Dodgers 25-Man Roster: What Lies Ahead for Matt Beaty?

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Conceivably, the next eight weeks may be an audition of sorts to determine which players the Dodgers carry on their first-round playoff roster.

Yesterday, we discussed the potential returns of Chris Taylor, Enrique Hernandez, David Freese and Jedd Gyorko from injury, but what we didn’t talk about was how the team would make room for everyone in the postseason.

Although the rules will change in 2020, after September 1 of this year, MLB rosters will expand to allow any player on the 40-man to join the team’s active roster for the remainder of the regular season. At this point, the tryouts for the Dodgers’ NLDS roster will kick into high gear.

One player who figures to be in the mix is utility man Matt Beaty.

The fact that he hits from the left side of the plate and he can handle multiple positions defensively certainly boosts his chances of playing in October. And, his clutch offensive performances and late-game heroics this season have shown that he can produce even in the extremely high-intensity situations.

Yet, if everyone has a full bill of health come playoff time, there simply will not be enough room for every player deserving of a spot.

There’s not much sense it debating it now, but there’s a good chance that Taylor, Hernandez and Freese will be playing in the post-season if they’re 100% fit for duty. And, it’s probably safe to say that Tyler White and Kristopher Negron will be out. Even with one less starting pitcher, it still will leave the team in a crunch when it comes to roster selection. Hypothetically, anything can happen over the next eight weeks, but there will definitely be some long debates by management and the coaching staff before the beginning of the postseason.

We mentioned that Beaty hits left-handed, and while the Dodgers definitely need lefty hitters off the bench, they already have a slew of lefty sluggers who are on the field regularly—Cody Bellinger, Max Muncy, Alex Verdugo, Corey Seager and Joc Pederson, thus the need to grab Negron and White.

Among fans, there have already been debates as to who is a better roster option—Pederson or Beaty. Both have near identical OPS numbers, although Pederson’s sample size is much larger. Pederson is certainly stronger in the power department, but what sets Beaty apart from many of his teammates is his ability to hit in the clutch.

In 41 plate appearances with runners in scoring position this season, Beaty has hit .450 (15-for-37) with three long balls, three doubles and a monstrous 23 RBI. Those RISP numbers translate into an impressive 1.193 OPS. What’s more, all three of those homers have come in the 7th or later when the Dodgers were tied, ahead by one, or the tying run at least on deck.

Even his overall numbers aren’t too shabby for a super-utility type of player. Through 146 PA over 53 games, the 26-year-old Georgia native is hitting .291 with five jacks, 13 doubles, 27 RBI and a .804 OPS. Without a doubt, he has definitely made the most of his opportunities. If he was on 80% of the other clubs across the majors, there wouldn’t be a debate about him being on the field everyday—not bad for a player who wasn’t even on the big league radar at the beginning of the season.

If there’s one problem with Beaty, it’s his inability to successfully handle southpaw pitching. His MLB sample size is small, but in 20 AB this year he has just three hits—none for extra bases—and one RBI. Last year at Triple-A OKC, he hit just .192 against opposing left-handed pitchers.

In the end, there will be a multitude of factors that decide which players the Dodgers carry on the postseason rosters. But, in the meantime, Beaty will have an adequate number of chances to further prove that he belongs.


33 thoughts on “Dodgers 25-Man Roster: What Lies Ahead for Matt Beaty?

  1. I know Joc is really struggling right now. He looks so off balanced at the plate. Like he’s back on his heels and leaning backwards when he swings. He needs to turn it around to make the playoff roster. But the thing with JOC is that he’s produced in the post season. He’s not afraid of the big moment and seems to relish in it. So if he can get back on track and start producing again he makes the post season over Beaty in my book

  2. Assuming that Beaty stays with the team through August and September, I think that will give us a decent sample size to rate him against Joc. I agree that to have both of them on the post season roster is probably too much duplication. Joc is probably the better outfielder but Matt is more versatile. All things being equal, Joc will probably get the call because of his past experience/success in the playoffs, but Beaty is building quite the reputation for hitting with RISP during the regular season and, of course, hasn’t had a chance to prove himself in the post season. The next two months will help make that decision a little easier, one way or the other.

    1. I am wondering who is going down when they activate Gyorko. Strip threw a bullpen yesterday and is going out on a re-hab assignment. So Gonsolin’s stay will most likely be a short one. As for Beaty, no matter what happens I think he is a keeper. He relishes the big spotlight and frankly, next to Smith, he has done very well in those cases.

  3. Belli and Turner not in the lineup today. Pederson, Verdugo, Seager, Muncy, Pollock, Beaty, Negron, Martin, Maeda, don’t panic, Beaty is playing 1st. Injury update. Roberts said that both Taylor and Hernandez are swinging the bat. Dry swings only and that both could be on a re-hab assignment by next weekend. Stripling is going to throw 2 innings this week. Ryu will only miss 1 start and be re-activated. Gyorko is at Tulsa and will be there until he gets 50 or so at bats. Freese will most likely be activated September 1. They want him to be ready and healthy for a playoff run.

  4. Maeda has not won a game since May. His Achilles heel is HR’s and lately he has not been able to hold leads. They give him 3 runs and he immediately gives up the lead. Garcia not much better. Right now I think they should pull Maeda out of the rotation and put Urias in. They have Strip coming back so he will fill one of the spots. I trust him a lot more than I do Maeda. This ump today has a very wide zone. Maeda missed getting the call on a low pitch and that was the end of that, He could not find the zone after that.

