Who Will Step Up for Dodgers During 2022 Postseason?

Every October, a player seemingly comes out of thin air and writes a legacy for the ages. He is a player that lives for the postseason and puts the team on his back. But who will step up for the Dodgers this time around?

Dodger fans may remember Cody Bellinger’s big RBI against the Giants in the NLDS last season or Chris Taylor’s walk-off home run in the wildcard round against the Cardinals. Someone who gets that clutch hit and cements their name forever in October.

But for the Dodgers, who’s going to step up? There are a few injuries they’re nursing. Walker Buehler and Blake Treinen are among the few. Every postseason, it seems the Dodgers are missing at least one big name.

As far as who will get that clutch hit, no matter how many times I rewind the scenarios in my head, it comes with the same result. Who has accumulated the most clutch hits throughout the last Dodger playoff appearances?

I’m going with Bellinger, and last year was a perfect example. The game-winning RBI against the Giants in Game 5 of the NLDS. The clutch three-run homerun in Game Three of the NLCS. The story with Bellinger for the better part of three seasons has been where is that guy that won the 2019 N.L. MVP? Can he regain that magic from the 2019 season?

Bellinger is starting to heat up just in time. In his last six games, he is 9-for-19 with two homers and eight RBI. Something about October, in which Bellinger is just able to turn on this switch. This season Bellinger had a batting average of .210 with 19 homers and 68 RBIs. Bellinger has never missed the postseason since he made his MLB debut in 2017.

Last year, he hit .353 in the postseason, along with a homer and seven RBI. In 2020, he hit four homers and 13 RBI. Overall, in five postseasons, he’s hit nine homers and 33 RBI.

Bellinger is starting to heat up just at the right moment. While the Dodgers have many superstars, they could use Bellinger. He’s a former MVP, and we all know he’s capable of much better numbers than he put up this season. I’m banking on Bellinger having another big postseason, as questions will soon loom about his future with the Dodgers.

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