Dodgers Have 4 All-Stars, Head into Last Homestand


The Dodgers escaped another crazy series at Coors Field with a split series, and no injuries. While some ERAs got needlessly inflated, and some players played at some questionable defense, it was par for the course at that crazy stadium that they have in Denver.

While playing the series against the Rockies, the All-Star team selections were announced. The Dodgers only have one position player on the National League team, starting outfielder Cody Bellinger. Where he will play in the outfield is yet to be determined, as the other two starting outfielders are Christian Yelich who also plays right field like Cody, and Robert Acuna Jr. Fans were disappointed that Max Muncy did not get any consideration as a reserve, as his numbers are better than both David Dahl and Charlie Blackmon who both made the cut. However, the rest and time off always does a body good.

The Dodgers faired better in the pitching department, however. Three starters were named to the All-Star pitching staff. Walker Buehler will be making his first appearance in the Summer Classic, and Clayton Kershaw will be going for his eighth time. Hyun-Jin Ryu was named on Sunday as the NL starter.

Ryu has been having a career year, now that he is healthy. He currently sporting a 1.83 ERA, and that is coming off his worst outing of the season at Coors Field where he gave up seven earned runs. Thankfully, that outing wasn’t anywhere near the norm He is 9-2 on the season, ERA under two as was aforementioned, and 94 strikeouts.

With Dave Roberts selecting Ryu to be the starter, the Dodgers will finally have one of their starters on the mound. Clayton Kershaw was snubbed of that honor a few years, and even though it’s an honorary title, the best team in the NL should have one of their starters on the mound to start the game.

After an off day on Monday, the Dodgers return home to finish out the last six games of the first half of the season. They will play a quick two game set against the Arizona Diamondbacks before concluding with four games against the San Diego Padres. Tuesday’s starters will be Ross Stripling and Taylor Clarke. The righty for the DBacks last saw the Dodgers on June 26, and went five innings and allowed two earned runs.

These games will also be the last few games without the team at full strength. David Freese, Corey Seager and A.J. Pollack are all expected to be back with the Dodgers after the All-Star break.

Wednesday’s game will see Walker Buehler and Merrill Kelly, whom the Dodgers have not seen this season. Another righty, Kelly is 7-8 on the season with a 4.00 ERA and 79 strikeouts. He last went 5.0 innings against the San Francisco Giants allowing three earned runs and a homer.

Both game times will be 7:10 PM PST.

20 thoughts on “Dodgers Have 4 All-Stars, Head into Last Homestand

  1. I wonder if Roberts will get criticized at the all star game for taking pitchers out too early?

  2. Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs passes away suddenly at 27. Angels game vs the Rangers for tonight cancelled. Life interrupts again. A tragedy to lose someone so young and so suddenly. No cause of death yet, no foul play suspected……life is precious, do not waste it.

  3. I am pretty sure that Rosscup will not be back on the roster for long. As soon as Alexander or Ferguson is ready he will be outa here!

    1. Alexander now has two things wrong with him and even healthy he hasn’t exactly been consistently reliable. Ferguson has shown flashes of 2018 but has also been extremely inconsistent. AF needs to go get a very good left handed reliever this week, even if it doesn’t turn out to be Smith. Tony Watson isn’t as good as Smith but he wouldn’t cost nearly as much either. He’s not a strike out pitcher but he doesn’t walk anyone and he’s having a good season. At this point I would rather have him down the stretch than either Fergie or Alexander.

  4. Dodgers signed the #4 rated international prospect today, an outfielder named Luis Rodriguez. He is rated top 3 by fangraphs, they also sign a pitcher, Kristian Cardozo. More to come no doubt. Clarke vs Stripling tonight. 3 with the Dirt Bags and then the Friars roll into town. Non all star Machado has been on a tear. Hitting well over .400 the last few weeks.

    1. One might think a player making $87,671 every day of the year through 2028 would be an All Star. And maybe he should be as he is on pace for 40+ HRs and well over 100 runs scored and 100 knocked in. But being on this team is often about something else isn’t it. Are Bryant and Rendon better than Machado?

      1. Nope. but Arenado is and the fans recognized that. The Smirk is a very good ballplayer. But his attitude is not all that great. He is a perfect fit for the Padres…..

  5. Machado is great when the games don’t mean anything. What till the Padres fall 20 games behind and watch him explode!

    1. Why would he explode Rich? He was on a losing team for years. When was the last time the Orioles were relevant? He was not what was advertised as a Dodger, but he is playing well in SD. He thrives in the no pressure situations. You can go see your hero in LA this weekend when his team is in town.

