry the majority.

To be eligible for the award, position players must have played in the field for at least 713 total innings through his team’s 142nd game—this equates to playing in the field for approximately 7.5 innings per game in approximately 67% of his team’s games by his team’s 142nd game.

Position players with at least 713 total innings played qualify at the specific position where he played the most innings.

Qualified pitchers must have pitched in at least 142 innings by his team’s 142nd game.

Qualified catchers must have played in at least half of his team’s games by his team’s 142nd game.

2019 American League Winners

  • 1B Matt Olson (Oakland Athletics) 2x Winner
  • 2B Yolmer Sanchez (Chicago White Sox) 1x Winner
  • SS Francisco Lindor (Cleveland Indians) 2x Winner
  • 3B Matt Chapman (Oakland Athletics) 2x Winner
  • LF Alex Gordon (Kansas City Royals) 7x Winner
  • CF Kevin Kiermaier (Tampa Bay Rays) 3x Winner
  • RF Mookie Betts (Boston Red Sox) 4x Winner
  • C Roberto Perez (Cleveland Indians) 1x Winner
  • P Mike Leake (Seattle Mariners/Arizona Diamondbacks) 1x Winner

2019 National League Winners

  • 1B Anthony Rizzo (Chicago Cubs) 3x Winner
  • 2B Kolten Wong (St. Louis Cardinals) 1x Winner
  • SS Nick Ahmed (Arizona Diamondbacks) 2x Winner
  • 3B Nolan Arenado (Colorado Rockies) 7x Winner
  • LF David Peralta (Arizona Diamondbacks) 1x Winner
  • CF Lorenzo Cain (Milwaukee Brewers) 1x Winner
  • RF Cody Bellinger (Los Angeles Dodgers) 1x Winner
  • C J.T Realmuto (Philadelphia Phillies) 1x Winner
  • P Zack Greinke (Arizona Diamondbacks/Houston Astros) 6x Winner

(Juan Dorado provided some information furnished in this report)


22 thoughts on “Cody Bellinger Snags First-Career Gold Glove Award

  1. He could have easily snagged it for any position he played. He was great everywhere. 1st, CF and in right. The guy is amazing.


  2. So bear, do you still think bellinger should have been playing 1st base, you were pretty adamant last spring.
    I thought it was time to poke the bear a little bit, couldn’t help myself😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Keith. I think you should play your player at his best defensive position. Scoop disagrees and that’s fine, but my take always has been that a guy like Bellinger, who is a far superior first baseman to anyone else they put over there all year,is going to save a lot of errors from way ward throws by the infielders. He is a better target than anyone else. And besides, they are loaded with VERY GOOD outfielders as it is. Verdugo did a fine job in CF, and in RF and Pollock and Pederson did well in left.


    1. If 1b was all that important defensively it would be reflected in the sabermetrics. It isn’t. Bellinger went from 0.2 dWAR TO 1.9 dWAR by shifting to the outfield. Can’t argue. Can’t. He went from just another first baseman to a Gold Glove right fielder. Can’t argue that. Can’t. Dick Stuart played first base. Roberto Clemente played right field. Brick Glove. Gold Glove. I believe that says it all.

      Which team got the biggest bang for its buck this year? Wasn’t us, though we finished higher than I would have guessed. We were 5th. Houston was first. The 4 teams in front of us were all American League teams. They used numbers in their methodology, so 46% of fans probably won’t believe, or understand it. Yordan Alvarez has a net worth of $29.3 million. Couldn’t find Josh Fields. After he was released by the Nashville Sounds he was last seen on a flight to the Azores.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Scoop you are quoting that saber metric geek speak to me again ol buddy. I understand I really do, but unfortunately I don’t care! LOL…..+The Dodgers have traditionally had very good first basemen. Hodges, Parker, Garvey all good glove men at 1st. Even Gonzalez was better than average. I hated having to watch Pederson flounder over there, and Muncy is ok, but so many balls got by him that Freese or Belli would have had. Just my opinion, which means bupkis of course. You have bought in to all this stuff, I have not.


      2. Drill baby drill. If Muncy was just put there as our everyday first baseman he’d figure it out. His problem is they keep moving him around. Stop it already.

        It’s math Bear. It’s used everywhere now. They got algorithms from choosing baby sitters to what shampoo to use. What they don’t have here is an easy algorithm for staying logged in. I was online chatting with a guy at WordPress who told me it was the cookies in my browser. My browser cookies are unlocked so it should work, and actually does on occasion. There appears to be no rithm to my algo cookies.

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  3. When you have no DH in the NL, teams like the dodgers have to trade those, all hit, no Glove prospects. Where would the dodgers have played him if they had kept him?


  4. I was never good at math. I did great in arithmetic. Muncy is a decent player and yeah they move him around too much, but that is by design. And if they decide to really go after a SS or third baseman, Muncy will be moving again because Turner will head over there. Wheeler is going to get a QO from the Mets.


  5. Wheeler should take the QO if it’s offered, it’s more money than he’s worth, and he’ll be unrestricted next season.

    It’s fun to poke the bear every once in awhile, as long as you don’t get bit😀


  6. I know all you guys want Lux in every day, but if they move Turner to first, I would like to see Muncy at second, and Lux used like Taylor, in a utility position, at least for next season.


    1. That will not work Keith. First off, he will still be a rookie, second, he is no where near as versatile as Taylor. He pretty much can play SS and 2nd and that’s it. Taylor can play all the infield position’s except 1st and all 3 outfield spots. Lux is no utility player. Poking this Bear will get you bit.


    1. I’d give Wheeler money today but not to Morrow.

      see what I did there

      Keith I think the Dodgers would offer Wheeler considerably more money than the QO would give. He’s only 30 (next May) coming off 182 and 195 inning and 4+ WAR years. That’s worth …. 4 and 88. (pulled that out of the blank space in my head). The Dodgers will give noise to Cole and Strasburg and then offer a substantial contract to Wheeler. Prior will add 10% to his spin rate and he will win over 50 games and put over 20 WAR for the Dodgers.

      Scoopadamus has spoken.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Well, you can forget them going after Will Smith, he was one of 10 players who got a QO, so that means a draft pick. Giants laid that on the Mad Bum too. Abreu, Cole, Donaldson, Odorizzi, Ozuna, Rendon, Strasburg and Wheeler are the other 8. Martinez not opting out, so the Sox will probably be trying to move Betts and Bradley. Phillies cut ties with 8 players, 7 of them pitchers. Angels declined Calhoun’s option, Cubs cut former Dodger Allen Webster, Twins cut lefty Martin Perez, A’s claimed McFarland from the D-Backs, Julio Tehran and Hamilton options declined by the Braves. And the Indians cut 4 pitchers from their staff adding to the free agent pool.


    1. Smith just went from $4 million to nearly $18 million. I’m thinking he will take it. I doubt many of the others do. There is a lot of money to be made on the free agent market. I’d give the draft pick for most of those guys but we only need 1 of them.


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