Should Dodgers Aggressively Pursue Dellin Betances?

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At one point during December’s Winter Meetings, it looked like the Dodgers were hot on the trail of reliever Dellin Betances, but once Los Angeles snagged righty Blake Treinen, it appeared that the interest in Betances may have subsided.

Back in November, it seemed as if the Mets were in the driver’s seat to land the 31-year-old Brooklyn native. It’s no secret that Betances is friends with new skipper Carlos Beltran and that he would probably prefer to remain in New York; but it may get a little difficult for the Metropolitans, especially if they find themselves in a bidding war with division rival Philadelphia.

The last real indicator of what the four-time All-Star is seeking was a reported one-year offer worth about $10 million. The reasoning is that a decent performance during his upcoming campaign—while proving his durability—could be the springboard to a bigger deal spanning several years at the end of the 2020 season.

The crazy thing is, though, Betances was evidently close to a multi-year extension with the Yankees before he blew out his shoulder at the beginning of the 2019 season. A deal was never made, and once the 6-foot-8, 265-pounder became healthy enough to pitch again, he promptly tore his Achilles in mid-September, keeping him on the shelf for the remainder of the season.

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Since the Treinen signing became official, there has not been much chatter regarding the Dodgers’ continued pursuit of Betances. As it stands now, it appears to be a three-team race for his services between the Yankees, Mets and Phillies.

Betances owns a career 2.36 ERA and a 2.31 FIP with a 14.64 K/9 alongside a 0.61 home runs allowed per nine. His 11.3 WAR ranks sixth among all MLB relievers since making his debut in 2011, despite missing all of the 2012 and 2019 seasons.

In 2018, he made 66 appearances and threw 66-2/3 innings with the Yankees, producing a 2.70 ERA with a whopping 115 punchouts. His benchmark campaign came back in 2014 when he posted a 1.40 ERA, a 1.64 FIP and a 0.778 WHIP alongside 135 strikeouts over 90 innings in 70 games.

During a five-year stretch from 2014-18, no big league reliever amassed more innings than Betances’ 373-1/3 frames. His bread and butter is his four-seam, consistently sitting in the 97-99 MPH range throughout the course of his career.

Some opinions are that the Dodgers were (at one point) interested in both Betances and Treinen. Los Angeles eventually snagged Treinen on a one-year pact worth $10 million. From that point on, the rumors of the Dodgers being linked to Betances have been sparse.

On one hand, the addition of Betances to the Dodgers’ bullpen could potentially boost the team tremendously, but on the other hand, it would add another huge element of risk alongside Treinen.

The 31-year-old Treinen is coming off of a disappointing season that saw him tally a uncharacteristic 4.91 ERA and a 5.14 FIP over 57 appearances and 58-2/3 innings. These numbers came one year after he posted a ridiculous 0.78 ERA and 1.82 FIP in 68 appearances.

Betances threw just eight regular-season pitches last year.

According to rough calculations, the Dodgers should still have about $20 million dollars to spend this offseason while still remaining under the Luxury Tax threshold.


32 thoughts on “Should Dodgers Aggressively Pursue Dellin Betances?

  1. I think we should get Betances, Ryu and Price to add to Treinen. Maybe one of them can make it through the season without injury. What’s that old expression? “There is safety in numbers.”

  2. Betances career numbers don’t mean anything to me. Those two injuries do. Shoulder injuries take time and an Achilles injury on a 265 pound man recovering from a shoulder injury is a waving garrison size red flag. If some team wants to give that guy $10 million I say let them.

  3. I think the Dodgers need to do something to appease the masses. Signing Ryu would do that. I am with Scoop about Betances A leg and shoulder injury withing a years time. Plus he is 31 years old. Injury’s take longer to heal when you hit your 30’s.

    1. I think signing Ryu might appease some, but not the rest. Remember, lots of people expected to get Cole or Strasburg or Rendon or Betts or Lindor. Re-signing a guy who was here last year won’t do it for them.

      1. The funny thing is, I don’t think many people considered a Rendon, Strasburg or Cole signing right when the season ended. At that point in time, Ryu, one or two bullpen pieces and another catcher (as an alternative to Barnes) seemed to be the preferred offseason targets. It wasn’t until the WS ended and the media started hyping those guys that Dodger fans started getting on board with them. I think it didn’t help matters, though, when Friedman told reporters he was ready to make a big splash, then stayed relatively quiet at the meetings. Still, getting Ryu back, adding an EFFECTIVE Treinen, and knowing Verdugo will be 100% on Opening Day could be a productive offseason, I think.

      2. I was just commenting to Bear on how “the masses” would react, not an uber-intelligent fan like you Dennis. 🙂

      3. I think a healthy Verdugo changes the whole dynamic of the lineup in a big kind of way. If Lux starts to emerge pretty early next year, that could be quite the potent duo atop the lineup. Moreover, it pushes seager down to No. 6 or 7, which extends the lineup even more.

      4. Totally agree. If Lux is what we think he is and Verdugo is healthy it will make a big difference. But then we need Ryu back and need one or two more guys for the bullpen. I can’t imagine anyone giving the Brewers what they want for Hader (whatever that is) but I’m sure AF has at least made the call. As I’ve said before, AF often makes moves in bunches. It just takes the first one to put everything in motion. I think he might have signed Ryu already if he didn’t have some thought that he might wind up with Clevinger or Price.

