Dodgers Begin Cactus League Play, Re-Sign Danny Duffy and Jimmy Nelson

For the first since October 2021, Dodger baseball is back!

The Dodgers begin Cactus League play on Friday against the Milwaukee Brewers; first pitch is scheduled for 1:10 p.m. Pacific.

Today’s lineup is looking quite nice and is just a glimpse of what it might look like this season. There are some notable absences such as Freddie Freeman, Mookie Betts and Max Muncy. The latter two who are both recovering from injuries in 2021.

None other than Clayton Kershaw will get the ball today. Kershaw agreed to a one-year deal worth $17 million with the Dodgers just last week.

The newest star acquisition by the Dodgers also was in the house on Friday morning, as Freeman arrived at Camelback Ranch donning a suit and a baseball glove.

One day after signing the 2020 NL MVP, the Dodgers remained busy. The team agreed to bring back left handed pitcher Danny Duffy on a one year deal. Duffy, who is a Southern California native, was acquired by the Dodgers from the Kansas City Royals at last year’s deadline.

However, Duffy never saw the mound for the Blue Crew. When the Dodgers made the trade, Duffy was on the injured list with a flexor strain in his forearm, an issue that kept him out the rest of the season.

The 33-year-old veteran had another injury this offseason, which means he is expected to be ready to pitch around mid-season. Duffy is expected to have a role in the bullpen instead of joining the rotation. Before his injury last season, Duffy had posted a 2.51 ERA with the Royals in 13 games.

The Dodgers also agreed to terms with right handed reliever Jimmy Nelson this week. Nelson was limited to 28 games for the Dodgers in 2021. The 32 year old posted a 1.86 ERA, allowing six runs in 29 innings pitched.

Nelson was placed on the injured list due to elbow inflammation and had Tommy John surgery to end his season. The deal also includes a team option for 2023. Nelson has been a member of the Dodgers organization since 2020, but has only appeared in 28 games in two seasons due to several injuries.

So several moves that rumored to take place after the lockout have come to fruition. The biggest obviously inking Freeman to a six-year deal. The Dodgers could still be in the market for several other free agents, but the roster is shaping up quite nicely as the team begins Cactus League play and gears up for Opening Day.

47 thoughts on “Dodgers Begin Cactus League Play, Re-Sign Danny Duffy and Jimmy Nelson

  1. Also,
    I don’t get continuing to sign injury prone pitchers and IMO spending millions on risky guys when Kenley, an all time Dodger is still unsigned.

    1. So when Duffy signs, the roster will be at 44, with Dustin May on 60 day. 26 pitchers. I think Grove only one without MLB experience. Does LA suspect a suspension coming for Bauer. Trade coming? Who will be released or designated and maybe lost on waivers? Something has to give. I guess Duffy is also a candidate for the 60 day? Anyone else? Haven’t herd if Ferguson or Kahne are fully recovered?

      1. Kahnle and Ferguson are close but will probably not be on the opening day roster. IL stint’s along with May are most likely. One spot opened today with the trade of Raley. Bauer is going to miss the opening of the season, so he might be put on the restricted list. Where by the way, Andrew Toles remains as LA continues to pay him a small salary during his recovery.

    2. Saw the Raley trade right after I posted. I hope Toles gets the help he needs. He had alot of talent.

      1. And Looking again, Alberto not added yet either. Maybe more trades to come.

  2. Bauer continues to effect the Dodgers as they can’t know if or when he will be available. Anderson, Heaney, Price Gonsolin, White, Jackson, Pepiot etc to compete for the last spots. I am ok with that. Price says he is healthy. May & Duffy may be available end of year. Miller and others should be ready by last half of the year.

    1. Right now for various reasons each of those you mentioned would be considered back of rotation guys (like number 5 ).. So IMO, Kershaw is the key. If he has a full healthy year, we have three solid starters and our offense will help the back of the rotation be good enough. Of course Kershaw being healthy for 30-32 starts is a big if.

  3. The Braves just won a World Championship with no Acuna and no Ozuna and a very strong bullpen.

    They’ve replaced Freeman with someone just about as good (Olson), added back Acuna and Ozuna and now added Kenley to what may have been the leagues strongest bullpen before they got him.

    In my mind, Atlanta should be WS favorites, not the Dodgers whose bullpen still lacks a really good closer (Treinen won’t be that guy according to Doc), and whose starting pitching remains very suspect in my opinion.

    1. But the Braves will be Joc-less and have no Soler-Power 🤪. . Seriously they should be very good.

  4. I have faith in Andrew, he’s always had a strong bull pen, here, and in Tampa. He will find a way to have a strong bull pen somehow. I did enjoy watching Kenley, and will miss him, but at 16 mil, I understand, he had to save some money somewhere.

    1. We have a strong bullpen, if all perform to their best capabilities. I think Treinen is basically the closer, but I think what we are starting to see the best guy used in the 8th when the other teams best hitters are coming up, and another guy in 9th if the bottom of the order is due. Makes sense.

      1. Yes it does make sense. I’ve been calling for that for years. I’m just a man ahead of my time, which actually makes no sense. I’d retract it but, where would that leave me?

