Dodgers Officially Announce Justin Turner Signing, Other Spring Training Notes

(Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Dodgers officially announced the re-signing of Justin Turner on Friday morning via a Zoom press conference. The Dodgers and Turner agreed to a $34 million contract for two years plus an option. The contract includes a club option for 2023 for $16 million or a $2 million buyout. The deal also includes an $8 million signing bonus.

Turner credited Dodger fans factoring in his decision, calling them the best fans in baseball. He is now the third longest-tenured Dodger behind Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen.

“I’m back in Dodger blue, like I was supposed to be,” said Turner.

Turner also talked about the offseason moves from the Padres as well as the World Series celebration.

“We’re going to get 19 World Series games this year,” said Turner about the Padres Dodgers matchups this year.

The corresponding move made by the Dodgers after adding Turner to the 40-man roster was moving Caleb Ferguson to the 60-day injured list who had Tommy John surgery in September.

Turner also said he hasn’t been on the field for the last out of a winning World Series team, and he’s watched three celebrations. He mentioned being on the field when the Dodgers win another championship a key factor in his decision.

President of Baseball Operations Andrew Freidman also attended press conference Friday morning and talked about the offseason moves as well the future.

“Our primary focus is doing everything we can to defend our title,” said Friedman. He also said it won’t be surprising at all if the team finished above the $250 million threshold.

Friedman also said that trade discussions will also most likely take place during Spring Training and that the World Series is more important than the luxury tax threshold.

The Dodgers continue preparation in spring training and look forward to their first Cactus League game against the Oakland Athletics on Sun, Feb 28.

Today several Dodger pitchers threw a bullpen session including Trevor Bauer, Julio Urias, Blake Treinen, Jansen, Victor Gonzalez, Corey Knebel, and Brandon Morrow.

We are now only a little over a week a day away from some Dodger baseball, albeit the cactus League variety.

13 thoughts on “Dodgers Officially Announce Justin Turner Signing, Other Spring Training Notes

  1. It’s great when you hear the president of your home town baseball team say, the World Series is more important than the luxury tax. As a fan what more can you ask from your team. It makes the upcoming season that much more exciting. It’s a shame there are almost no owners with that kind of attitude in baseball today.

    Thank you Dodger ownership.

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  2. If AF says trade discussions will take place during spring training, I’d love to know what he still thinks he needs for this team. Maybe, once things get going this spring, he’ll try to trade off what he identifies as extra pieces for younger minor leaguers that are still a few years away.

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  3. Friedman has young players that are blocked. He has to do something about them sooner rather than later. It was great to get Turner on a two-year as Hoese, Vargas, and possibly others will be ready to compete for 3rd by then, The Dodgers have a stack of pitchers that are blocked and they need to figure out what route to take. They have May and Gonsolin that will hopefully be on the roster. What about White, Santana, Gray, and others that are close and getting older? They drafted Miller, Knack, etc last year and reportedly they are on a bullet train to the MLB as far as talent is concerned. Do the Dodgers sign, Seager, next year? Lots of questions to answer as Friedman navigates running the club. Friedman has been focused primarily 3-5 years out.


  4. Yeah maxster, I thought Ruiz would be part of an off season trade, for the reasons you stated. It won’t surprise me at all if he’s a part of a spring training trade to make room for other catching prospects to move up.

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    1. I agree with you Keith, at catcher they have a blocked player in Ruiz who is 22, as they signed Barnes to a two-year deal. Also in the Minors, the Dodgers have Cartaya, 19, who is very highly rated and the new signing from Venezuela Galiz, 17, was one of the top players signed this year internationally. Will Smith has been impressive so far. Smith’s hard-hit rate was in the top tier of all hitters in 2020. Smith will be 26 in March and some MLB pundits rate him as the top if not one of the top young catchers in the game. I have wondered if Ruiz would possibly rip up AAA and show he was ready this year and either force the Dodgers to promote or trade him. Does Lux show he belongs or provides an opening for Amaya, Busch, or a trade? It’s part of the fun of baseball.


  5. Let’s not panic on ruin unless we can make an outstanding trade. Very few 22 year old catchers in the bigs. At best he is 2/3 years away. Lets see where he can get to in the next 2 years. Never been totally convinced about smith. His defence is average and his hitting has some holes, although he seems to be able to come up big in pressure situations, a skill you can’t teach.

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    1. I agree Gordon in that 22 is very young for a catcher. Catcher is a position that traditionally has an experienced player as they are the captain of the infield. The Dodgers will watch how Ruiz advances at OKC and make decisions from there. The important part is that the Dodgers have a very strong catching position both defensively & offensively on the roster with a very strong backup at OKC. Now if Lux can match the potential he showed two years ago in the Minors the Dodgers will be able to fix their worst offensive position last year’s 2nd base. Hopefully, Muncy and Bellinger get off to better starts. Remember the Dodgers ran away with the NL with Muncy and Bellinger having sub-par years. Lux not performing and Kershaw in and out with back issues.


  6. Jeff, I thought Ruiz would be part of a trade that would fill a hole on the team. Since AF filled the holes through free agency I’m at a bit of a loss. I’m not actually trying to trade Ruiz, but it seems his value is at it’s peek to me. Barring an injury he won’t make the Major team, he’s been at AAA for two plus seasons I think, his value can only go down with each year, that he can’t beat out smith or Barnes.

    If AF is contemplating a spring training trade, I dont have a clue what, or who he would be trading, or trading for. So Jeff back at you, what do you think Andrew was thinking when he mentioned a spring training trade. Come on Jeff, we all know you have Andrew’s ear.😁

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    1. I do have his ear Keith, but unfortunately I don’t have his brain, and that’s where he generates trades. 🙂

      As I mentioned above, he might put together some “extra pieces” and trade for some prospects who are farther away from the majors, but as far as improving the current roster goes I just don’t know. He’s always working ahead so maybe he’s identified a situation that will occur a year or two down the road that he’d like to work on filling now before other teams even realize he’s working on it.

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  7. Before Andrew’s comments about the cap not being an issue, I thought he may try to move Price, for financial reasons, but now I would be surprised if Price gets move. AF has built a tremendous pitching staff, with a ton of depth, why would you mess with that.

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