Latest Dodger Rumors as MLB Lockdown Goes Into Full Effect

We are in full lockdown mode now, since the MLB lockdown was made official on Wednesday. You may have seen all through Twitter how lonely the MLB website looks, and how all the profile pictures of players have been removed.

The last moves the Dodgers made before the lockdown we’re a few reunions. They officially announced the signings of utilityman Chris Taylor and righty reliever Daniel Hudson.

So, as of now, no free agents will be signing until this lockdown situation gets handled, as well as no trades will go down. Players can not use team facilities either to work out; for example, if a player is rehabbing from an injury, they won’t be able to use the team facility.

No one knows how long the first baseball work stoppage in 26 years will last. Right now, baseball still has a lot of time to figure out the new Collective Bargaining Agreement; but if we get down to March or late February, it may very mean that it can affect the regular season in some shape or form.

Just before the lockdown, there were a couple of Dodger rumors circulating. The Dodgers were rumored to be talking to some big names in Freddie Freeman and Carlos Correa.

It is hard to imagine the Braves letting Freeman walk, especially after winning the World Series. It was rumored Freeman was searching for a contract of about six years and $180 million, which is honestly reasonable for a player like Freeman. However, it could be a bit steep for Atlanta’s wallet.

It had also been reported that the Dodges had contacted people who represent Correa. Now, we all know if Correa were to sign with the Dodgers it would essentially make major headlines, and possibly split the fanbase to some degree.

I’ve seen throughout social media some fans saying they’ve put 2017 past them and they would welcome Correa, while others say they want him nowhere near the Dodgers organization.

Personally, I do not think Coreaa will sign with the Dodgers, but it would be interesting if he did. There are many storylines there.

In other rumors, after Corey Seager was announced as a Texas Ranger, he gave a couple interviews in which he alluded that he was trying to recruit former teammate Clayton Kershaw to Texas.

We finally got some news from Kenley Jansen, as several reports had linked him to the Marlins.
So far in major moves, the Dodgers have lost Seager, Max Scherzer, and Corey Knebel while adding Andrew Heaney, and Hudson.

Now, all we have to do is wait for this lockout to end while we are deprived of player signings and trade news.

50 thoughts on “Latest Dodger Rumors as MLB Lockdown Goes Into Full Effect

  1. I’ll be very surprised if the two sides have any meetings whatsoever before January. They’ll both spend December shooting out statements like yesterday’s explaining why they’re the good guys and the other side are the greedy ones. Each side is competing for the fan vote. Baseball meet politics.

    I don’t see Correa in a Dodger uni. Hard to believe that AF would be high bidder and he wants to play shortstop. Although some of the players and fans have put 2017 behind them, many have not, and Correa is the poster boy for what happened back then.

    One piece of information that I read yesterday which I hadn’t thought about. Although teams can’t talk to players or their agents during the lockout, they are free to talk to each other. In other words, they can put trades together which would then be announced after the new agreement. Assuming that some trades are put together that way, it will be interesting to see what kind of leaks there are and how many we will know about before the lockout ends.

  2. I really hope the Correa talk, was just Andrew doing his due diligence, and wasn’t anything serious. I might be able to stomach an Astros pitcher, but please don’t bring over any of those cheating Astros hitters. They stole a WS from our Dodgers, I will believe that forever, and I’ll never forget.

    I think the players need to address the luxury tax threshold. It only raised a total of 15 million over the last contract, it went from 195 mil to 210 mil over a five year period, that’s not much of a raise. Getting the severity of the penalties dropped drastically would help a lot also. The owners are never going to giveback that sixth year of control, it’s been that way since free agency began. What the players should be trying to do, is get the free agency time clock to start earlier. What the cubs did to Bryant was a travesty, they basically got seven years from him for the price of six. There is no way a player should be able to play, from late April, or early May, and it not count as a year towards free agency. If they could fix that, get the LT raised to the 250 mil, and lower the penalties for going over the LT, I think the salaries would raise on their own, and take care of themselves. That would be the price for the owners expanded playoffs if I was negotiating for the MLBPA.

    This crap about the owners giving the players the DH in the NL, is a load of BS, the owners claim it will be a spot for an older veteran to occupy, if you have noticed baseball is trending away from the traditional DH, more teams are using that spot to rotate different players to keep them rested, look at the Dodgers for example, they use Smith as a DH a lot so they can give him a day off behind the plate, while keeping his bat in the line up. The MLBPA should tell the owners to do whatever they want with the DH, it really has no negotiating value to the players.

