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Monday, we talked about five things to look for as the Dodgers headed into spring training. Three days in, we already have some answers or insight into some of those questions.

Andrew Toles – Health was going to be the main concern for Andrew Toles heading into the season. It appears that the Dodgers’ plan for the left fielder is to take it slow and cautious. “The medical staff wants to really take it a little bit slower and be methodical about it. Which is smart,” Dave Roberts told reporters on Wednesday. “Obviously, for me, once the games start, and see him, and get him some at-bats. But he’s got some catching up to do, as far as at-bats.” Really sounds like they are setting up Toles for starting the year in Triple-A Oklahoma City, reducing the current logjam of outfielders.

The Rest of the Outfield – One of the more interesting things to watch is how Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig were going to get along. Again, only three days in, but so far so good. Kenley Jansen took to social media to post a video of how Kemp and Puig were hanging out and laughing together. I’m sure it’s just something fun, but good to see nonetheless. I think if anyone is not going to allow either Kemp or Puig be a jerk, it’s Kenley.

The Battle at Catcher – The Dodgers have two catchers that are both considered to be in the Top 10, and Dave Roberts commented on how they will deal with getting both of the backstops time behind the plate. Los Angeles Times writer Andy McCullough tweeted that Yasmani Grandal and Austin Barnes were likely to split time at catcher, with Grandal getting the majority of his starts against right-handed pitchers. Pretty much the same as last year, but maybe susceptible to change as the year goes on.

The Health of the Starting Rotation – Unfortunately, there is already something to report on in regards to the health of one of the starters. On Thursday, Alex Wood tweaked his right ankle during warm-ups, and his bullpen session was pushed back a day. On Friday, he had an X-ray on his ankle, and was not expected to participate in any baseball activities. And so it begins… In other pitcher news, Walker Buehler did not participate in Thursday’s workouts to undergo follow-up medical tests related to his physical exam. Roberts said Buehler’s arm is not an issue. He completed his bloodwork on Friday and was back to full participation.

Whether or not the team has a postseason hangover will remain to be seen. Let’s just hope that there are no more injuries to report on, at least for a good long while, and that the rest of Spring Training is uneventful as it can be.



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