Dodgers Injury Notes: Hill, Muncy, Turner, Verdugo & More


The Dodgers have clinched their division, and now are just working on preparing for the postseason. The most important thing they can do now, is get and stay healthy.

The good news is that the Dodgers have a couple key players returning in the next few days. On Thursday, starting pitcher Rich Hill will return to the mound. The veteran left hander hasn’t pitched in a major league game since June 19, when he went on the Injured List with a left forearm strain. The team designated Jaime Schultz for assignment in the corresponding move.

Hill is scheduled to pitch two innings in the first of four scheduled starts before the postseason. Whether or not Hill can regain form to be a starting pitcher in the postseason remains to be seen. The Dodgers could go with a three-man rotation in the five game NLDS, or better yet sweep their first round opponent. That would leave time for Hill to work up to being able to go further into a game in the next two series. The Dodgers do however have the depth to have Hill piggy back with another long reliever like Julio Urias, Ross Stripling or Dustin May, depending on which pitchers make the postseason roster.

The other piece of good news is that Max Muncy will be flying to New York tonight to join the team, and be activated to play tomorrow. Muncy was hit on the wrist by a pitch on August 28th, and has been rehabbing in Arizona.

“He has been hitting live pitching, as I heard, he had three homers today” Manager Dave Roberts told SportsNetLA. “So I don’t know how many at-bats he took, but that’s obviously a good sign. Looking forward to getting him back”.

The still kinda stagnant offense could use a jump start, especially against a team in the Mets that is on a roll, and will feature their best pitchers including Jacob deGrom.

On the other side, Justin Turner was scheduled to have an MRI on Thursday to see if there indeed was anything wrong with his left ankle. He had previously had an X-ray on it that was inconclusive. He’s missed three games out of the utmost precaution. Turner is not in tonight’s lineup. The MRI revealed a mild strain, but Roberts has not yet ruled out a return in New York this weekend.

There still is no timetable for the return of outfielder Alex Verdugo. He has been on the IL since August, first with an oblique strain, and then with a back injury sustained on a rehab assignment. He has been shut down as his injury is not progressing towards healing as the Dodgers would like. It now seems unlikely that Verdugo would be back in time for the NLDS, which starts three weeks from today.

In other news, Kenley Jansen was named the Dodgers’ nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award. This award annually recognizes one player from each club that best represents the game of baseball through extraordinary character, community involvement, philanthropy and positive contributions both on and off the field. He will be recognized in a pre-game ceremony on the field on September 18th, which is also the 18th annual Roberto Clemente Day.

The Dodgers look to take the series from the Baltimore Orioles this evening. Rich Hill will take the mound for the Dodgers, and Dylan Bundy will go for the Orioles. Game time will be 4:15 PDT.


17 thoughts on “Dodgers Injury Notes: Hill, Muncy, Turner, Verdugo & More

  1. That was a gift. Bundy was out of that inning with the game tied.

    Hill is likely done. Hope not. He would make a nice post season LOOGY.

    Looks like Lux has decent warning track power.

    Taylor. Yoiks. 1 for 16. 6 Ks.

    Bellinger. 5 for 22. 5 Ks.

    In the last 2 we used 14 bullpen pitchers to squeak out 1 win. 15 if you count Hill. And I do. Against the Orioles. Gulp.

    The good news. Turner should be ok by the time the playoffs roll around, Muncy is coming back and the Braves lost. Yankees 2 games up and we are tied with Houston. The next 5 will be a test. NY and Tampa aren’t the Orioles. Atlanta finishes with 6 on the road too. Against KC and the Mets.

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    1. I honestly believe that Hill has thrown his last inning as a Dodger. Strained MCI, even if he were to make it back for the playoffs how effective would he be? He did a decent job since he came aver from the A’s, but was he worth the money he got? Injury prone and old. A bad combo. Thanks Dick Mountain, if nothing else you were entertaining to watch. HR ball bites LA again. I had never seen a play like that where 2 runners scored on a strikeout. Bundy was so stunned he did not cover home. Belli still not showing any power the last couple of weeks. Taylor in a little slump. Hopefully Max can instill a little life in the offense. I think the heavy air from the storm on the east coast cut down a couple of those fly balls. Lux’s shot for sure and probably Pollock’s blast off of the wall as well.

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      1. He was good for a few months each year, but what could be expected from a 37 year old starter with a history like his? Did he earn his $48 million? Debatable. The new $/WAR says $8 million per. He put up 4.7 fWAR in the 3 years, so by that formula, no. You and I know one Dodger fan that would argue that to his last breath.

        Yeah, that was a weird inning. Bundy was errorshocked. You expect things like to happen in MABL, but not in MLB. Heck, the Little Leaguers we see every summer are better than that.

        So…. Gonsolin steps in at #4. Heck he might move up another step on the ladder if Ryu doesn’t pull it together. As you may have noticed from my posts, this pitching staff is giving me a late season case of the heebie-jeebies. And when was the last time you heard that term? I’m old. I’m reminded of that at some point every day. This is that point today.

        But…. I benched 200 pounds this morning.

        No I didn’t. I made that up.

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  2. I’ll be interested to see how we play against the Mets this weekend. This an important series for them as they continue their quest for a wildcard spot. Let’s see if our guys will play better when the games mean more (even though they really don’t mean any more to us than the Orioles games did). Ryu’s start will also be important to watch as we continue to see our great starters fall by the wayside. Will we have any concerns when Doc names Gonsolin as his starter in game 1 of the first playoff series? Should be an interesting three days.
    I just read where Vazquez threw the first punch in the fight with Crick a couple of days ago. He may have just punched his way out of any chance of coming to L.A. Stuff like that doesn’t sit well with our front office.


    1. “In a way I think a scuffle like that can hasten the process of moving forward because we kind of got it out of the way,” Crick said. “We’ve been bickering for a little bit and I think this is something that we can easily get past with mutual respect for one another.”

      Tensions have been running high in that dugout, and clubhouse, all season. Maybe it’s the culture created by Hurdle. Perhaps what Vazquez needs is a more cohesive clan. I’d do him a huge favor and get him out of that negative environment. Who do we have that would be a fit in that dog pound? How about Jeren Kendall, Yadier Alvarez, and Josh Sborz? No? Edwin Rios, DJ Peters, Omar Estevez. Still no? Sterling Heredia, Tucker Cain and Felipe Ruiz.

      Admit it. You don’t know those last 2 guys. They work in the Dodger front office. Just trying to work a deal here.


      1. Yes he was, but now he is a fragile old man! And in my humble opinion, he was never worth what they have paid him even as entertaining as he is. Dr moved my surgery to an earlier time, which is fine with me.


      2. I agree with that Bear. He was on the DL when he got here. He only pitched 34 innings from August to October. 3 top prospects for that? Oh wait. We got Reddick too. He OPSd .643 for us. Whoopee.

        What surgery? I’m having dental surgery in two weeks. We’re old men too. Wonder if we can get $48 million from somebody.

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      1. I think we’ll have to start referring to TBPC as the “hidden gem”. You have to know someone to get in.
        Knock on the website and tell them “Scoop sent me”.


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