    The players need to keep their eye on the ball, and not get distracted with things that don’t have a lot of value during negotiations. That’s what happened during the last CBA Negotiations, the players got all wrapped up in how much the international players were getting when they came here to play. So the players got a limit to how much an international player could receive, thinking that would be more money for the players already playing here. But basically the players put in a salary cap on international players, which only saved money for the owners. The owners are very good at sleight of hand, so far they have already hoodwinked Tony Clark once, hopefully he won’t be so gullible this time around. Where is Marvin Miller, when you need him.

    Sorry about the length of my rant, but I could go on, about how the billionaire owners act like they are going to the poor house, all night long.

  3. Concerning Freeman don’t see him leaving Braves.
    What about Rizzo good hands good bat and I believe good in the clubhouse. Would love some feedback

  4. Larry, I started to write about how much more consistent Freeman was, over Rizzo, but I decided to look at the numbers, and do a little reading, before I shot off my mouth. They are both almost the same age, Freeman has about 600 more ABs. Freeman has 271 HRs, to Rizzo’s 251. So pretty close there. Freeman has a pretty good advantage in runs scored, and RBIs, at 969 to 762. (Runs) 941 to 814 (RBIs). In AVG, OBP, and OPS Freeman holds an edge but not a huge difference. .295/ 384/ 893 to Rizzo’s 268/ 369/ 850. The big stat for a lot of people is WAR Freeman has a career 43.1 WAR, to Rizzo’s 36.8

    If you only look at the overall numbers, Rizzo is a poor man version of Freeman, numbers are not drastically different, age, and ABs are similar, Rizzo should be a lot cheaper, and at least a few years less on his contract, (I’ve seen predictions of 3/45) The big question for me is, is Rizzo starting his deterioration, or was it an outlier, his numbers were drastically down last year, and started to fall in 2020. Here are his numbers for last season.
    War 1.7
    Hits 123
    HRs 22
    Avg .248
    OBP .344
    OPS .783
    He should have lit up yankee stadium, but he wasn’t really much of a force there. So I have a little bit of a reservation there. I’m a little worried we’d have to watch a steady decline over the next few years. He’s had a shortened season, and a full season of downward numbers, so it would scare the heck out of me that we would be wasting that money.

    I put a lot of thought into this after I read your post, so here is my final take, Freeman is as close to a sure thing as there is in this year, and most years, free agent class. I’d much rather see AF give Freeman his 6/180 ( which I think he should have done before the deadline, so Freddie didn’t have more time to think about it) than to give Rizzo a contract, even if it is for only three years.

    If Freeman is not available, as you are predicting, I’d rather see The Dodgers go in a different direction, what that direction is, I don’t know, but with the lockout, we will have plenty of time to debate it. We can have Jeff tell Andrew what we’ve figured out, because we all know he has Andrew’s ear.😀

    Tag, you’re it Larry.

    1. Are you guys assuming Muncy is finished?

      I have no problem with Correa for the reasons I’ve already stated. The question, as I see it, is simply this: do the Dodgers anticipate Trea Turner being the Dodgers shortstop of the future? I have no idea what they are thinking, but I do have doubts that Turner sees it that way.

  5. Keith, I told you that my ear collection is supposed to be kept confidential. So far I have two, Andrew’s and Vincent Van Gogh’s.

    Some good thought there about the Freeman/Rizzo comparison. One thing I might point out is that Avg, OBP and OPS are mostly determined by the individual’s performance whereas RBI and runs scored are directly affected by the surrounding players in the lineup. Could be that Freeman has had a better supporting cast, at least lately, than has Rizzo. On the other hand, as you point out, Rizzo has fallen off the last couple of years whereas Freddie seems to have maintained his production.

    One thing I don’t see anyone talking about here and that is if we sign or trade for a new first baseman, we need to move Max off of first. I would think long and hard before I would do that. I really don’t like his defense at third and I’m not thrilled with his play at second although I suppose I could live with it except that makes Lux the odd man out.
    I guess I’m feeling that if you can get Freeman you do it and make the necessary moves to adjust for that, but to sign Rizzo which forces Max off first, not feeling it and would rather have Lux as the regular second baseman.