    1. They would have had the money to pay him if not for all the has beens, never weres and injury prone pitchers he likes to throw money at over the last two years.

      1. Kenley has already made over $100 million for throwing 700 innings. That’s front line starter money. And his projections suggest he won’t be a 2.3 WAR reliever this year. 23 saves, and ERA closer to 4 than 3. And I think at this time it’s important to recall his World Series record 4 Blown Saves. His a BS waiting to happen at this point. Whoever we have will do better.

      2. My memory ain’t what it used to be and I haven’t actually checked, but it seems to me that Kenley had two different seasons last year. As I recall, once he figured things out mid season he was pretty much untouchable. That’s the guy I would have paid my 16 mil to. And I don’t have any reason to think he can’t pitch that way this year.
        Let us reconvene here in October to further discuss this, after the results are in and one of us is looking much wiser than the other.

      3. I disagree. He reinvented himself last season by mixing in different pitches as well as regaining velocity. I think he may save 49 for the Braves unless he splits saves with Smith.

  5. Watched the game, Not much action, but during the game life took over and the game was less important. My grandson was contemplating suicide. He had said goodbye to all of his friends on Facebook. His car was found in Kentucky, he was living in Tennessee. So he was missing and the whole family was holding it’s collective breath. When I got home this evening by Granddaighter let me know he had been found by the Kentucky State Police and was alive and safe. Sometimes sports just are not all that important anymore.

    1. I hope your grandson will stay safe and get the help he needs. Family is the most important part of our lives. It’s a stressful world we live in. Prayers to your family that all will be resolved in a positive way.

  6. Having a lockout sure has made this week’s frenzie fun.

    I think Lux will win the starting second base position and Muncy, if he gets his power back, will be the person that gets the most DH at bats.

    Pollock could be that power righty bench bat if Taylor winds up as the left fielder. Taylor most likely will wind up playing a lot of SS, 2B, CF, LF, and DH though.

  7. So anybody want to throw in their prediction on who AF gets as a starting pitcher?
    I would like to see Montas, Castillo, or Mahle, but my prediction is someone like Manae, or some other veteran, maybe a Hendricks from the Cubs.

    1. After signing Tyler Anderson for 8 mil yesterday, I don’t expect AF to get anyone else before opening day, unless Bauer is allowed to come back and is then traded for a pitcher.

      I could be totally wrong, but since Heaney and Anderson are both being paid 8 million and are probably not going to be very good relievers, I don’t see how he cuts them. I think Gonsolin could be put in the pen or might have an option year left, but you can just stack so many non-optionable, non-bullpen guys on your roster.

    2. The Cubs are adding not subtracting.
      It appears to me since he has added Heaney and Anderson that he will try to find the solution among them and White, Price Gonsolin and Jackson.
      Now if Bauer is suspended maybe he will go after a bigger and better tasting fish.

    1. The Twins? Are you sure about that? Didn’t see that coming. Minneapolis is an interesting town. Quite progressive. I enjoyed my time there, off an on for 25 years or so. Hispanic/Latino population has grown to 10%. They average about 25k in attendance. That might go up to 26k with Correa on the team. Might not. Not sure what Minnesota’s projections are but with him on the team I think .500 is a safe bet.

      1. I think the Twins expectations are higher than yours, Scoop. You don’t pay a guy $35MM/year to finish at .500.
        They’re also talking to the A’s about Montas now.

      2. And what would be your wins predictions for the Twins Jefe? I’m looking right now and I see 69 wins, 78 wins, fangraphs 12 hours ago 81 wins. Now, that is a pretty weak Division so they could beat up on teams like the Royals and Tigers, but Chicago should easily win it, which leaves one of those Wild Card spots within reach. Power Rankings have Twins at 17. They could move up, but they have some teams to climb over in the AL. Frankly I’m happy to see him land there. I think it means we will see and hear a lot less of him.

      3. If they don’t add anyone, I’ll give them 86 wins. If they can add Montas, they could get to 90.

        As far as not seeing our friend Correa, I think the Twins are due at Dodger Stadium this year, so we’ll have our chance to let him know how much we love him.

      4. Recall that the Twins won the AL Central in both 2019 and 2020 before falling like a brick last season. Not sure if injuries were a factor but maybe they don’t need to much to approach 90 wins?

      5. 3/103.5 mil with opt out after first year. Yep it is official. Weird deal for a Boras client.

      6. Yeah it is.

        I don’t see him staying there. Maybe Turner leaves and we sign him.

      7. He’s going to cost as much as Turner and Trea says he’s open to staying.
        I’d rather have Turner than Correa.

  8. Correa is a good player, but I don’t think he should be the guy with the second highest AAV in baseball, only behind Trout, although I’ll bet Andrew would love to sign Trea to a similar contract.

  9. Jeff, I completely missed the Anderson signing, I agree with you, that will put the wraps on the starting staff, at least until the trading deadline. That’s not such a bad game plan, this team the way it sits will be in contention, then at the deadline AF can address any weaknesses.

  10. If Clayton stays healthy, and Bauer ends up back on the team somehow (if they want him back) they probably won’t need anymore starting pitching

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