The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is… Fear Itself


A True Dodgers Fan = To Believe… Even The Impossible (or Improbable)

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ world will not end with Zack Greinke gone. It was a secret to nobody that Greinke was going for the biggest money — and that he doesn’t care which venue he pitches. Greinke had baggage before he arrived in L.A. We gave him a home, lots of encouragement, mentoring from staff and players and the Zack of old transformed to what he is today. We’ll see what the future brings now that his home is ESE from Los Angeles, and if he can repeat or better a 1.66 ERA without the Blue Crew.

Dodgers — The Final Frontier. These Are The Journeys of the L.A. Dodgers. Its 5-Year Mission — To Explore Strange New Talent — To Seek Out New Players, Either Experienced Or Neophyte. To Boldly Go Where No Team Has Gone Before!!!

The unknown can be scary to a fan. We get attached to players as if they were in our own real-life family. There is a difference between an “experienced” (or seasoned) player and a player that has overplayed his pinnacle.

We need to be blatantly honest with ourselves to which key players need to be on the waning list to make room for the younger, up-and-coming players — a changing of the guard, if you will. It’s time to let the mustangs loose and separate the men from the boys. And what a better time to do so than with the changing of the managerial and coaching guard.

I’m a fervent believer in “home grown” — he’s our creature  — we made him — so we keep him. We’ve had three straight years of buying up anything that comes our way — it only sustained us to win three straight division titles only to gain no ground in the playoffs. Maybe partly it was because of the skipper running the team (how I loved to put that label on him each year) —  but perhaps it’s time for new strategies.

I’m not a fan of perfect paper teams — a few examples recently are the Padres and the Nationals. All the pundits were saying that these two teams were going to run away with everything in 2015. We all know how that finished.

So let us embark on another journey in 2016, knowing just how great the Dodgers can embrace a challenge. Let us support them and let us help bring out the very best in them, as we always do.

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