    Larry and Mike, good to see you guys here. Mike, I’ve talked to AF and if we sign Rizzo, he’ll have a live mic for all games, especially when he plays against Freeman. “Freddie, oh Freddie.”

    1. Lux is our second baseman. I expect him to break out big time. He slashed .360/.467/.500 the last month of the season and at 24 I believe he will continue to hit. Unless Muncy needs TJ surgery, he’s our first baseman. He’s worked hard at improving his defense there.

      We need pitching. Maybe some of it is already here but another quality starter would sure help. The young guys that are showing the most promise likely need another year. And, as ugly as it may sound, we could sure use Bauer. Our depth chart at ESPN reads Gonsolin, Heaney and Bauer at 3-5. Gulp. It also has Bellinger at first, Taylor at second and Lux in center. I sure hope it doesn’t play out like that.

      1. Lux is your second baseman.
        Lux is my second baseman.
        Is Lux Andrew’s second baseman?

        Rotation has holes and AF is well aware. Still a few options in free agency and quite a few in trade. Andrew will overcome!

        That ESPN lineup is apparently assuming we won’t have Max to begin the year. I hope they’re wrong.

      2. I hope they’re wrong too. It was initially reported he doesn’t need surgery because “everything is where it’s supposed to be”. Ok, if he doesn’t need surgery he has plenty of time to heal. If he needs surgery, why hasn’t he had it yet? It’s been over 2 months since his injury.

  6. Two things scoop, first Andrew started the whole thing about moving Max off of first base when he started talking to Freddie , and got all of us fans worked up. For Freeman I’d be willing to deal with Muncys’ defense at first. Second, Muncy may possibly need surgery on his elbow, he’s already admitted it s not responding the way he’d hoped, even if he doesn’t have surgery, I don’t expect Max to put up the numbers he usually does, at least not for a while. We can’t afford to lose his production, and Cory’s, and think we are going to stay competitive. Freeman would solve that problem, then when/ if Muncy gets healthy Doc can do what he does best, and get everybody enough playing time to keep them happy. If Muncy hadn’t of been injured maybe things would be different.

    1. Freeman would be a great addition to any lineup. He’s only 32 and I think Atlanta would be crazy to let him go. They have had him for $22 million and I believe he’s due for sizable raise. He’s from here but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to come back here. He’s been in Atlanta his entire adult life. I don’t see him leaving. As far as Friedman talking to him, that’s his job. He talks to everyone. Muncy is under contract for $13 million with a team option for that amount in ‘23. Until I hear otherwise, he’s at first base on my depth chart.

      As for Pollock, 3.1 WAR in 117 games for $18 million is a bargain. He’s due $13m then an option year for $10 million at ages 34 and 35. What I want to know is who is going to play left field when he isn’t out there. I’d sure like to see McKinstry earn the spot as on paper it looks like a logical platoon. But none of the many back up 4A outfielders earned a lock. In fact, some are gone.

      I still need a Rios update. Unless there are some moves on the horizon, not likely, I still have Justin/Rios at third. With Seager gone I’m not sure what the lineup looks like. It would be helpful to know if Cody is going to be 100%.

  7. OK Keith we have a great 1st baseman in Bellinger if he can get back to being himself. I realize pitching is our priority but I’m concerned about our outfield. Pollock had a good season but he is a year older and fragile to begin with and Mookie has hip problems that has to be a concern there does not seem to be anyone ripe on the farm to step in so I say let’s take a look at our outfield instead of 1st base

  8. OK Keith we have a great 1st baseman in Bellinger if he can get back to being himself. I realize pitching is our priority but I’m concerned about our outfield. Pollock had a good season but he is a year older and fragile to begin with and Mookie has hip problems that has to be a concern there does not seem to be anyone ripe on the farm to step in so I say let’s take a look at our outfield instead of 1st base

  9. Let’s add it all up. Belli had probably the worst season in baseball history for an outfielder. Lux has been a disaster except for 3 weeks. Turner is aging. Muncy may not even start the season. Mookie we can only hope that he is healed. Pollock is good if he can stay healthy. We have 2 major league starters and a questionable bullpen. And nobody on the farm to step in yet. And nobody on the bench. Did I get you guys right.?