    1. Justin Turner, Chris Taylor and Max Muncy were all zeroes at the plate until they joined the Dodgers. If Kris “Absolute Zero” Negron keeps hitting, someone’s going to have to check what they’re putting in the water cooler.

      1. Small sample size but he does remind me somewhat of CT3. His AAA stats for the past three years have been very nice, but he is 33 years old. Let’s hope he can continue to translate those AAA stats to the big show.

      2. Big difference is age. Negron is no kid. Taylor, Muncy and Turner all coming into their own after they came here. Turner had better stats than the other two. But, they had different mentors as hitting coaches. And Negron has been working with VanScoyok maybe a week.

  5. I agree bear. Maeda has pitched himself out of the rotation. If Hill is coming back and can pitch in the post season then I’d keep Urias in pen and give Maeda’s spot to either May or Gonzo

    1. Pretty sure Gonsolin is here to take the one start that Ryu is going to miss, then it is back to OKC. Not a problem in my mind. Maeda has been more effective out of the pen than in the rotation. I believe he has a different mind set and attacks the zone when he comes out of the pen. As a starter lately, he is not trusting his fastball as he should. In this game as soon as he got in trouble he started to nibble at the corners and was missing badly.

  6. Dodger pitchers just cannot seem to hold onto leads. His own error leads to 2 runs for the Padres. Urias not really on the beam today. Kelly gets out of the jam. This one not on the offense. AF is starting to look like a genius . 2 of the relievers traded the other day landed on the IL today, Elias and Dyson. And Greene who was also picked up at the deadline blew a game for the Braves today and got the loss. Dodgers do have 3 homers today, but they are also hitting a lot of lazy fly balls. Joc is now 0 for his last 24. Boy needs to get busy and get some hits. Only plus is that his outs have been hit to left.

  7. Can we please put it a fork in Garcia and Chargois. These guys cannot help us in playoffs. They’ve proved that! Let’s try somebody else!

    1. Who would you suggest Rich? There is no one at AAA. They cannot make any trades except for guys on a minor league deal. They can get guys off of the trash heap that is the waiver wire. The are pretty well stuck with what they have. And Garcia gave up only one when Urias was the guy who could not hold the lead. Quackenbush is their most reliable AAA option, and at times in his career he has been pretty good. At they point they all just need to be a lot better than they have been.

  8. The two guys they were grooming to be closers down at AAA have not performed that well. Broussard who has some serious stuff has been very mediocre. Allie the converted outfielder who can touch 100 has been pretty abysmal too. Quackenbush has 9 saves. No one else is close.

  9. I’d like to see Gonzo in pen down the stretch and see if could be a piece in October. Muncy!!!!! Now that’s a way to break out of a slump!!!!!!

    1. I have no problem finding out what May and Gonsolin might be able to contribute but they’re very young and inexperienced at this point. Although Yimi and Chargois have certainly frustrated us and their results haven’t been very good, their actual pitching has been better than the results. Yimi seems to pitch well every time out until he gives up the homer and Chargois has great stuff which he usually can’t control. Oh well. One guy on the farm to keep an eye on is 23 yr old lefty Victor Gonzalez. He’s gone from RC to Tulsa to OKC this year and has been very effective out of the pen. There again, a lack of experience might make it very hard to give him a spot on a playoff roster.

    2. I doubt they put a rookie in that position. He will get some chances in September I would think. But they want him developed as a starter. They are not putting what you might want there Rich. They will do what they feel is right for the team. I also have to eat some crow right now, I did not think Muncy would ever come close to repeating what he did last year. He has performed much better than I thought he would. Nice to see Martin actually contributing to the offense.

  10. I would like them to bring Logan Salow and Marshall Kasowski up to see what you have with them. Everyone else has been given a shot and they are both having very good years. Salow is death on lefties.

    1. can’t do that without roster moves. Neither is on the 40 man and that kind of restricts things. Just found out I am a great grandpa…wow…

      1. Congrats Bear! I think you and I are about the same age but my grandkids are only 4 and 7. I’m not going to be a great grandpa anytime soon.

      2. I just turned 71. My granddaughters are both in their 20’s as is my grandson. But I expected the oldest to have kids first. My grandkids are all grown except two that are both 11 years old.

      3. I’m 72 but obviously your kids got started with their families a lot earlier than mine did. Anyway, with the way the world is going, it’s great to have something to celebrate.

  11. Now if we could only do something positive about that Bullpen, life would be so much easier.

  12. Wow, 2 more Yankees went down to injury. Talk about bad luck. When they come to LA later this month they are going to be the walking wounded. Torres got hurt today, Sanchez is out, Hicks is out, Voit is out. Wow….Zack Godley being DFA’d by the D-Backs…

  13. I told you the Yankees would be good. If they get healthy they will give the Astros a run. Yeah, yeah, starting pitching. They can bludgeon pitching so all they need is mediocre starters.

    Gyorko, Freese, Hernandez and Taylor are all targeted for post season. So is Stripling. The rest of those guys are flotsam and jetsam. The plan has ALWAYS been get through August, stay loose in early September, then peak going into the playoffs. Will it be enough? Maybe. Not if NY and Houston do the same thing and end up with more wins. Most thought we needed bullpen help. Friedman didn’t get it. If Hill gets back, he, Maeda and Stripling might be enough. As of now, Atlanta is our closest NL rival. That could change, but I don’t expect it to. My guess is LA and Houston and whoever has home field will be favored.

  14. That’s Yankee-Astros series will be one for the ages if Yanks get healthy! Hopefully they beat each other up by the time they get to us!

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