Corey Seager Named NL Player of the Week


The 2016 Rookie of the Year is peaking at the right time. Corey Seager has been named NL Player of the Week for the week ending September 21st. The announcement was made earlier today on MLB Network.

Seager earned his first NL Player of the Week Award and is the third Dodger winner this season, following his All-Star teammates Cody Bellinger who won on April 7, and Hyun-Jin Ryu who won on April 13. In recognition of his Player of the Week award, Corey Seager will be awarded with a specially engraved watch courtesy of Artinian.

To earn the Player of the Week honor, Seager batted .500 (10-for-20) with five runs scored, two doubles, a triple, two home runs, seven RBI and a 1.000 slugging percentage over five games played.

Corey has a hit in each game during his award-winning week and enters play today in the midst of an eight-game hitting streak, dating back to September 13. He’s also recorded two hits and a run scored in each of his previous five games since Tuesday, and is tied for the 10th longest such streak in franchise history, and the longest since Dee Gordon’s five game streak in 2014.

The lefty shortstop hit his 18th home run of the season in yesterday’s contest against the Colorado Rockies, leading the Dodgers to their 100th win of the season.  Los Angeles has now reached the 100-win milestone twice in the last three seasons (also 2017) and is on pace to enter the Postseason with the best record in the National League.

On the season, Seager is slashing .273/363/.490/.814 with 18 homers and 41 doubles. He has two home runs in his last three games, and is batting .481 over his last seven contests.

Seager has been hindered by injury this season, but seems to be hitting his stride just in time to lead the Dodgers through the playoffs.

9 thoughts on “Corey Seager Named NL Player of the Week

  1. Corey is starting to look like the Seager we have come to rely on and love. He is hitting the ball solidly and often to the other field. He still has a tendency to chase the low ball that he cannot hit, but other than that, he looks good in the field and at bat. I am hoping Beaty can hit another dinger and give the Dodgers another player in double digits. Seager only needs 2 to give them another 20 homer guy, and Turner needs 3 to add another 30 homer hitter to the mix. I doubt Cody gets to 50. He is still swinging at too many bad pitches. We can use Ryu as the DH if we get to the series.

  2. Is that 2 articles today Andy? I guess you’re gearing up for the post season as well! A little different feel to this last week than last year! is it better to go into the playoffs rested and getting healthy or tested and focused till the very end? We’ll see this October. A lot of guys need to turn it on!

  3. This is the second time this year that Seager has rounded into shape and has been the Seager we all know and love. Last time he did this he got hurt (can’t remember, was it a hamstring?) and had to start all over again. Hopefully he now makes it through the playoffs healthy so we can take advantage of the player he truly is.
    He should probably be moved back into the second hole in the batting order for the playoffs, depending on the pitcher and whether JT is playing. Otherwise, maybe third, but no lower.

  4. Ned Yost of the Royals announced his retirement today. So 2 openings in the majors so far, with Bochy leaving, that makes 3 new managers next season. Maddon, Kapler, on the hot seat. I think Lovullo could be too. Mattingly a 2 year extension for less money. He will make 2 million this year. Friedman has not gotten an extension yet either. But that is probably just a formality. It doesn’t look like Andy is going to hire a GM. I think he relishes the dual role. And a fond farewell to Ned Colletti who is going to be the GM of the San Jose Sharks of the NHL. Ned in my opinion was a lot better GM than some painted him to be. His and Logan White’s imprint is on the team that is on the field now. He labored under McDuck, so he was hampered by a lousy owner and still made some good deals. He had less success on the free agent side. Schmidt and Jones being the main culprits, but he was the bringer of Mannywood. No Dodger has ever had a two month stretch like that. So thank you Ned for some exciting times. You did not win it all, but Dodger baseball was always fun while you were running things.

    1. I would bet a lot of money that Maddon is gone. The only way he could have saved his job was to make it to the WS. I think Theo wants to get rid of him and this finish will make that pretty easy, even though Theo might be more at fault than Joe, not to mention injuries. Maddon will manage in 2020, just a matter of where it will be.
      Kapler is probably gone. Injuries played a big role there also, but he is developing a reputation for some bad baseball decisions and a lack of disciplining his players.
      I don’t see any way in the world that Lovullo is fired. They got rid of Corbin, Goldschmidt and Pollock, and later in the year Greinke, arguably 4 of their 5 best players. This was supposed to be a regrouping year and they almost made the playoffs. Lovullo looks very safe to me.
      I read that Ned was going to be a scout for the Sharks. Is he actually going to be the GM? Anyway, I agree with you Bear that he did a decent job here. I also think he did a very nice job on the pre/post game Dodger telecasts (for the four of us who can actually see them). Good luck Ned.

      1. You are right, he is going to scout for them. My bad. I am not so sure about Lovullo. But you are probably right. Prior to getting extended I thought for sure that Mattingly was on his way out. I read somewhere that there could be as many as 10 new managers. I think they were including Hurdle in Pittsburgh and the Mariners skipper. The names being mentioned as possible for the Padres are all older guys like Maddon, Scioscia, and even Bochy. That would be bucking the trend over the last couple of years to guys with no MLB experience in the job.

  5. This could definitely be the biggest managerial turnover in years. I’d be shocked if Hurdle is back next year and yes, it’s probably time for a change in Seattle. Other possibilities include the Mets (BVW probably wants his own guy), the Tigers (although I think Gardenhire has a year left on his contract, they’ve been so bad the GM might want to fire him so that people wouldn’t realize the GM is actually the one who should be fired). Then we have Bud Black at Colorado whose contract is technically up this year but the team has an option. I’m guessing he probably stays because the team did well last year but again the GM might make a change to take pressure off himself. Other lesser possibilities include Bell with the Reds and Ausmus with the Angels although they’re more safe since this was the first year for both. And Renteria with the White Sox isn’t totally safe either. They might do what the Cubs did to him and go out and get a big name in the hopes that would get them to the playoffs quicker.

    1. Looks like I was wrong about the Cubs.

      It’s my opinion some underestimate Mattingly. He might be the right guy for that manager rebuild. He and Jeter will do it the Yankee way….. without Yankee money maybe. How long can that franchise stay there? Aren’t they perfect for Montreal?

      I’d be looking at the younger guys who want to manage. Guys like Roberts and Kapler. I haven’t studied up who that might be, but there must be some baseball McVay’s out there. Somebody yesterday threw out Maddon in San Diego. That could work. I think Black will stay where he is but only if he really wants to. Colorado has always been an oddity. It’s like playing baseball on a different planet. I remember Dodger prospects putting up Ruthian numbers in Albuquerque then coming to LA and being more like Aunt Ruth than Babe Ruth. Mike Marshall and Greg Brock come to mind.

      Why can’t the Angels win? They got plenty of money to build with. They draw well. No excuse for them to not beat the A’s every year.

      1. Now that the Angels have Trout long term, Ohtani and the kid outfield prospect Jo Adell who shouldn’t be more than a year or two away, they have the foundation to be good for a long while. They need to do whatever they have to and sign and/or trade for some very good starting pitching this winter. Their pitchers seem to be cursed. Maybe they need to be the ones to grab Maddon when the Cubs get rid of him. He has a long history in Anaheim and maybe the right personality to put everything together for them.

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