      1. Well, Gordon’s not exactly wrong, though I think there have been worse years by outfielders. Cody looked damm good in post season. His power wasn’t back yet, but he was hitting and he was running. I’m going to assume he and Lux will be ready to go. If I’m wrong, yeah, we may have a problem.

        As we stand now I take the under on a 100 wins pace early, but we’ll be in it until the trade deadline, then we will strike. We’re the Dodgers. We can dive deeper and swim faster than any S.O.B. around, Fix windmills too. We got money in the bank, cattle on the ranch, three layers of hair on our chests and we’re tough so don’t count us out.

      2. Well you know there are 4 teams in the west division that rarely play a over 500 so that maybe a bit negative Jeff. Considering that they are all pretty bad teams 2nd would be reasonable and first still attainable . in such lousy division there is always 1 team that will play above 500.

  10. Scoop you can never count us out when we play half our games against 4 sub 500 teams and have almost unlimited money. The reason no outfielder has had a worst year than belli is they always get demoted or cut long before the season ends.
    If belli and Lux hit 240 we can win the division but I wouldn’t want to bet my money. I’m assuming of course that we find 3/4 starters and our bullpen is as good as last year.

    1. I think both Lux and Bellinger will OPS .800 next year. I’m willing to bet 25 push-ups on it. Might have to modified push-ups, my rotator cuffs aint rotating.

  11. I’d like to see Andrew make an offer to McHugh, he pitched real well for Tampa, out of the bull pen, last season.

  12. What do you guys think of Eddie Rosario, to play the left handed half of a platoon with Pollock? He’s predicted to sign for only 2/15 ? Or they could bring back Joc. I don’t think we have a left handed batting OF on the team, or in the system to fill that spot. All of the top FA OFers are right handed batters, we already have that.

    1. First, they need to decide what kind of role they have planned for Lux. If he isn’t going to be the everyday second baseman that would free him to be the lefty outfield bat, as long as you don’t insist on someone who will get you 20-30 homers per year.

    2. Rosario is ok, though Pollock hits RH pitching as well as Rosario does. Better last year. Rosario is better than Beaty.

      Lux could be an outfielder, and a good one but that would limit his at bats. Taylor is going to be out there occasionally too, and I am assuming McKinstry will come back at 100% and push for playing time.

      I’m not as concerned about our position players as I am about starting pitching. Some subtle moves could be made (like Rosario) and if our guys are healthy we will score. But…. Gonsolin, Heaney and Bauer. Really?

      1. Not sure why you’re grouping Bauer with the other two there. Are you saying he can’t be depended upon to pitch well (assuming he’s pitching here)?

      2. Well, yeah. He’s currently listed as our #5 starter. Can you tell me if he’s going to pitch in ‘22?

      3. I could tell you if he’s going to pitch in ’22 but I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

        OK, just wanted to clarify if you were counting him in the rotation and thought he wasn’t very good or if you thought he was OK (top 5) for the rotation but weren’t sure if he would be around.
        Yeah, he’s probably overrated, but if he turns out to be our 5th best starter, we’ll probably be OK. That, of course, would mean that AF would have to do some fast and clever maneuvering once the CBA is settled.

  13. Yeah Scoop. They really need him. And they can’t afford to just release him as then they would have to eat both years and he could sign anywhere. And I suspect the fans don’t really care if he performs. The legal system certainly doesnt. By the way I think he is hugely overrated based on 1 sixty game season and could not understand his contract from the get go. But they are stuck with it now.

    1. Yeah, I agree with all that Gordon. It would appear he’s our overpriced dysfunction. I’m just considering who we have that can be counted on to take the ball and eat up some innings. He can do that – if he’s not serving time somewhere else.

  14. Not to long after mlb shut Bauer down for the rest of the season, I read an article that said, MLB already had enough evidence to suspend him for a year, under the domestic abuse rule, that the MLBPA, and MLB agreed on, but were waiting for Pasadena to decide if they were going to press charges, or not. Under that premise, I’ve always assumed he was gone for the 2022 season, but after the Ozuna ruling, I’m not so sure anymore.

    I hope he never pitches for the Dodgers again, so I’m rooting for the 2022 unpaid suspension, I just hope Pasadena would decide before the lockout is over, so AF would know if he has money to spend.

