Welcome to Our First Fan Giveaway of 2019

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First and foremost, happy New Year to all the readers out there!

To kick off 2019, we decided that there’s no better time to begin our first fan giveaway of the year. Up for grabs is a $100 gift card to Fanatics—the renowned online retailer who sells officially licensed everything for just about any sport imaginable.

In the past, all of our contest winners were selected at random, but this time around, there’s a little catch. You see, we need your help in designing a new logo for site.

Big changes are abound this year, and one of the first steps we’ll be taking is incorporating a new logo. Along with some new art, we’ll be exploring some format and layout changes, and to the delight of Scoop and Jeff D., we hopefully will be revamping the comment section to allow editing, which should facilitate the experience of all our beloved conversationalists.

Back to the logo. We really don’t have many specific guidelines, aside from the files needing to be submitted in a .png or .jpg format. The ideal size will be about 125 pixels in height and can vary from 300 to 750 pixels in length.

What we’re looking for specifically is a single piece of art that incorporates baseball, the Dodgers, and the name of our site.

The rules are quite simple—if we end up using your design for our site, you’re the winner. We’ll send you the card via the USPS, and we’ll even use tracking to make sure the delivery is safe and secure.

In the meantime, if you think you have an idea, but would like to know our thoughts about your design or some simple feedback to see if you’re on the right track, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at thinkbluepc@gmail.com.

Consequently, if you are not artistically inclined but know someone who is, this could be a great opportunity for a joint venture in hauling in some very awesome fan gear!

The contest will end at 11:59 PM EST on Thursday January 10, so that gives you almost 10 full days to create some brilliant art.

We look forward to many favorable responses!


17 thoughts on “Welcome to Our First Fan Giveaway of 2019

  1. Happy New Year Dennis and Andy. Thanks in advance for all the stuff you’re working on for 2019. Being neither artistically nor technologically inclined, I don’t expect to be entering the logo contest but because I’m not only a pot stirrer but also a nitpicker, could you please state what time zone the submission deadline is in. Since you have readers in a number of time zones a misunderstanding about the deadline could ultimately result in numerous fist fights which I’m sure you’ll agree we all want to avoid.

  2. I’ve got an idea for a logo.

    Picture this:

    A batter swinging. It is an uppercut, because of course it is. There is a point in his follow through where the position of his body and bat can simultaneously form the letters LA (for Los Angeles AND Launch Angle) and the letter K. With this alone we have 2 of the Three True Outcomes. For the third we have our catch phrase – “A walk in the park”, That works two ways…. the word walk is there. We got all 3. , Theres more. Since the Dodgers have an “all or nothing” approach at the plate, there is a slight chance our dummy, er, I mean our logo, has just launched one into the seats and he walks around the bases.

    Ok, it isn’t perfect. But it’s a start. I turn the concept over to committee.

    1. It’s perfect Scoop! And would you mind telling us exactly what you were drinking or smoking at the stroke of midnight last night?

      1. I was dreamin’ Jefe. I was in a bike race of some sort. Against two women. I came in 4th. Yellow ribbon. Had a difficult time with that one. I wonder if it’s a sign of things to come.

  3. I also am no Michelangelo. I cannot paint or sculpt, nor am I computer savvy. I just hope the winner has a design that makes it look like all who post here know what they are saying……

    1. You can kinda see it here:


      If the batter lets go with his top hand, and the goes straight up in the follow through, the right arm stays level creating the L. The legs and that swish of a low swing gives you the A. The K? It’s sort of there, with the bat arm and legs…. but like all my creative endeavors it still needs some work.

      “She is gone”……. “Swung on and missed, strike 3”…..

      1. Not bad Scoop. Should all of your friends here send you our lists of what we want you to buy for us with your winnings?

      2. Somebody can either improve on it or do better.

        If I win, take the money and buy an edit capability. And “recent posts”. Lattes and scones for the early risers.

        How come Jef stopped posting here. Did we piss him off? By we I mean me.

      3. Let’s face it, you’re always pissing somebody off Scoop. Jef is pretty active on the other site. I think he reads here but doesn’t post very often. Too bad, because he has some interesting stuff to say. Go back to that place you hate and drag him back over here.

      4. Well, I stir the pot too Jefe. The piss pot.

        I actually did burn the shitters many times in Vietnam. Talk about stirring the pot. Picking those things up, placing them on a mule and driving them outside the compound for burning was a lot of stirring the pot. More like splashing. Now why would I bring that up here? Is there anyone here who even knows what I’m talking about?

        I’m just thinking about something I hadn’t in years. The shitters were 55 gallon drums cut in half. We’d stack them on top of each other, pour diesel fuel on them, light it and while they burned, maybe 2 hours, we’d take batting practice using a stick and rocks. It got interesting when my buddy Foster would buzz my tower with high inside fastballs using rocks about the size of golf balls. I’d try to drive the next one back through the middle. Burning shitters wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Better than going on patrol.

      5. Well Scoop, even though I never went to Nam, I know exactly what you are talking about. We had the same thing in Korea. Difference was that there were Koreans who did all that. We called them honey pots. Those guys would haul them off on these carts and use the stuff as fertilizer for their fields. One reason I never ate any Korean produce. Germany was a lot more civilized. We heated our Quonset huts in Korea with diesel. We had houseboys who stayed up all night to make sure they did not go out. The bad thing was when they would cook their Kim chi on the stoves and the smell was enough to gag a maggot.

      6. As I recall we just dumped the the burned pots into a ditch and Seabee bulldozers covered them up. Everybody hated that duty but I didn’t mind it because a. we were not in combat and b. we were usually done by noon and had the rest of the day off. Anybody who did that smelled like shit for hours and were left completely alone until the following day. I appreciated not being f’d with if only for 24 hours. Plus, I got some batting practice in.

  4. Yankees signing Troy Tulowitzki. Dodgers officially announce signing of Peterson,, and Harper is meeting with the Phillies. At last….some movement.,

  5. Jefe, they signed anther one……minor league deal that it. Daniel Corcino re-signed to a minor league contract…you are on a roll buddy!

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