Dodgers Snag Pair of Infielders with First Two Selections of 2019 Player Draft

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The Dodgers on Monday evening announced their first two selections in the 2019 MLB draft, picking Tulane University third baseman Kody Hoese with their first pick (25th overall) and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill second baseman Michael Busch with their second selection of the first round (31st overall).

In 2019, Hoese started all 58 games for the Green Wave, posting a slash line of .391/.486/.779 and slugging 23 home runs while recording 61 RBI. The right-handed hitter also demonstrated solid plate discipline in 2019, walking 39 times compared to just 34 strikeouts.

“Kody’s a guy we earmarked coming out of the fall that we really thought took a jump in both ability and performance. He’s an athletic 6-4, lean-bodied third baseman who we think is a plus defender,” said Dodger Amateur Scouting Director Billy Gasparino. “We thought the power was going to be there, and then he went out and almost hit .400 with over 20 home runs and really showed us that he was a dynamic hitter that can hit with power.”

Hoese, who was scouted by Dodgers’ area scout Benny Latino, was named a Collegiate Baseball First-Team All-American in addition to earning American Athletic Conference Player of the Year honors. The Griffith, Indiana native’s impressive work in 2019 also made him the single-season conference record-holder for home runs, total bases, slugging percentage and runs scored.

Six picks later, the Dodgers added another impact bat in University of North Carolina’s Michael Busch with the 31st overall selection. Busch started all 126 games for the Tar Heels over the past two seasons, hitting .304 with 29 home runs and 120 RBI over that stretch while earning All-ACC honors both years.

In 2019, the junior from Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota launched 16 home runs while playing multiple positions in the infield and the outfield. The left-handed hitter, who was scouted by Dodgers’ scout Jonah Rosenthal, was also impressive during his stint using wood bats in the Cape Cod League during the summer of 2018, where he posted a .322 batting average and earned All-Cape Cod League honors with the Chatham Anglers.

“Michael is a guy who we thought was one of the better bats in the Cape, both in terms of performance and swing, as well as overall defensive versatility,” Gasparino added. “He’s been a staple in the UNC program. They rave about his makeup and his character, and we’re excited to add him to our organization.”

The draft continues on Tuesday with rounds 3-10 starting at 10:00 a.m. Pacific and rounds 11-40 on Wednesday.

(The Dodgers’ PR crew furnished some information provided in this report)


21 thoughts on “Dodgers Snag Pair of Infielders with First Two Selections of 2019 Player Draft

  1. They also picked a 6’6” Texas high school pitcher Jimmy Lewis who touches 95. He committed to LSU, and was rated as high as 31 on some boards. Fangraphs had him at 42 and some figured the Rangers would grab him at 41. Hope he signs.

  2. Urias will not be charged in his domestic abuse case. Herrera of the Phils looks to be a different scenario. His admin leave was extended by the league. Pretty decent chance he gets charged. Domestic abuse is a huge problem and athletes get caught up in it too.

    1. Is Urías a bullpen guy? I guess his overall numbers are ok, but his last 3 outings – 5 innings 4 earned runs, with an OPS against over 1.000. Those are malodorous begonia numbers there. Maybe the trouble hanging over his head effected him.

      There will be LH bullpen guys coming available soon. Pick some and make an offer.

      1. They are already piling up. Rosscup became a free agent the other day.

  3. He’s not left handed but we just drafted a reliever from Eastern Kentucky who had something like a 16k/9 strikeout ratio in the Cape Cod League this past summer. Remember the name Aaron Ochsenbein.

      1. Actually, the translation of his name from the German would be oxen leg. He might prefer ocean bean, however.

  4. Dodgers drafted a high school pitcher from Texas that throws serious heat. Hate to root against my Dodgers but I really hope he doesn’t sign and comes to LSU.

  5. As long as Ryu doesn’t completely blow up this month he will be the runaway obvious choice to start the all star game for the NL. I knew he was going to be good but who would have thought best pitcher in baseball good? Hitters can’t touch him. It’s a joy to watch him pitch. Always thinking, mixing pitches, changing speeds to go with Maddux-like control. He will be the very rare pitcher who is much bettter at the end of his career than the beginning, much like Rich Hill. This is why I’m not one bit afraid to sign him long term. Someone is going to pay #3 or 4 starter $money$ and get #1 starter production. I just hope it’s the Dodgers. If it means choosing between Hill at 40 or Ryu at 32 it’s really not even a decision.

  6. Nice win despite being very sloppy. Ryu is da MAN! 1.35 ERA now, 7 more shut out innings…extend the dude before he costs a lot more.

    1. No reason to even respond. When a mind is made up the door to it closes. Alex reminds me of my first wife. Hard to reason through a closed door.

      Got another bet for you. Ryu is on pace for 23 wins and 205 innings. Put your pecs where your mouth is…… 100 push-ups says he gets neither of those markers. Dodgers on pace for 110 wins. I doubt that happens too. Cody Bellinger on pace for 14.4 WAR. Yeah, that’ll happen.

      It’s early. This is a long season. These guys will need some time off, especially Ryu, especially in the heat of summer. I’m just hoping he is available for the playoffs.

      1. Someone’s a negative Nancy aren’t we? You’re one of those glass half empty guys aren’t you? The music screeches to a stop and the party ends when you show up.

    2. Hardly. I’m the guy that has been supporting the Dodgers strategy while several here, and around the blogosphere, have been bad mouthing the moves being made.

      As for the idea of extending a 32 year old pitcher in a contract year, an aging pitcher with a history of injury, I think it’s prudent to wait a while. If he’s still mowing them down in a couple months, then we can talk about it. To do it now is just plain dumb. Friedman knows better. There is plenty of time.

      I see you didn’t take me up on the bet. I thought you were a half full guy?

      We’re on the same side here. Just different takes on the strategicals.

  7. We’ll all I have to say it was a good thing we didn’t “pay” Wood for the first half of his 17! A lot of teams have extended their young stars. The Dodgers have not. I wonder if there was any attempts?

    1. Seems to me another pitcher of ours made the All Star team then disappeared. To repeat an old cliche, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. There is a lot yet to finish in this season.

  8. Alex you’re right about Ryu. He doesn’t rely on velocity and his stuff should play well into at least his mid thirties. But he still has to show he is an Ace in October and can he stay healthy. That’s the gamble.

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