Dodgers 25-Man Roster: 5 Minor Leaguers Who Could Contribute in 2018

(Mandatory Credit: Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers)

There’s no question that the Dodgers‘ big league, 25-man roster is structured to handle a short-term absence from just about any player on the squad. The team has relief pitchers who can start, starters who can relieve, outfielders who can play the infield, and even a utility man who can handle the catching duties. However, if another type of unfortunate, long-term injury occurs at any point during the season, the club may find themselves forced to dip into the minor league depths for added cover.

We keep hearing about the depth of the entire organization, and although the system isn’t overloaded with many star-studded, blue chip prospects, it is indeed very adept, as it still could be ranked among the Top 5 in baseball.

By my count, there are about a dozen players on the Triple-A Oklahoma City roster who may be capable of handling everyday duties for a number of teams across the MLB. Yet, as far as the Dodgers go, there are five who stand out from the rest of the pack, and chances are pretty good that all five could be called upon at some point or another during the 2018 campaign.

Walker Buehler—It’s quite possible that 23-year-old righty Walker Buehler could be the first starting pitcher who is promoted from the farm this season. Considering the Dodgers’ frequency which they used the disabled list last year, every starting pitcher in the current rotation may receive a “rest” at some point, and Buehler is the best available starter to fill that prospective slot. In OKC’s season opener, the Kentucky native completed four full innings of work on 72 pitches, giving up just one earned run on four hits while striking out five.

Andrew TolesAndrew Toles‘ battle with Joc Pederson for the final big league 25-man roster spot went down to the final days of spring training, and should the club be in need of a left-handed hitting outfielder at any point, Tolesy will undoubtedly get the first call. Apparently, his leg is fully healed after suffering a torn ACL early last year; however, management thought it would be best that the 25-year-old begin the year at OKC for the sake of playing every day. Aside from Yasiel Puig, Toles may have the next strongest arm in the organization and can handle all three outfield spots with ease.

Brock Stewart—If, for some reason, the Dodgers decide to be conservative early with Buehler and restrict an early promotion, Brock Stewart could be the next in line to slip into the major league rotation should there be a need. Many believe the 26-year-old right-hander may have a higher ceiling as a reliever; yet, for the moment, management continues to groom him as a starter. Stewart will make his 2018 debut against Iowa on the road on Saturday night.

Adam Liberatore—At one point in 2016, Adam Liberatore was one of the key pieces in the big league bullpen, setting a franchise record by going 24 consecutive appearances without being charged a run. But elbow soreness towards the end of that season would lead to him getting a bone chip removed during the winter. His 2017 campaign was a wash after problems with his groin, and later, with the very same arm. Nevertheless, Liberatore appears healthy at the moment, and skipper Dave Roberts believes the lefty is “on a mission” to work his way back onto the major league squad.

Rob Segedin—There are plenty of right-handed bats around the current Los Angeles clubhouse, but should the Dodgers have a need for another, Rob Segedin may be at the top of the totem pole. What’s more, while the club doesn’t have a “natural” first baseman to cover Cody Bellinger, Segedin can capably handle such a role should the utility crew for some reason thin out. Additionally, Segedin can adequately manage the duties at third base, as well as both corner outfield spots.

Honorable MentionsAlex Verdugo could very well be a starter on many other teams around the league; however, it’s tough to argue his case for a big league spot when he’s below Toles on the depth chart.

The same might also be said for both Jake Peter and Tim Locastro. Each player is somewhat of a mirror-image of the other, with the exception that Peter hits from the left side and Locastro bats right-handed.

Lefty reliever Edward Paredes showed his value at the major league level late last season, yet considering how well Liberatore is throwing at the moment, the 31-year-old Dominican native may be further back in line.

Several others who could receive consideration at some point include Henry Ramos, Joe Broussard and Travis Taijeron.



13 thoughts on “Dodgers 25-Man Roster: 5 Minor Leaguers Who Could Contribute in 2018

  1. At the rate the front office makes roster changes, I’m sure we’ll see all five of those guys sooner than later. Segedin might have the hardest path and his coming up might depend upon how Kemp and Farmer perform. I keep telling myself the same thing that Rich Hill said after last night’s game which is that every team has bad spurts during the season and the Dodgers are just having theirs at the beginning of the season. And then I grouped this year’s start with their regular season record for the last month from last year (starting Sept 1st but not including the playoffs). For that period, the team’s record is 15-23. That amount of games represents almost 25% of a full season. Maybe this team isn’t as wonderful as we think it is.


  2. Jensen is another Dodger wash-out. All mouth and a pretty hair-do and bubbles goes down, down the drain. Laughing stock of the league.


    1. If you’re going to throw a guy under the bus, you should at least spell his name correctly. He’s been pretty crappy so far this season, can’t argue that, but after being what most consider to be the best closer in the game for the past few seasons, I’m willing to give him more than 3 games to prove he’s still a valuable asset. By the way, what team do you root for Cheslow? I’m assuming it isn’t the Blue.


      1. You may be right Dennis. Perhaps I was too quick to respond and he was referring to Greeny Jensen, reliever in the low minors. If so, I apologize for my snarky comment.


      2. Come on Schlossman, get your facts right! Just finished watching Kenley wrap up the 2-1 win today. He’s looking much better. Velo up to 94 and Orel said he thought he saw a couple of 2-seamers. The two I saw him throw were very effective and would be murder on batters if added to his cutter/slider/sinker repertoire. Our man Chargois was brought in to relieve Kershaw and gave up the tying run on a pinch hit single by Posey, although the pitch was not a bad pitch. Then followed that up by getting Jackson to hit into a double play. Last but not least, Farmer’s pinch hit double knocks in the winning run. Time to give him another start on Tuesday.


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