Dodgers Exercise 2019 Team Option on Dave Roberts, Still No Extension

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have made two consecutive World Series appearances, and one of the guys responsible for that success is coming back.

Pedro Moura of The Athletic is reporting that Dave Roberts’ option for this next season is being exercised with the hope that the two parties can eventually agree to a new long-term deal.

Roberts was originally hired by the Dodgers before the 2016 season, and he has delivered impressive results for the franchise thus far.

In his three seasons at the helm, he has won three NL West titles, made two World Series appearances, and has averaged about 96 wins per season.

The Dodgers have yet to take that final step with Roberts and obtain the elusive World Series championship, but they certainly seem to be getting close.

There’s no perfect formula for concocting a championship squad, and when everything is considered, Roberts is a good manager.

Yes, there were moments during the playoffs that he made questionable calls, but every manager makes strategic errors from time to time.

It’s an extremely talented lineup that Roberts has been able to mold effectively, and managing a clubhouse full of diverse personalities isn’t easy.

Roberts is a very likable person and seems to really be able to get the best out of the guys that he manages on this team.

Roberts certainly has his faults in terms of managing a game, but it might be a case of “be careful what you wish for” if the Dodgers were quick to get rid of him.

Just two seasons ago the team won 104 games, which was the highest total they had ever accumulated in a season since moving out west.

None of those legendary teams that Walter Alston and Tommy Lasorda managed won more games than the team Roberts had in 2017.

Championships are what truly matter, though. Alston was able to win three World Series titles and Lasorda was able to win two.

Roberts lost both times he has gotten there so far, but it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that it’s quite an accomplishment to even make consecutive World Series appearances.

The team really seems right on the verge of taking that next step, and to risk the progress of the last few seasons by rolling the dice with a new manager doesn’t seem that wise.

In the midst of some of his strategic blunders this previous World Series, there were certainly some important hypothetical questions being asked about what another manager could do with this team, though.

On paper, the Dodgers are perhaps the most talented team in baseball, which begs the question of why they haven’t hoisted a championship these past few years.

Some will point to decisions Roberts has made in the previous World Series, but it could also very well be true that the team would not have been held together as well by someone other than Roberts and not even have made the World Series at all.

It just seems really rash to jettison a guy who has gotten the team on the verge of a championship the last two seasons.

The Dodgers started off terribly this past season, and still managed to win 92 games and represent the NL in the World Series.

Roberts deserves a lot of credit for helping the team overcome such a turbulent start, and there are surely a lot of teams out there that would jump at the opportunity for him to manage their club.

There’s still time for Roberts to lead this extremely talented roster to a championship. The strategic errors Roberts has been known to commit in the World Series could very well be a distant memory if the team finds a way to hurdle that final obstacle and bring a championship back to Los Angeles.


4 thoughts on “Dodgers Exercise 2019 Team Option on Dave Roberts, Still No Extension

  1. Tommy lost his first two shots at a WS title in 1978,and 1979. So it is a little early to be jumping the gun on Roberts. His strength is getting his players to buy in on the style the front office wants to play. Not many managers could get these guys to play part time, I’m sure some these guys think they should be full time players, but you never hear any complaining. Roberts should get all the credit in the world for that. But I do think he screwed the pooch a couple of times in the series, I can live with it. Ian do you think it will make a difference with his managing or the players if he goes through the season as a lame duck, with no extension?


  2. On the verge of taking the next step?

    Do go on….

    I keep hearing about the strategical errors Roberts made in the World Series. You mean like trusting his $80 million closer to actually do his job? Twice. Or maybe trusting his $35 million Ace not to lose? Twice.

    The best manager is usually the guy who has the best players. This year that was Cora. Last year that was Hinch. Roberts is doing exactly what Friedman wants him to do. As long as Andrew pulls the strings the Dodgers will be run the same way they’ve been run. I believe Roberts will be extended.

    As for being on the verge of something, we’ve been verging for 6 years. There are a few other teams in the NL that are verging too. It won’t get easier in ‘19. We did get there again, but it wasn’t as effortless as it was in ‘17. I’d like to know what steps Friedman intends to take to stay competitive.


    1. It feels like what’s been done since Friedman got here is all he knows how to do. That IS status quo. More bone pile shopping is surely on the to do list. Free agents? Who? No big names are leaping forward. Trades? Again, who? Friedman isn’t likely to give up those few players we have that anybody would want.


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