Dodgers Injury Notes: Turner, Baez, Puig, Urías & More

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Although the injury picture of the Dodgers isn’t quite as bad as it was earlier in the first-half of the year, there have been some instances recently when it has bitten the team in terms of performance, especially considering defensive play like that on Saturday evening at third base.

However, Justin Turner seems to be back on track and will most likely appear in the Los Angeles starting lineup in the finale at Milwaukee on Sunday. Turner has been battling problems with his right hip and hasn’t been in the squad’s starting lineup since July 11. The 33-year-old veteran says that he’s fine swinging the bat, but fielding ground balls created most of the discomfort. He appeared as a pinch-hitter in the eighth inning of Saturday night’s contest.

“I’m fine swinging. Took ground balls on Friday, felt pretty good,” Turner explained. “I can run to a certain point and keep it in control, but I hurt it on a check swing, and that’s probably the one box that is kind of hard to check off without taking an at-bat. Just trying to continue to keep progressing and go day by day.”

Furthermore, the club may be in store for another upgrade defensively with the return of right fielder Yasiel Puig, who conceivably could return in Atlanta when the Dodgers open a four-game set against the Braves on Thursday. Puig has been on the shelf since July 9 with a right oblique strain.

“Our goal is the Atlanta series,” manager Dave Roberts said ahead of Saturday’s contest in Milwaukee. “That’s the plan. Whether that stays the course depends on how he feels.”

Consequently, the bullpen may be in line for a few reinforcements sometime in the foreseeable future. as a trio of relievers—Pedro Baez, Josh Fields and Tony Cingrani—appear to be progressing in their respective recoveries.

Baez, who has been sidelined with tendinitis in his biceps since June 15, is farthest ahead of the group. The righty threw in another successful rehab appearance at Triple-A Oklahoma City on Saturday and may be activated for the series in Philadelphia, which begins on Monday.

“Baez was going up to 96,” Roberts added. “It felt good. We’re just going to continue to make sure he can go one-plus, potentially a back-to-back situation. At any point in time now, Pedro will be ready to join us.”

Baez’s prospective return comes during a time when the Dodgers are believed to be pursuing one or two relief additions, as the non-waiver trade deadline will hit its seven-day window at the beginning of the week.

Stephen Cohn of also reported that young southpaw Julio Urias has been throwing full steam ahead and, according to Roberts, will probably throw batting practice when the team arrives in Philadelphia.

“We’re encouraged, Hopefully he checks that box and continues to ramp up. When he’s active on an affiliate, I don’t know when that is, but this is a big step for him to face hitter.”


32 thoughts on “Dodgers Injury Notes: Turner, Baez, Puig, Urías & More

  1. Baez throwing 96. Fields and Cingrani are progressing. Urias will be ready early August. That’s 4 bullpen arms at the ready. Maybe we don’t need bullpen help at the deadline.

    Uh….. yeah, we do.

  2. 1. Chris Taylor (R) LF
    2. Manny Machado (R) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Max Muncy (L) 1B
    5. Matt Kemp (R) RF
    6. Enrique Hernandez (R) CF
    7. Logan Forsythe (R) 2B
    8. Austin Barnes (R) C
    9. Alex Wood (R) P

    Not what I would do.

    1. I wouldn’t start Forsythe Keith, though I guess the idea is maybe he has a great day and somebody might become interested in him. And I don’t bat Muncy cleanup. He projects to have .92 hits in 3.7 at bats against Suter with an OPS of .667. Maybe that’s better than Bellinger. I don’t know. This lineup doesn’t excite. Hope I’m wrong.

  3. I think we’re going to see Forsyth in the line more often between now and the dead line.

  4. I’m only looking forward to Cingrani and Fields coming back. Baez should be trade bait right now. Lol, front office trying to boost Forsythe’s value by playing him more between now and the deadline. Wish they would give it up already, geez…

    1. Forsythe with a three-hit day at the plate, lol. Looks like Turner’s groin injury is gonna keep the front office from shipping him out, anyway. I swear, that guy has more lives than a cat…

  5. Now that the game is over, I would like to chip in and say I completely agree with Scoop that there were some lousy lineup choices and with Manuel’s opinion that they should just give up on Forsythe already. I would also like to say that the world of baseball often conspires to make people like us look dumb. But I wear my dumbness badge proudly!

  6. Hats off to Caleb Ferguson who has settled into being a really valuable bullpen piece. Last 6 appearances over 16 innings, he’s given up only 2 earned runs, striking out 20 while walking 2. Well done!

