Nobody Does It Better



“Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby you’re the best”
~Carly Simon

A little something different on the blog tonight. I will be doing a play-by-play of sorts, following the game along from my point of view and that of DodgerFam on Twitter.

A little background on me – I live in the northeast corner of PA, right in the heart of Mets/Yankees/Phillies/Pirates country. According to Directv anyway. So I am watching SNY on TV, have Vin on the radio (for the first three innings), typing on my iPad, and following Twitter on my phone.

First pitch – 10:10 pm. Strike.

Strikeout. 20 more to beat Max Scherzer.

Clayton Kershaw issues 4th walk of the season. Season! 35 strikeouts between walks

2 strikeouts.

Bartolo Colon‘s nickname is ‘Poncho’, after his favorite mule. Also the most flexible of all the Mets.

Dodgers brought their offense tonight. A single by Justin Turner brings in Chase Utley, and a Yasmani Grandal three-run homer makes for a four-run first inning Twitter happiness level: 10.

10:40 pm: Vin talking about the original 1962 Mets. First run ever scored against them was on a balk, first home game was on Friday the 13th and lost all series against all teams but the Cubs

Kershaw strikeouts: 4

Utley homer! Replay of said homer shown for Utley’s Marching and Chowder Society. Dodgers lead now 5-0. Twitter happiness level: still 10.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for – Colón vs Kershaw – fifth strikeout of the night.

Random – I am the only one on my timeline who says ‘a split’ as opposed to ‘the splits.’

10:58 pm: Goodbye, Vin. Who will tell me great stories now? Decision time – Charley and Rick, or SNY guys? We’ll go with Charley and Rick -for now.

No hit alert over. Asdrubal Cabrera singles to right.

11:13 pm: Kershaw 0-2 off Colón. Highly unsatisfying

That beautiful curve get Kevin Plawecki for strike three to end the 5th. Seven strikeouts and counting. Still 5-0 Dodgers.

Have switched to SNY broadcast, Gary Cohen and Ron Darling. Ron doing a nice job of breaking down Public Enemy #1, Kershaw’s curveball.

Chase Utley, 3-3. Mets killer.

11:32 pm: Mets pinch hit for Colón.

11:37 pm: Kershaw allows his 2nd hit, a double to Granderson, but ends inning with another K. Nine and counting.

12:06 am: Strikeout 10. Fifth straight double digit strikeout game for Kershaw.

12:23 am: Game over. Kershaw pitches a three-hit, 13 strikeout, one walk, complete game domination of the Mets. Dodgers split the series in Dodger Stadium 2-2.

I thought maybe there would be more intrigue within this game, but I should’ve known better. When the Dodgers need him most, that’s when Kershaw shines. He has a league leading 77 strikeout to 4 walk ratio so far this year. Vin Scully ‘slipped’ and called him Sandy Koufax tonight. That’s no Freudian slip. Baby, he’s the best.


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