      1. Machado has 99 plate appearances in post season. He hasn’t done much with them. He’s 27 this week. The next time he’s in the playoffs, if he gets there at all, he might be 30. Who knows how quickly he will pass his peak years but he’s there now and the Padres are not. I think he’s a complete player. He’s also proven to be something of a jerk. I like his skills, don’t like him much.

      2. When I checked this morning the Padres were only a couple games behind in the wild card race. He may make the playoffs sooner than we think. I expect Preller to trade for a starter any day now. There’s no one better at making the throw from deep short than Mr. Machado, although Tatis Jr. is getting to be a close second. If you hit a ball to the left side against SD you’d better be prepared to run hard to first base.

      3. You could be right about that Jefe. San Diego has something going on, and it includes a stacked system. There are currently 3 teams in the West I think are better, but if their youth improves quickly, it could happen for them I’m in ‘20.

  6. That was about the strangest ending to a Dodger game as I can ever remember. 5 straight walks with 2 outs? Wow. In 2017 they got 4 straight to win a game, and Bellinger was #4. The bullpen was nails. All the runs came off of Stripling. Ahmed’s homer hit the top of the wall. Kike’s was hit a lot harder. The D-Backs pitchers kept the Dodger hitters pretty much off balance. That last inning was necessary because they left Taylor at 3rd with less than 2 outs and Bellinger at second with the same scenario. Only Dodger with multiple hits, Stripling. Go figure. Beaty’s walk was only his second in 95 plate appearances. Holland totally imploded. Don’t look now, but Kelly’s ERA dipped below 6. He has a ERA less than 2 over his last 11 appearances. Garcia got the win, but Floro, and Baez also pitched scoreless frames. A couple of the kids the Dodgers signed today in the International market are only 16. Both are outfielders. Buehler tomorrow, then the Pads in for 4. We will find out just how good they are.

  7. Good to see the Angels bounce back from a terrible day and get a win. Pujols has actually lost 3 team mates suddenly in season. I knew about Kile and Skaggs, but there was another Josh Hancock who was killed in a car accident in 2007. He was intoxicated at the time of the incident. Wow, is Willie Calhoun really only 24? I thought he was much older than that. He has lost a reported 40 pounds and is now being considered to become the Rangers full time second baseman. Guy can still rake. Freese almost ready to return…so long Garlick, at least you did not stink up the joint!

  8. Both Arizona and San Diego now under .500. I think we know how good they are. We also know how important it is to them they beat us. You can bet they get up for these games.

    Stripling is what he is. Our #6. Amazingly, that game was won by the bullpen. Maybe this is a sign they are coming together.

    Yeah, Calhoun is OPSn over .900 with a 0.0 dWAR. And he’s Will Smith’s age. Maybe he’s another Joe Morgan. Morgan started off his career with negative dWAR stats. He got much better as he aged. I wish Calhoun well. I liked him when he was here.

    1. 24, how strange that people now think that is old for a young player. Jackie Robinson and Maury Wills were both 29 when they debuted in the majors. Jackie was more successful than Maury was, but Wills gave that 59 team something it lacked, speed. By 1962, he was an MVP. Jackie played exactly 10 years. Wills played a little longer than that and finished his career as a Dodger.

  9. It wasn’t because Wills was not ready before 29. He was the same player at every level from D league on up. But I get your point.

    The numbers say players today peak before 30. Mantle peaked at 25, Pujols 27, but Mike Schmidt peaked at 32, and Bonds peaked at… never mind. Ef Bonds. The point is production starts elevating around 23, peaks by 28, then begins its decline. I’d like to see our top prospects, those 3 or 4 Friedman has no intention of trading, in the lineup by age 23. I’m sure Andy would too. That gives the team 5-7 years of mostly team controlled production. It’s my opinion that Friedman is constructing it with forethought, I just wish his trades would be more productive. Not his fault Darvish and Machado didn’t finish strong. I thought they were good pickups. I didn’t much care for many of his moves, we’ve been over all that, but at least he’s trying. This team has remained good with him running it.

  10. Dodgers just acquired RHP Casey Sadler from the Rays for a minor leaguer. Sadler has a sub 2 ERA in 19 plus innings for the Rays. His ground ball rate is 54%. Hill moved to 60 day IL.

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