Should Julio Urias Make 2022 NL All-Star Squad?


In 2021, Julio Urias was a 20-game-winner and was the National League leader in wins. While he may not win 20 games this year, his overall numbers have improved. In 16 starts this season, Urias has posted a 2.57 ERA.

In Monday’s start against the Colorado Rockies, Urias pitched six innings only allowing one run and one walk while striking out seven. The left-hander since last year’s All-Star Break has the second-best ERA in the National League at 2.32.

Over his last six starts, Urias has held his opponents to a .177 average and posted a 2.08 ERA. Currently, he has the 11th-best ERA in the majors and the fifth-best ERA in the National League.

Depending on any pushbacks, Urias could have two more starts before the All-Star Break on July 16, and if he starts against the Angels in the last series before the break, he may be ineligible to pitch, but that remains to be seen.

With the All-Star Game being at Dodger Stadium it is the perfect scenario for Urias to make his first appearance. Teammate Tony Gonsolin, who has the league’s lowest ERA at 1.54, and Clayton Kershaw could be selected as well. Kershaw has never started an All-Star game surprisingly, and it would be perfect if he got the honor at Chavez Ravine.

However, back to Urias, the numbers are there for him to make the All-Star game. He made the MLB All-Second Team last season and continues to improve. At nearly the halfway mark of 2022, he has struck out 83 batters in 87 ⅔ innings. He’s also posted a WHIP of 1.03.

In earlier seasons in his career, Urias missed a lot of time with injuries, and with the Dodgers being one of the deeper teams in the Majors, there was not a permanent role for him. As fans remember, Urias pitched out of the bullpen and made spot starts in several of those seasons.

During the postseason, he was used as a starter and even a closer delivering the final out in the 2020 World Series for the Dodgers.

Now that Urias has earned a spot on the Dodgers rotation, he’s shown why the Dodgers have relied on him in crucial moments. With another quality start, Urias can definitely inch closer to that All-Star spot, even though he boosted his case on Monday. The same thing can be said for teammates such as Tyler Anderson, Kershaw, and Gonsolin in terms of All-Star honors, but only so many can make it.

Unless Urias has a disaster start before the break, he should definitely get the nod for an All-Star appearance in front of Dodger fans.


7 thoughts on “Should Julio Urias Make 2022 NL All-Star Squad?

  1. Gonsolin and Urias have EARNED the right. Kershaw has been hurt and it would be because of past performance. A bad idea when someone like Urias is so deserving. Urias should have been chosen last year. Dodgers are only going to get a few slots. The NY media will be insisting on Mets players. I would elect Gonsolin, Urias, Freeman, T Turner and Smith. Anderson has had a great year but Urias and Gonsolin have been better. W-L records are not very accurate. Look at their advanced metrics. and ERA, WHIP etc.


    1. Probably gonna come down to Kershaw’s and Urias’s next starts. They will probably both get 2 more starts before the AS break. Kersh with another 2 good outings will probably get the nod. Darn shame Kimbrel cost him the win his last outing.


      1. So its your opinion that Kershaw has outperformed Urias this season? Really?? C’mon you guys want Kershaw because of his past not his present. Yes Kershaw is still a great pitcher when he is not hurt. Kershaw continues to miss large swathes of seasons with injury. Urias has been a stud and a complete Team Player.. Who was on the mound to finish their only WS win? If Kershaw gets the nod over Urias it will be a travesty voting for the past over the present and future. With that mindset vote for Buehler and Kershaw they have been great…. To heck with Gonsolin and Urias. I would vote for Anderson third over Kershaw.


      2. Relax TMax. Never said I thought Kersh has out performed Urias. Just said I think Kersh will get the nod with 2 good outings. You should know by now that AS selections are not always fair or go to the most deserving player.


  2. Yes you are right. Sorry I over reacted there. I do apologize. Urias continues to get little respect from Roberts or the Dodgers. Buehler seems to be their new golden child and he has been great but Urias rarely gets a break from Roberts. Kershaw even if chosen should defer to Urias and rest his aging injury prone body. We can hope he doesn’t break down again before or during the playoffs/. Kershaw has an incredible legacy and should be a first ballot HOFer. But currently Gonsolin, Urias and Anderson are the studs of the rotation. We are all hoping Kershaw can continue to pitch as well as he did the start of the season and his last start but I am sure we all have our fingers crossed.


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