5 Players Who Could Be Dodgers’ Team MVP in 2020


With just 60 games being played this season, baseball fans are bound to see new history entered into the books in some shape or form. Baseball could see an unlikely champion, MVP, or some astronomical stat never imagined. The Dodgers find themselves with three former MVPs on their roster. While the team is loaded with talent, we take a look at who will step up as the most valuable player on the team. Due to the shortened season, there will be no pitchers on the list.

Cody Bellinger 1B/OF

We start with the actual reigning National League MVP. Dodger fans will surely remember Cody Bellinger’s rapid start to the 2019 season. The former rookie of the year competed all year with Milwaukee’s Christian Yelich putting up homers and incredible batting numbers. Last season, Bellinger hit .370 over the first 60 games. He also added 20 home runs and 52 RBI during that time. Anything remotely close to those numbers will surely put the lefty in the conversation for not just team MVP but league MVP, as he looks to defend his throne. Bellinger also had an OBP of .456 along with a slugging percentage of .721 through the first 60 games of the 2019 campaign. If Bellinger repeats any form of his 2019 start, the MVP award might be his to lose.

Mookie Betts OF

Dodger fans surely let out a sigh of relief when a deal was agreed to start the 2020 season, as shortened as it might be. Fans now get the chance to see Mookie Betts take meaningful at-bats in Dodger Blue, barring any league setbacks. The Dodgers acquired the 2018 American League MVP last after much speculation and controversy. During his 2018 campaign, Betts batted an extraordinary .347. The four-time All-Star followed his MVP campaign batting .295 last season with a league-leading 135 runs scored. While Betts still enjoyed a good year, if he could replicate numbers from his MVP campaign, the Dodgers surely will enjoy that. Through the first 60 games last year Betts hit .270 with a slugging percentage of .451 The Dodgers front office now awaits to see if the Betts trade was indeed the missing piece to the puzzle.

Max Muncy INF

Max Muncy enjoyed a career year in 2019, notching his first All-Star Game selection. Ever since he was called up to the Dodgers in 2018, it has been a turnaround that has been momentous for his career. This offseason, the Dodgers signed Muncy to a three-year, 26 million dollar extension. Muncy finished with career highs in homers with 35 and RBI with 98. He also batted .251 for the season. Muncy is a key figure in the middle of the mashing Dodgers lineup. He can get on a very hot streak quickly. Through the first 60 games in 2019, Muncy batted .274 with a .512 slugging percentage. Muncy has good pop in his bat and the 2020 campaign could see him hit a lot of dingers.

Justin Turner INF

Justin Turner enters his seventh season with the Dodgers. He has been the favorite team candidate for the newly added designated hitter spot. Turner certainly can benefit from the DH role as he now hits his age 35 season and is in the last year of his contract. He has been a cornerstone for the Dodgers and a vocal leader for quite some time now. The 2017 All-Star batted .290 last season and had a slugging percentage of .509. Turner, through the first 60 games in 2019, batted .315 and had a .846 slugging percentage. While he enjoyed a hot start to 2019, he also added 27 home runs and 67 RBIs. Turner was one of the first players to report to Summer Camp, hitting a home run with artificial crowd noise pumped in which looks to be the new normal. The red-bearded fan-favorite looks to make more memorable moments in a Dodger uniform before a potential departure.

Gavin Lux INF

Gavin Lux is probably someone, you were not expecting to see on this list—at least not this season. It was quite a thinking process for this last spot. Lux made his major league debut late last year and was included on the postseason roster. Lux is still eligible to win Rookie of the Year, as he had a limited number of bats last season. He is currently ranked second in MLB’s best overall prospects. Lux is certainly looking to make an impact in the majors and could put it all on the line. Still only 22 years old, the sky’s the limit for the kid from Kenosha. A September call-up, Lux hit .240, slugged two home runs and drove in nine. He also became the youngest Dodger to hit a home run in postseason history. He certainly is in the future plans of the Dodgers and could be considered a reach on this list. However, stranger things have happened in baseball.

The Dodgers are one of the deepest teams in baseball, as many players on the roster could have made this list. Dodger fans certainly hope all these players combined have a great season, which might even lead to the team getting over their current 30+ year World Championship drought.

4 thoughts on “5 Players Who Could Be Dodgers’ Team MVP in 2020

  1. Lux struggled a fair amount last year after his call-up and I think he still has a way to go just to earn a regular spot in the lineup. Always a big jump to the bigs, especially at his age. I was a little doubtful about him last year, but I liked what I saw after he arrived. Bit of a leap to put him in that position just yet.


  2. Don’t forget about Seager. He’s coming all the way back this year! This team is so deep! Can’t wait till the show begins!


  3. I doubt Lux should even be in the conversation. He showed some skills, but I was not all that impressed. I did not expect to be. I have seen far too many so called can’t miss prospects crash and burn over the years. I think the 2 players with the most chops are the best bets. Belli and Betts. Both have the tools. Betts has the added advantage of experience, and an abundance of talent. Turner is too long in the tooth for a run like that, and Muncy is too streaky and not consistent enough. Plus he was having some physical problems at the beginning of spring. One name could be added. Joc Pederson. Joc showed his rookie year, and last year, that he is capable of a run of games where he can carry a load. If he can continue to cut down his K rate, like he did last year. He can be in the mix. Not saying he would win. But he has a shot. Belli just needs to be consistent, and he will be there also.


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