  7. I keep daydreaming about 2019 possibilities and now that I’m seeing Manny play every day I appreciate him even more than I thought I would. Pundits who have commented on the subject seem to think Seager would more likely be moved to first than to second if Machado stays long term. How do you folks feel about that? I’m really not thrilled with the idea of Muncy as the everyday second baseman and I don’t think the front office is either, so if you play Seager at first, Muncy needs to go to a corner outfield position. Don’t know if he’s spent any time out there. He certainly has the arm for it, but I’m not sure about the rest of it. My first inclination would be to try Seager at second, but I’m willing to be outvoted. Of course it could be that Andrew and friends never had any intention of trying to sign Manny beyond this year.

    1. Ok, time to be bold. Trade Muncy to an AL team….. for a utility guy …. because you just can’t have too many of those… right? Or, better yet, trade him Texas for their closer. They don’t need him anymore.

      Seager to third, it’s easier on his arm. Turner to first, Bellinger to center., Taylor to second. I’m high so none of that may make any sense.

      Actually it’s too early to be taking about next year. We most likely will be outbid for Machado anyway.

      1. You commented yesterday that you live in northern AZ so when you say you’re high, are you referring to your place of residence, possibly Flagstaff (which I didn’t realize until I looked it up is higher than Denver)? Or did you mean to indicate you were in a mind-altered condition? Actually your comments did make sense, although putting Seager at third after coming back from TJ might be hard on his arm. I’ll defer to the doctors on that one. Yes, we might be outbid for Machado but I believe that part of this season’s exercise in staying under the limit was to enable the front office to go out and get someone like Manny on top of whatever they decide to do with Kershaw (or conversely what Kershaw decides to do with them). I do agree that it’s probably way too early to start talking about 2019, but one can always daydream. Imagine a lineup with Manny and a healthy Seager and Turner and a rotation with a full season of Buehler and Santana and possibly Ferguson and as long as I’m daydreaming, let’s add deGrom.

  8. Kasowski has been promoted to Tulsa. There is some evidence that Verdugo is in Philly. No announcement yet.

  9. I’m in Sedona Jeff. We are 4600’. So….. of course I was talking about that. But I have acrophobia so I take medicinal cannabinols for it because of where I live…………..

    I’ve played, and coached all the infield positions and it’s my opinion that shortstop has the most demanding throws, from deep in the hole to pirouettes up the middle to the double play that has to be thrown hard. I looked up some articles on the subject and most agree with that, with the throw from behind the third base bag being similar to the throw from what I used to call “Deep 6”. Seager’s arm may be fine next year, but I think Machado’s is stronger. I can also see Seager at first, though he may not see that. I think Taylor, Seager, and Machado at 4,5,6 is our best defense. If Turner can heal up and still hit I wouldn’t hesitate to put him at first. But all that is months down the road. If Turner can’t play now that’s a huge hole on the middle of the lineup and < defender at third. What to do about that? Whatever it is I’m pretty sure I won’t like it.

  10. Hmmmm. Medicinal cannabinols because you live at 4600 ft. I’m herewith inviting you to move down here to L.A. where we’re at sea level. That would eliminate any need for medicating yourself. You’re welcome, glad to be of help. Furthermore, if you move to CA you won’t even need a reason if you care to partake, although I’m guessing that trading Sedona for L.A. would require a much better reason that that. With regard to Seager and shortstop, I’m left handed, so cannot claim your experience at short and furthermore I’m willing to concede your superior knowledge on the subject in any case. I have never held Seager’s defensive prowess in the same high regard as many others and in spite of his supposedly bad defensive metrics, would rather have Machado there any day of the week. Don’t worry too much about how we’re going to solve the JT/DL/what do we do at third problem. Forsythe had 3 hits yesterday. Are you telling me you wouldn’t like that solution? Long term, I think I would prefer Turner at third and Seager at first, but we can deal with that in 2019.

      1. With Justin Turner on the disabled list, Manny Machado will be the everyday third baseman, Dave Roberts said. Roberts was unsure if Turner will require more than 10 days off.

      2. Nice strong lineup. I have no problem with Utley getting all 3 starts in this series if they decide to do that. He always rises to the occasion.

    1. I would accept that invite if I could live at the beach. That ain’t happening.

      I’m hoping we retain Machado for the rest of his career and that he and Seager bat 2 and 3 for years. To be honest with you I’d like to see an electric defensive shortstop eventually obtained and those two at third and first. They’ll work it out.

  11. I wonder if Toles did something that upset someone while he was here, or if they just decided to reward Verdugo this time around. Maybe he’s auditioning at the major league level for a trade within the next 8 days.

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