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Gavin Lux Likely Out for Season with Torn ACL

About that vaunted Los Angeles Dodgers depth…

This statement is indeed tongue in cheek, as normally the Dodgers do have a ton of depth at almost every position on the team and in the farm system. But, this season, they’re a little lean everywhere. And, of course, three games into Spring Training, a major player incurs a major injury.

On Monday, trying to run from second to third, Gavin Lux tried to miss a batted ball and throw that was happening right in front of him. This resulted in him trying to halt his run, and he landed awkwardly on his knee and ankle in the process.

Lux was down at third base for awhile as the medical team worked on him. He ultimately was carted off the field, unable to put any weight on his right knee. On Tuesday, it was announced that he had torn his right ACL and also did some damage to his LCL. He will have surgery next week and is expected to miss the remainder of the season.

The injury is especially unfortunate for Lux, who was a highly valued prospect; but because of the Dodgers’ previous roster construction, had been bounced around the entire field, playing both infield and outfield. This season was supposed to be his time to take over shortstop, his most natural position.

And so the Dodgers will have to pivot to another plan at short.

Miguel Rojas, who was acquired via trade from the Miami Marlins in January, looks to be the one who will be taking over the position.

On Tuesday, Manager Dave Roberts talked to reporters about the situation. “Gavin is absolutely crushed,” Roberts said. “It’s a huge blow.”

Roberts also stated that Rojas will “take on the brunt” of the time at short, and that Chris Taylor and Mookie Betts will be seeing more time in the infield as well. He also said there could be help coming from outside the organization at some point, but that he didn’t think that was an absolute necessity.

For his part, Rojas says he is ready to step into the full time shortstop role.

“It’s unfortunate what happened to Luxy. But if that means me playing shortstop, that’s what I need to do. I prepared for this opportunity. I need to be ready for it.”

Rojas also said that he texted Lux afterwards asking if he was OK, but didn’t hear back. “He’s been working his ass off everyday to be ready for the season, to be the everyday shortstop for this team … I just feel bad for him.”

And so we will see how the rest of the season unfolds for the Dodgers infield. Rojas was fifth in the majors in most games played at short last season so he has the durability to be the full time starter. The Dodgers will miss Lux’s bat in the lineup, however. We will see who steps up to replace him.

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