Dodgers Sweep Cubs in Crazy Game; All-Star Reserves and Pitchers Announced

The Los Angeles Dodgers won a wild and crazy game on Sunday, to complete a regular season sweep of the Chicago Cubs. After going down 5-0 in the top of the first, they completed a comeback to win the game 11-9.

Julio Urías had a 45 pitch first inning, where he hit two batters and allowed a grand slam. After striking out the leadoff batter, he seemingly fell apart and grew more frustrated as the inning continued. He seemed especially frustrated with Gavin Lux’s defense in left field, and did not move from the mound to cover bases multiple times.

Urías rebounded in the second, striking out two and retiring the side, but only pitched those two innings.

The Dodgers started their climb back by scoring three in the bottom in the first off of Cubs started Drew Smyly.

Phil Bickford entered in the third inning, and allowed three more runs, and the Dodgers again found themselves down five runs.

But, the Dodgers showed themselves to be resilient, scoring six runs in the bottom of the third inning, taking a 9-8 lead.

The Dodgers scored one more in the sixth and seventh inning, including a solo homer from Freddie Freeman. The Cubs scored one more in the top of the eighth, but the Dodgers and their bullpen prevailed for the win.

Both Evan Phillips and Craig Kimbrel were down for the day, and so Brusdar Graterol pitched 1.2 innings for the save.

The game lasted over four hours and featured seven pitchers for the Dodgers. Even though they scored 11 runs, the Dodgers will only went 5-for-14 with runners in scoring position.

The Dodgers finished their best home stand of the season, going 10-1. In their stretch of 20 straight games, they went 16-4 and now lead the NL West by eight games over the San Diego Padres. Their lead was only 1.5 games when the home stand began.

During the game, the reserves and pitchers for the All-Star Game were announced. While the Dodgers have Trea Turner and Mookie Betts as starters, they currently have no player listed as a reserve.

Will Smith was the biggest snub, especially since he lead the chosen Travis d’Arnaud in almost every category. He still could be named to the team if other players decline to play. Freeman also did not make the team.

As for pitchers, Clayton Kershaw and Tony Gonsolin were named to the pitching staff. Kershaw was the MLB pick, and Gonsolin was voted on by the players.

Manager Dave Roberts has been lobbying for Kershaw to start the All-Star Game.

“The game’s for the fans,” he said, “and it’s just only fitting that Clayton would get that opportunity. I respect Brian (Snitker) but I’d be crazy not to think that Clayton should be named the starter.”

The All-Star Game will be next Tuesday, July 19th at Dodger Stadium.

12 thoughts on “Dodgers Sweep Cubs in Crazy Game; All-Star Reserves and Pitchers Announced

  1. Just when you think Graterol can’t be depended upon, he comes up big.
    Just when you finally decide the Price is actually having a decent year, he implodes.
    Consistent excellence is very hard to come by and it’s what separates the great from the very good

  2. Most of these players would appear much more handsome if they would shave and haircut. That’s the first time I’ve seen Gonsolin without a hat pulled down over his forehead. He’s really a nice looking guy if he wasn’t doing the Fidel routine. I can’t understand why guys earning hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars a season want to look unkempt.

  3. Dodgers have two good outfielders that are hitting well. Why play Lux an obviously struggling defensive guy in left? Why play Alberto a poor offensive player? With a good defensive left fielder Urias is out of the inning with 0 runs.

    1. Count me among those who would just like to see Lux playing second base every day and not being moved around in order to accommodate a spot for Muncy or Alberto in the lineup.

      That said, I think he’s certainly a good enough athlete to become a good outfielder. Send him to winter ball where he can play left field every day and get some experience at the position. In season games are not the time to do that, especially since we now have Trayce and Lamb platooning out there.

      I’m also not convinced that Trayce and Lamb will continue to be contributors all season long and wouldn’t be surprised to see one or both dfa’d within the next couple of months. That doesn’t take away from what they’ve done so far which has been a great help. If, by August, one or both aren’t doing the job any longer, Vargas should get the call. I think he’s ready and he won’t cost us prospects. Lamb had some very nice things to say about Miguel. They got to be good friends when the played together at OKC. It would sure by ironic if Vargas was the one who costs Lamb his spot on the roster.

  4. Thompson reportedly has changed his outlook from all power aka Bellinger to make contact and drive the ball aka Freeman. He was doing that in AAA when they picked him up. If he can maintain making contact the Dodgers may have found a gem like a Taylor. Time with tell. Lamb is playing well. If someone has to go I vote for Alberto as if Lux and Taylor are healthy the Dodgers can use solid outfielders. I agree Lux is a terrific athlete, great attitude, speed let him go to winter ball and get some experience. He certainly is hitting.

    1. Baseball and life are strange sometimes. Wouldn’t it be something if the guy the Dodgers discarded (Trayce) ultimately came back and replaced the guy (Cody) who refused to change his batting approach, where Trayce saw the writing on the wall and was willing to adapt.

      I just have this recurring thought in my head that says the Dodgers finally give up on Cody after next year, he signs with someone else who finally gets through to him and all of a sudden it clicks and he’s an All Star again. Oh well, baseball is full of nightmare scenarios.

      1. I think Lux is the guy Bellinger should be looking at. He was horrible the first years and suddenly he’s a on base machine. Taking lots of walks, cut down strikeouts. and traded what little power he had for good contract. Can’t even imagine that they won’t dfa him after this season unless he has a complete change of attitude and results. A good defence and a 210 average with 10 homers. Safeway is full of guys like that.

  5. Adapt or Die!! It’s Darwinian. Winning the MVP was apparently the worst thing that could have happened to Bellinger. He keeps searching for his Glory Days.

  6. Quit moving Lux around. Leave him alone at 2nd base. How long will the Muncy farce go on?

  7. It’s so frustrating to watch Bellinger. He obviously has the talent to hit over.300 with a high SLG number. Lux has figured it out and has been a consistent contributor this year. Thompson is going with the pitch and his situational hitting has been good. If Bellinger could get his head together this Dodger line up would be incredible. Muncy obviously is seeing the ball well he is in the top 3 in walks but can’t get his bat on it. Is he hurt or lost just enough bat speed from his injury to be ineffective? Whatever the reason they should put him on the IL and install Lux at security and platoon in left.

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