    Forget Bauer, sign Rodon, trade for Montas, or Barrett, and bring back Clayton, use Gonsolin, or Heany for depth out of the bullpen, and it’s all finished. Easy peasy😀

    1. He’s already missed a half year. Got paid of course. If he isn’t charged, how can the MLB say they have enough to suspend him? Because he did it, but his station puts him above the law? Yeah, that happens. Whatever. I was counting on it being resolved by December 1st. Now we may not know for months. Not fair to the Dodgers who are on the hook for all that money. What an unfortunate signing that turned out to be.

  15. The way the article explained it scoop was, the MLB rules on abuse are much different than court of law rules, a player doesn’t have to be found guilty in court, to be guilty in MLB, and since the MLBPA was part of the making of this rule, the players have to honor it, even if they aren’t charged with anything. The writer said from what he knew Bauer would be suspended without pay for 2022, so we’ll see. I haven’t seen any articles like that once then, so maybe the writer was off base.

    Now I’m not saying it’s going to happen that way, but that’s what I thought would happen, until the Ozuna penalty of a measly 20 game suspension, for hitting his girl friend in front of a police officer. So now I have my doubts, but I can hope.

    1. There are a number of instances where MLB has suspended a player when they were never charged by the D.A.

      I absolutely can’t understand why the Pasadena D.A. hasn’t decided one way or the other yet. At first, I thought that MLB might have prevailed upon them to wait until after the season, but that obviously isn’t the case, nor should any outside organization have any influence on that decision in the first place.

      I keep asking myself if Manfred and AF have had a discussion where MLB has at least told the Dodgers what to expect with regard to Bauer. It seems as though they are now waiting until after the CBA is negotiated, maybe in the hopes that the new agreement will take away MLB’s power to suspend if there are no charges brought. That way they can just claim it’s out of their hands and not have to deal with it.

    2. If true keith that is good news but I have my doubts. Just can’t see mlb getting to involved (20games sounds right) , because they would get sued and probably lose.

  16. Christian Colon retired today, he was a highly ranked prospect, the Royals drafted him at #4 in the first round of the 2010 draft. The reason I mention this is because my daughter knew him, they went to school at cal state Fullerton at the same time. My daughter got a scholarship to play soccer there, and it seemed Ike the soccer girls, and the baseball players hung out together quite a bit.

    The reason I brought this up is, I have a funny story to tell, and it involves JT, I’ve never told you guys before, or at least I don’t remember telling it, but JT is been around long enough, and we all know what a great guy he is in the community and charities that I think you guys will get a laugh.

    My daughter, and her roommate, who was the goal keeper at CSF, walked into the local watering hole on taco Tuesday, or what ever excuse college kids use to party, I think this happened in their senior year. I don’t know if any of you guys have family or friends that played D1 sports in college but, you have to have a lot of attitude, and sometimes a chip on your shoulder, it’s a really tough, my daughter was a defender, and her and her roommate the keeper had attitude in spades, it’s what got my daughter there in the first place, she wasn’t afraid of anything, or anybody. So back to the bar.

    They walk in, and the roommates boy friend, who was a baseball player for CSF, ( they had one of those on again off again, love, hate relationships) was sitting at a table with JTs little sister, and JT, the boyfriend knew JT somehow even though JT was a few years older. So Roommate, and my daughter see the boyfriend and the little sister together, and proceed to get in little sisters face. They raise a big stink, call her a few choice names, and I believe the little sister was about to get her butt kicked by two pissed off, half drunk soccer players when the boys finally get involved, to save the little sister. The boy friend grabs the roommate, and JT gets in my daughters face, she starts mouthing off to him, and he finally had to threaten to kick her backside before she finally shut up. Nobody got hurt, nothing really happened. If I remember right the roommate and the boyfriend got back together , the little sister didn’t go out with the boyfriend again, and avoided the soccer girls. My daughter may be the only Dodger fan that does not like JT. That tough, macho athlete attitude doesn’t allow for much forgiveness. To this day, if I’m watching a game, and tell her, “ hey Justin Turner just hit a home run, her usual response is F……. Justin Turner,😀

    Hope that provided a little entertainment for a Sunday while were watching a little football.

    1. Keith my daughter played Div 1 soccer and was the sweeper. Kris along with the goalie and her D Line had a serious attitude! It’s been almost twenty years ago. Thanks, I loved remembering that. Those young ladies were in incredible shape. They would dress up to go out to party and could stop traffic they were/are gorgeous…But what attitude!

