Latest News and Notes from Spring Training

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We’ve finally made it to the month of March, when we see real baseball being played once again. There’s just three and a half weeks until the Dodgers roster is whittled down to the 26 men who will start the season with the big club.

Last Thursday, we discussed the depth of the Dodgers roster. And while he probably wasn’t in danger of not making the squad, Enrique Hernandez has turned some heads this spring. The super-utility player has three home runs in the short time spring training has been going on, and he’s not necessarily a power hitter. He has realized that his hip alignment had been detrimental to his swing, and he has worked to fix it. So far, it’s reaping rewards for him in the power department. Something to keep an eye on as the season progresses.

David Price had his spring debut today, and it could have gone a little better. A new team, and not having pitched in over six months in a game left Price with nerves and shaking legs. The lefty was slated to go two innings, but was removed after 1-1/3 innings after making 40 pitches. He allowed two runs in the first inning, and gave up three hits, and three walks, combined with three strikeouts. However, Price thought the outing went well.

“I felt good,” he told reporters afterwards. “For where I’m at right now in spring training; after two live BP’s, and now my first outing, it’s very positive for myself.”

Julio Urias also had his first outing of the season. Urías started the third inning of the game on Monday, and allowed two runs on one hit. He also posted one strikeout, one walk and a baebrunner by an error issued to Justin Turner.

“I had a bit of command issues,” Urías told reporters later. “The fastball was kind of running a little bit. There was some other balls I thought might have been strikes, but the umpire didn’t agree with me. It just wasn’t my day.”

Cody Bellinger was scratched before the start of Monday’s game due to side soreness. Dave Roberts downplayed the severity of it, saying that Cody wanted to play and it was all in an abundance of caution. Cody has been out the night before at Top Golf with Mike Trout, Turner and others, but Roberts denied that the golf had had anything to do with the soreness.

The Dodgers have hit 19 home runs so far this spring. Cody Thomas leads the team with four. They also have the most hit batsmen in all of the majors, for a total of 10 times. Just as long as it doesn’t lead to the unfortunate injuries of the past few seasons.

Yadier Alvarez has cleared waivers and will return to Dodgers camp, on the minor league side.


9 thoughts on “Latest News and Notes from Spring Training

    1. Did you see that shot Trout hit? Impressive.

      Big years for Hernandez and Pederson. Actually important years for a lot of players in this organization. I look for a lot of career years, from A ball all the way up.

      1. I would like to see Kike kick his average up maybe 20 points. He has 20 HR power without making a bunch of changes. My gripe has always been his low batting average. Joc will be what he is, a masher against RHP, and a no show against lefty’s simply because he is not going to get a chance to hit them,..

    2. Never seen one called that when I lived there, but who knows, not my area of expertise…should ask Jefe>>>>>>> Estevez was shut down with shoulder soreness. There was a story about Puig on MLB trade rumors, said he had turned down a 10 million dollar offer from an NL team, but did not name the team. I still think he will catch on somewhere, a lot of players banged up. So they get to keep Alvarez, maybe they can get some production out of the guy somewhere in the minors this year. I am pretty sure being DFA’d like that has to be some sort of wakeup call.

      1. I’m glad he’s still here. You just never know with guys like him. Tuck him away somewhere safe and get him the help he needs. Sports psychologist is where I’d start.

        I too would like to see Kiké hit better. I know he did at one time. As a 23 year old he hit .300 and OPSd .836. His career splits suggest he’s streaky by month. He projects a slash of .242/.319./439, 19 home runs, slight improvement from last year, but suggests to me he’s still a free swinger. With those numbers and his utility skills he’s still valuable and will put up 2 WAR. He could be more help if he was just a bit more selective.

      2. I have always felt that about him too. I think the one player who surprised me with his power is Taylor. Yeah, he only hit 11 last year, but he had 21 and 17 the two prior years and when he first came up, I thought he was a punch and Judy type hitter. He got rewarded with a 2 year deal, so I am pretty sure he is back next year and Kike is a free agent. On a sadder note, the LA County Sheriff’s department said that at least 8 deputy’s took photo’s at the crash site of Kobe’s helicopter and some were of the remains of the victims. All the officers have been identified, and are being investigated. They all could be facing some discipline, but what type was not mentioned. All had to bring their personal phones in and make sure all the photos were deleted. The department also issued apology’s to the family’s of the victims. Kobe’s wife was said to be extremely upset by this. She is suing the helicopter company because she feels the pilot used bad judgement flying in those type of conditions.

      3. Surely you jest. I can’t stand this guy, in an Astro’s uni??? Nope….

  1. They should know better, but they don’t. I’ve had a long 7 year battle going with the Colorado “justice” department. Not our best and brightest, that’s for sure. Any cop involved in that scandalous behavior should be heavily disciplined if not canned.

    I like Taylor too, but he’s another example of all or nothing swing. I’m still of the “counts count” school. Always will be. Have a clue up there and hit a line drive where it’s pitched. I’m also a dead read first pitch hitter. If the pitcher was dumb enough to throw a get ahead strike one fastball over the middle of the plate I turned on it. He wouldn’t do it again and you’d be amazed how often I was hitting ahead in the count. I coached the same way and it was successful. Hit it hard somewhere and good things will happen often enough. The three outcome principle is one I still take issue with. But you know, it seems to be working for them. These guys are all bigger and stronger than I ever was and play on the same size field. Of course, I played at about the same size Betts is, so, there’s that.

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