Friedman Says Dodgers Not Likely to Hire General Manager During Offseason


For the past handful of seasons, the Los Angeles Dodgers have been one of the best-run franchises in all of baseball.

When a team is in a stretch of success, other teams around the league try to replicate that blueprint, and one of those methods involves hiring people who’ve participated in that success.

The San Francisco Giants have won three World Series championships this decade, but have missed the playoffs for two consecutive years.

They’re in somewhat of a limbo right now, not fully committed to a rebuild while hoping that their championship core still has a few more great seasons in them despite that recent playoff absence.

The Giants made the decision to fire general manager Bobby Evans this past September after he had served in the role dating back to 2015.

The Giants didn’t win any of their championships with Evans in the general manager position, but he had been their vice president of baseball operations beginning in 2009 and their director of player personnel before that.

Evans certainly deserves credit for helping build those championship squads, but in four years since that last championship and Evans being promoted to general manager, the Giants have only had one playoff appearance.

To replace Evans, the Giants looked to their arch rival, agreeing to hire former Dodgers general manager Farhan Zahidi for that same role.

The Dodgers are choosing to take their time in finding a replacement for Zahidi, though, and the position is not expected to be filled this offseason.

Pedro Moura of The Athletic was one of the first to report that Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said that a hiring search for a new general manager will not take place this offseason.

Friedman is the top decision maker within the Dodgers front office structure, and he has a very capable staff of baseball minds working underneath him.

Given the talented people working with Friedman, the general manager role remaining open for a longer period of time shouldn’t really make a huge impact on the state of the franchise.

When the time does come for the Dodgers to initiate a hiring process for the role, they’re not going to have troubling attracting some of the best executives.

The Dodgers have made two consecutive World Series appearances and arguably have one of the most talented rosters in baseball.

They’re in great position with this core of players to compete for NL West titles for at least the next handful of seasons, which is a great draw for a new general manager.

The Dodgers have what many around the league consider to be a top-ten farm system as well, so there are certainly some intriguing reinforcements on the horizon.

They also have a huge payroll at their disposal, so not only are they always in a good position to retain their own players, but also attract premier free agents.

The Dodgers are an elite team right now, have the farm system to suggest they’ll remain that way for a while, and have the economic resources to add great pieces to the club.

It’s certainly one of the most attractive general manager jobs in baseball, so when Friedman begins actively looking for a new general manager, he’s not going to have a problem filling that role with a great candidate.


11 thoughts on “Friedman Says Dodgers Not Likely to Hire General Manager During Offseason

  1. No surprise there. Friedman has always ran the show anyway. The Dodger GM is pretty much the equivalent of the Vice Presidency. It’s a big, important title but in reality they don’t do much of anything.

  2. With all the former GM’s and baseball guys in this front office, they really do not need one. Farhan may have negotiated some of the deals, but Andy and ownership, along with Kasten always had the final say. So there is no surprise to this at all. Maybe now they will quit making all those A’s castoffs and former players Dodgers. Most of them have been flops anyway. The only one they have kept is Hill. Now if we can keep Andy from signing all of those Rays castoffs, maybe we can get some real talent.

    1. Agree with both you and Alex this morning. Andy don’t need another sidekick at this time. He’s surrounded by talented minds.

      Speaking of talented minds, Jason Reed at Fansided has figured out a way to get Harper, Kluber and Cervelli. He makes it sound easy, which talented minds tend to do. Read Reed. We win the NL pulling away and have a much better shot at more than 5 games against the Al winner.

      Haniger Jefe? Heck yes. You get him, jef gets Leclerc, Reed gets the above…. you are almblog geniuses. Make it so. I’ll sit here and applaud all you guys for having the vision and wherewithal that I clearly don’t. I’ve arrived at old. I’m losing my verbacity and with it my magnitude to renunciate.

      “Old and in the way, that’s what I hear them say. They usta heed the words I said, but that was yesterday. Black has turned to gray, and youth done faded away, they’ll never care about me, call me old and in the way.” (nod to Jerry)

      Meetings soon hey? I’ll be napping. Wake me when something actually happens.

      1. Hey Scoop, really sorry to hear about your loss of verbacity. I think they have little blue pills for that now……………oh wait a minute those are for something else. I think the verbacity pills are green. Anyway, check with your pharmacist. Reed’s article is definitely thought provoking. Don’t know if the Indians would take on Puig and Wood’s salary since they’re trying to dump salaries but it would only be for the first year. His Cervelli trade – those three guys might not do it, especially Jake Peter, but I’m sure we could come up with some combo of prospects that would satisfy them. Again, we’re only getting Cervelli for one year, so they can’t ask for the moon.

      2. Now, as far as getting Haniger, I love Muncy but don’t want to play him at second and would rather see Bellinger at first, so I propose Muncy, Joc/Toles and Stewart for Haniger. Not sure if they would do that but they’re getting 3 guys for one. Then we go sign LeMahieu or Lowrie and put the following lineup out there: Verdugo, Seager, Turner, Harper, Haniger, Bellinger, LeMahieu/Lowrie, Cervelli, Pitcher. For those who are interested, this is the link to Reed’s article,

  3. Or maybe Haniger will be so close to Harper’s value (or even surpass it) over the next four years (remaining time of control) that all of Andrew’s efforts should be to make that trade and use Harper’s $30-35 mil per year for other assets. Yes, I think that’s the way to go. Haniger, si, Harper, no!

    1. I agree Haniger would fit in our lineup. My instincts tell me the same thing they did about Leclerc. These two guys are what every organization dreams of – controllable ML talent. These are the players you hang on to and build around. That said, I support and encourage your efforts Jefe. Stay at it.

      1. Leaving for Vegas now, but couldn’t get a room. Do you have any relatives there that I could bunk with?

      2. My very high standards coupled with my very meager bank account made it impossible.

      3. Standards are predicated on means. But I get it. Who wants to settle for a Motel 6. The damn lights are on all night.

        I think you need goals. It’s Vegas. What you do is become a whale and your room is comped.

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