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Latest Hot Stove Rumors Surrounding Dodgers


If you spend any amount of time on the Interwebs, you’ll no doubt come across any various sort of Dodgers rumors. Some are just fun to think about but don’t really make any sense, while others are much more in the realm of possibility.

The Dodgers are of course tied to every big free agent out there. Jon Heyman tweeted late last night that the Dodgers are indeed interested in Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, and Anthony Rendon, but have their own set value on each in mind, and will not go above that. Well, any Dodger fan could have told you that. This is the same as any offseason ever. I am not pinning my hopes on the Dodgers acquiring any one of these three, although I would love to see any of them in Dodger Blue.

Another rumor that keeps circulating is that of the Dodgers being interested in Josh Donaldson. He would be a cheaper and probably shorter option than Rendon, but a more fiery addition to the clubhouse as well. I did believe that last year’s Dodgers lacked that certain spark in the clubhouse, and Donaldson could indeed provide that. He also could mess up what the Dodgers have built in their chemistry, while Rendon would slide right into the third base slot.

The latest rumor to cross my twitter feed would be that of Mike Clevinger of the Cleveland Indians being available for trade. Now I’ve only seen it in this one account, so who knows how accurate it is. Still, the tall right-hander is an intriguing option and could slide into the second or third slot behind Walker Buehler and Clayton Kershaw.

The 28 year old has pitched in each of the last four seasons in the majors for the Indians. Last season, he was 13-4 with a 2.71 ERA in 21 games and 126.0 innings pitched. He only allowed 10 home runs in a homer happy league while walking 38. He struck out 169, and had a WHIP of 1.056 while having a more impressive FIP of 2.49.

Clevinger did miss two months of the 2019 with a back injury, from mid-April to mid-June. He lost his two games upon returning, but then did not suffer another loss until September.

Acquiring Clevinger would require a trade chip or two, as he is under contract with the Indians until 2023. He is just entering his first year of arbitration, projected to be around $4.5M. Of course, Clevinger happens to have a teammate that has also been rumored to be on the Dodgers’ radar in Francisco Lindor. To get both would be a huge bundle of players on the Dodgers side, most likely including two high prospects, two major leaguers, plus some assorted lower-level prospects.

A trade for these two players with Cleveland would take care of two things that most Dodger fans have on their off-season wishlists. It would also allow the Dodgers to stay under their self-imposed luxury tax threshold. But, it would also take them trading some big names in the prospects department, something else they are not wont to do.

As we’ve stated many times here, let just hope ownership and the front office are motivated by the last three seasons to finally make the big move(s) to get the Dodgers that elusive World Series ring.


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