      5. I agree with that. It will appease the Ryu fans the most. They do not want to see Babe Ryu go somewhere else. Length and money seems to be the issue there. How much and how long. Since it obviously looks like he is set to get more than the Mad Bum. Kuechel would be the fall back option there. But they are running out of free agents with any kind of good history. And the Indians have asked all teams to submit their best offer for Lindor so they can peruse and decide this weekend. Ploy to get the bidding higher? The Betts talk has subdued a lot. I am pretty sure that if Lux had been included in any package the Dodgers offered, that deal would be done already. Betts? Too expensive for a one year rental who insists he is testing the FA waters. Price? Too much to pay a rapidly fading superstar. Donaldson? Looks like he prefers to stay in Atlanta, but Atlanta not disposed to pay him what he wants. I think he stays on the east coast and goes to DC who is making a huge push for him. The window of opportunity is not as open as before. And although AF has made deals this part of December a few times since he arrived, I do not think he pulls one off now.

  4. Dennis, why did you ban me for calling out U Don’t Matter for being such a jerk. I hope you banned him as well!

      1. You probably have the power Dennis, I have just never seen you use it. When someone gets inappropriate, you chastise and warn. That has seemed to be enough.

  5. Consider this. Duke Snider retired in 1964 after the season. Here we are 55 years later. Duke is still the teams all time leader in HR’s with 389. Career RBI leader too. Snider, Hodges Wheat and Furillo only Dodgers with over 1000 career ribbies in a Dodger uni. Snider still has the best career offensive WAR at 68.6 and Reese the best defensive WAR at 25.6. What does that prove? Well, for one, it proves that players no longer stay in an organization long enough to challenge the career leaders unless they are very exceptional. Kershaw is one of the few pitchers around who is in the top 10 of his teams pitching leaders. Kersh is 21 wins behind Dazzy Vance, and 40 behind Big D. He should pass Vance, but doubtful he passed Drysdale.

    1. Definitelt wasn’t me. Andy said she has no idea what happened. Sorry for the inconvenience and headache. Sounds to me like it could have been an action from another commenter, which definitely is not right, if it’s indeed the case. I’ll try to see what I can find out. I don’t think these discussions are monitored by any third parties.

    1. I will never grow tired of that. And no, I did not block you. Hill wins the Conigliaro award. One thing I will say for Dick Mountain. He gave the Dodgers everything he had.

  6. I agree bear. Super competitor. Great teammate and a great story to finally get paid. If we don’t sign another starter, I’d sign him to an incentive contract as insurance if someone gets hurt or some of the young guns don’t perform as we hope. Love Dick Mountain!

    1. One less prize for AF. Kuechel agrees to a 3 year deal with the White Sox. 55 million. AF has almost run out the string with nothing to show for it. Only real way to improve the rotation now is by trade or signing Ryu.

      1. I don’t think Keuchel will do better than 160 innings of 4.2. He’s a #4-5 now. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I think May will be better. Maybe not as many innings but a better ERA.

        There’s still time.

      2. I doubt that deal is on the table at all right now. Better question, who do they have the Dodgers would want?

      3. Nobody. In order for them to compete they need everybody we’d want. Their top prospects are like ours – untouchable.

  7. That’s funny, I don’t check in here everyday, so I was called out and banned, I guess I missed those day’s postings. Nothing but love. Sorry folks but I find that kind of stuff very amusing. (and no I don’t even spend my time or energy looking back into such non-sense)

  8. Keuchel’s contract is pretty much in line with way Ryu should expect to get. He should get a little more than Keuchel so say 3/$60 or 4/$80. The Dodgers need to get that done before they do anything else. Then you give Betances his 1/$10 to prove himself and to hell with the luxury tax. This team has a window to win a championship and it’s slowly closing so going over the tax line should not stop them from improving this team. If they don’t trust Betances then I would do my best to get Josh Hader. I’d give up anyone but Lux, May or Will Smith to get it done. Since we have Lux I would offer them Jeter Downs, Gonsulin and maybe a lower level prospect. This would be a nasty, 8 man deep bullpen.

    That’s a solid 8 guys to choose from to make up a bullpen. Our starting pitching will always carry their weight, the LA Dodgers always have superior pitching. We ha

    1. Somehow I doubt your offer for Hader would be enough for the Brewers unless the lower level prospect was someone with as high a ceiling as Cartaya. Hader is not getting a huge salary this year so they would have to be overwhelmed to trade him. After all, in Milwaukee Hader is considered (along with Yelich) as their franchise player.
      The new 3-man rule for relievers could make Kolarek’s future questionable since his splits are very one-sided. I think he’ll be given a chance in ST to convince management he still has a place, but otherwise if you sub Ferguson you still have a nice bullpen.

  9. I like our squad and I like the chemistry. That’s why we need Ryu back. Not only is he a damn fine pitcher but he fits in the clubhouse well. Everyone loves Ryu. Our young prospects will continue to develop and Lux will take on an everyday role just like Smith, Bellinger, Seager and Verdugo have. Make some tweaks to the bullpen and we can beat anyone.

  10. Do you sign Ryu or not and have the financial flexibility at the trade deadline to go after a Lindor, Clevinger, Betts or Arrenado if their teams falter and are not playoff bound. A roll of the dice. We don’t need anybody to win the West. We need stars to win the WS.. I don’t think AF is signing Ryu

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