  17. Under contract the rotation currently is Bauer, Urias, Buehler, Gonsolin, Heaney?, Jackson?, White?, Grove? as they are all on the 40 man roster. There are young guns also like Miller, Pepiot, and others that are probably a year away but could make the transition. That is 3 pitchers that when on are #1 rated starters! The Dodgers know what they have and I am sure AF makes the decision to sign or trade to build a great rotation.
    I believe Rios will be back along with Ferguson, and Kahnle is due to play in 2022.
    Rizzo worries me as he has not been great for a year and a half and could be losing bat speed. That the Giants did not jump on him after Posey retired should tell us something.

    1. White, maybe. Jackson, I don’t think so. The rest of those guys aren’t ready. David Price?

      I expect a trade to be made. But, not for a while, ey?

    2. Belt took the Giants QO so I don’t think they have much interest in Rizzo at this point. At one time Belt played some outfield, but I seriously doubt they want him doing that at his current age and with the large outfield they have to roam.

      I could see Rizzo being signed by a team with young players. He would certainly be a good influence. Or, if the Yanks don’t sign Freeman or trade for Olson, they might very well approach him to come back.

      1. Is Kershaw able to pitch to the level he is accustomed to? I doubt he will sign a contract unless he feels he can be very successful, Kersh is driven to dominate. As he has dealt with his body breaking down recently if I were him and can pitch I would go home to Texas. He has never moved his family to CA in all the years. His kids are getting old enough to see their father pitch and they could be there every time he pitches at home. It’s not about money with him and he is a family-first guy.
        Dodgers should turn the page. That is why AF didn’t offer him the QF. Respect.

  18. Tmax, my daughter was an outside defender, and she could get real mean, back in her club days, this one team they played against had a girl that was built like a tank, and played like one too. She put one of our girls out with a cheap shot to her ankle, and a little while later she cheap shot my daughter, who went down and broke her wrist but didn’t realize it, It hurt, but her mentality was, if you could run, you played. About twenty minutes later she came to the sidelines, and told the coach her arm hurt, so we take a trip to the hospital, and find out her wrist is broke. She played twenty minutes that way, I was both proud, and horrified.

    So a couple of years later, lo and behold, were playing a game, and “ the Tank” is playing against us for the first time since she broke my daughters wrist. At some point in the game we get a corner kick for our team, and my daughter comes up from the back to get in on the corner kick. She makes a good run, completely ignores the ball and knocks “ the Tank” into the goal post, and knocks her out cold, the girl comes back awake, about the time their coach gets out on the field, and walks off under her own power, but doesn’t play again for the rest of the game, again I was both proud and horrified.

    We did see “the Tank” a couple of more times over the years, but she NEVER took any liberties, or cheap shots against my daughters team again, and she stayed as far away from my daughter as she could.

    If you ever touched her goal keeper, you were going to get knocked on your butt sometime later in the game, and told not to ever touch her keeper again or else.

    Now a days she’s a mild mannered stay at home mom, with a one year old, and a three year old, but oh man once upon a time.

    1. Like your daughter, ours was involved in Club soccer. Anyone that has watched the young ladies play at that level and in college has no doubt of a woman’s competitive nature. Those young tigers are fierce! And yes like a momma lion protecting their young they will retaliate and remember any cheap shots and would get them back even if it was a year later.

  19. Hey, do you guys think Clayton is coming back here to play, or playing in Texas. We haven’t mentioned him much, When talking about the starting pitchers. Gives me the feeling a lot of people don’t expecting him back.

  20. Keith, you left out a third alternative………………….not playing at all.
    We still have no clue (and he may not either) how is arm will respond. He may not be ready to pitch in 2022 and that could lead to retirement or to TJ and a year off before attempting a comeback.
    Lots of possibilities with Clayton and he may not make a decision until right before ST.

    1. You know keith, right now we barely have a pitching staff. Andrew has a big job ahead of him. All those young guys were not an option last season, even after signing half dozen rejects that other teams jettisoned, Albeit only for 1/2 innings apiece. I think it’s much more difficult to build a whole new staff than just fill in a few pieces during the off season. I can hardly wait to see Andrew in action this off-season.

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