Bellinger Impresses, but Falls Short in 2017 Home Run Derby


In his first-ever MLB Home Run Derby on Monday evening, Dodgers‘ rookie sensation Cody Bellinger advanced to the second round, but eventually came up short against the juggernaut that is Aaron Judge.

In the first round, Bellinger faced Charlie Blackmon of the Colorado Rockies. Blackmon finished his round with 14 home runs. Bellinger didn’t look like he was going to make it to that mark. Home Run Derby rules state that if you hit two home runs over 440 feet, you gain 30 more seconds for your turn. Bellinger had only one home run of that distance until the very last homer of his turn — his 13th of the round — that went for 446 feet. Cody was able to use that extra time to hit the two additional home runs he needed to advance.

In the second round, both Bellinger and his dad Clay Bellinger, who served as his pitcher, seemed to tire. Bellinger belted twelve home runs, but was bested by Judge who then moved on to the finals. Bellinger finished with a total of 27 home runs, second most by a Dodger ever in the Home Run Derby.

In the finals, Judge faced off against Miguel Sano of the Minnesota Twins. Aaron Judge beat Sano 11-10 to win the final round.



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