Dodgers, Cody Bellinger Reach Deal to Avoid Arbitration


Happy Holidays everyone! We are in the middle of winter, and baseball has essentially taken a pause.

Out of the blue yesterday, Jeff Passan from ESPN reported that the Dodgers and Cody Bellinger had agreed to a one year $17 million contract to avoid arbitration before the original Dec. 1 lockout date.

Apparently, the deal was neve reported, but it was agreed to before the lockout. Bellinger is coming off his worst major league season, although he did miss a lot of time due to several injuries.

Bellinger hit .165 on the year, but he seemed to hit a switch during the postseason hitting .353 and coming up with some of the biggest hits during the playoff run.

As of now, Bellinger is set to hit free agency after the 2023 season.

Other than that, the team has signed players to minor league contracts. Most recently, the Dodgers signed catcher Tomas Telis to a minor league contract; he had appearances with the Rangers and Marlins during 2013-2018. The 30 year old will look to earn a spot on the big league roster.

In other news, during the offseason, Dodger Stadium will hold a Top Golf Live tour, as it will run from January 27-30. Tickets could be found at Dodger Stadium.

As far as the lockout, it appears talks will resume at some point in January. Let’s be hopeful that it is resolved sooner than later.

It has been a crazy 2021, it feels like just yesterday when we were watching Bellinger and Justin Turner run past each other on the base paths during Opening Day.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and the New Year can not get here any faster.


16 thoughts on “Dodgers, Cody Bellinger Reach Deal to Avoid Arbitration

  1. Only in American baseball can you hit .165 and get a raise to $17M. And the MLBPA is complaining that salaries are in decline? Good grief!


  2. Merry Christmas everyone.
    Hope Santa brought you everything you were hoping for.
    As for me, my only wish was for people to learn how to get along with one another. Guess I’ll have to wait a while for that one.


    1. Neil deGrasse Tyson said we will have to wait a generation. But, you already knew that didn’t you Jefe.

      The history of Christmas is a fascinating read. Does anyone know how long we’ve been celebrating Christmas as a National Holiday here in the U.S.? Here’s a hint – baseball is older.

      Dodgers still listed as early World Series favorites. With all our issues, I wonder why?


      1. The reason we’re still the early WS favorites is because Andrew Friedman has not yet begun to fight……………….er, trade.

        Or maybe because the guys who set the betting lines are getting lazy or don’t know what they’re talking about. Meet me here in October and we can decide which of those possibilities it was.


      2. Money has its own language and when it speaks betting lines listen.

        The Dodgers will be good again. It’s a given.


      3. They will most certainly be good.
        The question is will they be the best? I hope so, I think they could very well be, but I’m not willing to put any of my own money on it. I would, however, be willing to put your money on it. Please forward debit card number, bank account number and/or cash.


      4. Got a small problem. The money is in an Edward Jones account that will charge a 10% fee for any money I take out early. I’m a little short of on hand cash so if you’ll send me $100 I can get a $1,000 to you before Spring has sprung and you can place the bet on the odds at that time.


      5. I just posted a response, it didn’t land, then I got I notice in the mail that I had successfully subscribed to Think Blue Planning Committee. Good to know I guess. I must have been unsuccessfully subscribed before.


      6. If I had known you were previously unsuccessfully subscribed, I would never have engaged you in conversation. Come to think of it, you might very well consider that a positive.


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