Let’s Talk About Tony Gonsolin

For the past couple of years, Tony Gonsolin has embraced many different roles, including starting and pitching out of the bullpen throughout the regular season and the postseason for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He also pitched in some big spots during the 2020 World Series run.

Gonsolin was expected to have a similar role coming into this season, but he earned a rotation spot this Spring Training.

Monday during the 5-4 Dodger win against the Diamondbacks, Gonsolin continued his great start to the still young season. The 28-year-old right hander went six innings, allowing two runs and striking out seven.

Six innings matched the longest outing of this season for Gonsolin. So far, he is 4-0 on the year with a 1.64 ERA over seven starts. His seven strikeouts, six innings, and 92 pitches on Monday were all season highs.

Gonsolin has pitched in 33 innings and has 30 strikeouts with a WHIP of 1.030. It is not like Gonsolin hadn’t shown this type of potential before, but he is finally getting consistent opportunities. He has a career ERA of 2.62.

During the earlier part of the season, Gonsolin pitched around three to four innings per outing while splitting games pitching with left hander Tyler Anderson. However, Gonsolin has not allowed more than two runs in a single outing this season.

Coming into the season, many were hopping off the Gonsolin hype train after a couple rough starts in the postseason and a injury-filled 2021 season.

With four games in the next 36 hours, and the first double header at Dodger Stadium in years, Gonsolin gave the Dodgers a much-needed lengthy start.

Another Dodger pitcher who has enjoyed success in the early part of the season has been Clayton Kershaw. As of now, Kershaw is on the injured list, but so far this season he is 4-0 with a 1.35 ERA. It has appeared that some of that success has rubbed off on Gonsolin.

According to reports, Gonsolin has benefitted on advice from Kershaw this season. Much of the recent focus for the team revolved around someone stepping up, according to Dodger manager Dave Roberts.

Gonsolin did a nice job attacking the strike zone on Monday, and was able to get 67 of his pitches for strikes. If Gonsolin can continue this success, he could be in the discussion for a spot at the midsummer classic this year at Dodger Stadium.

Yes, we are still quite some time away, and there are plenty of possible pitchers who could find themselves at the All-Star Game. However it seems like Gonsolin and Dodger pitching as a whole are enjoying a nice season so far.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Tony Gonsolin

  1. Same thing is true this year as it has been for a few years – command. His stuff is good, he just has trouble hitting his spots. 15 pitches an inning for 7 innings. 105 pitches. A Major League starter should be able to do that, at least on occasion throughout the year.

  2. As you said, Scoop, command is everything with Catman. When he has it, the results are great and I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised at what he’s contributed so far this year. Knowing he’s going to start every 5th game has to help.

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